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Sanctum House’s mission is to empower survivors of human trafficking with life skills to achieve a sustainable and independent lifestyle, while providing a sanctuary for women survivors of human trafficking.


On Feb. 12, 2018, Sanctum House became the first and only two-year residential program for adult women survivors of human trafficking in southeast Michigan. Its integrated services include customized psychological, physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual programs. The organization collaborates with other agencies to enhance its experiences and build self-confidence.

Sanctum House is a voluntary, trauma-informed, and resident-centered safe home where women survivors can heal and rebuild their lives. Since addiction is a common element, its therapeutic vantage point embraces both trauma and addiction concerns. By providing a loving, safe, and secure environment for residents and staff, residents are able to move toward a life of transformation in body, mind, and spirit.


Edee Franklin,
Karen G. Moore, Executive Director
Erica Watkins, Case Manager
Shannon Brandt, Program Manager

Edee Franklin, Board Chair
Christina Alvaro
Sheldon Hill
Marlene Karp, MA,MSW, ACSW
Deborah Mauro
Deborah Monroe
Karen G. Moore
Kathleen Moore, Ph.D.
Tom Parker
Wendy Reyes
Gail Stewart, MA, LMSW
Sara Voight


Sanctum House
200 W. 2nd St., #842
Royal Oak, MI 48068


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