House of Providence


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Founded in 2013, the House of Providence is a safe and secure option for Michigan’s foster youth. It’s a place where they can stabilize and find hope and healing. We provide a therapeutic and familial environment for minors who are languishing without the prospect of a permanent family of their own.


We provide vital intervention and support services that afford these children safety emotionally, mentally, and physically. As a result of the direct care and individual attention given, the residents who come to us eventually stabilize and are able to receive traumafocused therapy; this helps them process their difficult journey and begin to heal. Stabilization allows a teen to reintegrate into the community by way of a family. Eventually, these youth grow into whole, independent, and successful adults, realizing the potential that God has destined for them. Most importantly, they will become a part of a familiar system of support — perhaps for the first time ever.


Maggie Dunn,
Chief Administrator
Jason Dunn, Operations

Dave Duda, Chair
Nikki Byanski, Secretary
Ricky Giannetti, Treasurer
Debbie Anderson
Christi Giannetti
Crawford Webb
Emily Arredondo


House of Providence
P.O. Box 07266
Detroit, MI 48207


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