National Kidney Foundation


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To prevent kidney disease and improve the quality of life for those living with it.


While it’s true that we’re fighting kidney disease, it’s not a single-disease battle. Seventy percent of kidney disease can be prevented, so the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan must focus on the root causes — obesity, diabetes, and hypertension — to help people avoid this disease. The NKFM has a broad array of programs that are focused on addressing these health conditions to get at the root of the problem. Our evidence-based approach ranges from offering early childhood development programs focused on nutrition and physical activity, to hosting chronic disease prevention and management workshops for adults. Over the past 62 years of serving the people of Michigan, we’ve seen the power of prevention — and it’s our top priority.


Linda Smith-Wheelock,
President & CEO
Daniel Carney, President & CEO Emeritus
Dr. Arthur Franke, Senior Vice President & Chief Science Officer
Charlene Cole, Vice President
Jin-Kyu Koh, Chairman
John Magee, M.D., Vice Chairman
Andrew Boschma, Immediate Past Chair
George Bailey, Secretary
Andrew Hopper, Treasurer
Sandeep Soman, M.D., Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board


National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
1169 Oak Valley Dr. 
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


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