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Before you head out the door, put a smile on your face. According to a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), a great smile can be your best asset. About 45 percent of the survey participants believe a smile is a person’s most attractive feature, no matter what their age. Nearly one in two people agree that a smile is the most memorable feature a er first meeting someone — more so than the first thing a person says or the clothes they’re wearing.

If a smile can make a lasting first impression, what does it say if your teeth are worn down, yellowed, or crooked? In the AACD survey, respondents viewed people with a flawed smile to be less attractive (37 percent) and less confident (25 percent) than those with a perfect smile.

Whether you want to improve your oral health, increase physical attractiveness and self-esteem, or look and feel younger, metro Detroit dental professionals off er the latest techniques and technologies to transform your smile, often in less time than you would think. Ready to take your smile from so-so to spectacular? Brush, floss, and schedule a dental visit today.

Cosmetic Dentistry Institute

Q: I’m too young to look old! I want a great new smile, and I want it yesterday! How do I “shop” for my new smile?

A: To assure that your smile is picture-perfect, seek an exceptional dental practice. Drs. Craig and Marcy Goldin, of the award-winning Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, provide all phases of general, cosmetic, sedation, and implant dentistry, so you can have all of your dental problems conveniently treated in one office.

“Whatever your dental needs are, your visit will be comfortable and painless, as well as efficient and high-tech. With cosmetic dentistry, a beautiful new smile can change your life,” says Dr. Marcy Goldin, an adjunct clinical lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Dr. Craig Goldin is the only cosmetic dentist in Oakland and Macomb counties to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, which allows him to both place and restore state-of-the-art dental implants.

“Beautiful, natural-looking implants can last a lifetime and allow you to smile, chew, and speak more confidently,” says Dr. Craig Goldin, who also has advanced training and certification in IV sedation. “With sedation dentistry, patients who are anxious or busy can be totally relaxed and have multiple dental procedures done in as little as one visit.”

“Everything we do,” adds Dr. Marcy Goldin, “is driven by our pledge to go above and beyond for our patients.”

Cosmetic Dentistry Institute
Craig P. Goldin, D.D.S.
Marcy Greenbert Goldin, D.D.S.
3415 Livernois Rd.
Troy, MI 48083
P: 248-519-1919

The Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Q: I need a dental implant, but I’m a little scared. Isn’t this a difficult procedure?

A: With state-of-the-art technology and a skilled and experienced dental team, your implant procedure can be comfortable and pain-free.  

“What people don’t realize is that it’s much easier to put an implant in than it is to take out the tooth originally. The hard part is over,” says Dr. Mitchell Milan. “Placing an implant is a very controlled and predictable procedure. The techniques that we use have evolved, resulting in a quick, minimally invasive approach, unlike traditional implants of the past.”

Implants can be placed under local anesthesia, and patients experience very little discomfort afterward.

“When you’re missing a tooth, the bite pressure goes to all the other teeth, so it’s kind of like driving a car on three tires. The teeth are going to wear unevenly, they can shift out of place, and there will be stress on the muscles and joints,” Dr. Milan explains. “People should have their missing teeth replaced to restore proper function and stability, and to distribute the forces of their bite.”

Dental implants look, feel, fit, and function like beautiful, natural teeth, and they provide a reliable, long-term solution for missing teeth. Dr. Milan also offers mini-implants, a less-invasive, more affordable alternative that produces immediate results. Call for a consultation today.

The Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
Mitchell Milan, D.D.S.
555 S. Old Woodward, Ste. 701 Birmingham, MI 48009
P: 248-644-2136
F: 248-644-9042

Pristine Periodontics & Implants

Q: Can gum disease have an impact on overall health?

A: For decades, medicine and dentistry were viewed as two separate health care fields. However, recent findings have shown that the link between periodontal and systemic health is strong.

Concrete evidence has linked periodontal disease with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and adverse pregnancy complications. Similarly, several studies are showing a connection between periodontal disease and other serious systemic diseases including stroke, osteoporosis, respiratory illness, chronic kidney disease, erectile dysfunction, and cancer.

Dr. Whitney Weiner explains a probable reason for this link: “Recent studies have shown that the pro-inflammatory state caused by bacteria in a susceptible patient is responsible for negative systemic effects. Put simply, periodontitis is inflammation of the gums, bone, and surrounding structures caused by oral bacteria and genetic susceptibility to disease.”

Dr. Weiner and her team at Pristine believe overall wellness begins in the mouth. “It makes sense that having a chronic, untreated inflammatory infection in your mouth can cause a myriad of disabling downstream effects,” she says.

Dr. Weiner, who received her master’s degree in craniofacial genetics and inflammation, has long had a special interest in the oral-systemic link. If you have concerns about your oral health, there are more reasons than ever to schedule a periodontal evaluation.

Pristine Periodontics & Implants
Whitney D. Weiner, D.D.S., M.S.
Abdullah Sayed, D.D.S., M.S.
Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology
2425 East Lincoln St., Ste. 100
Birmingham, MI 48009
P: 248-901-0000

Mindy Salzberg-Siegel, D.D.S., PC

Q: I have difficulty eating due to missing teeth. Is there an option for tooth replacement other than dentures or partials?

A:  The most predictable option for replacing missing teeth is using dental implants. Dental implants have many benefits. The main advantage is that they replace missing tooth roots with fixtures embedded into the jawbone. Bone will fuse around these fixtures, which helps prevent bone loss. Dental implants don’t require any support from adjacent teeth, and they look and function like your real teeth.

Implants are very versatile. They can anchor individual crowns, bridgework, partials, or full dentures. You’ll enjoy teeth that feel and function like natural teeth. Your cheeks and lips will once again appear full and youthful, and your natural teeth will no longer shift out of position to alter your bite. Unlike other restorable teeth, implants require no adhesive, clasps, or reduction of surrounding teeth. Care for dental implants as you would natural teeth, with regular checkups, hygiene, and daily oral care at home.

Rediscover the comfort and confidence of strong, beautiful teeth — teeth like nature intended. Long-lasting and effective, dental implants offer a solution for permanently replacing teeth from root to crown. Contact the office of Dr. Salzberg-Siegel to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

Mindy Salzberg-Siegel, D.D.S., PC
38550 Garfield Rd., Ste. C
Clinton Township, MI 48038
P: 586-416-1444

Dolores J. Baran, D.D.S., PC & Associates

Q: Is there a quick way to straighten my teeth?

A: With Fastbraces technology, teeth can be straightened in less time — just three to six months — and at a fraction of the cost of traditional braces. It’s a quick, safe, easy, and affordable solution, says Dr. Dolores Baran.

Fastbraces triangular brackets move the roots of your teeth toward their final positions from the very beginning of treatment. After your treatment is complete, you need only 15 minutes of daily retainer wear. In fact, it is often called the “shower retainer” because you can wear it in the shower and then put it away until the next day.

Fastbraces technology preserves your natural bite and, while tooth movement occurs quicker, it is safer for the root structure; people feel less sensitivity than with traditional braces. Fastbraces are available in metal, porcelain, or a combination of both.

“Patients, especially children, love wearing Fastbraces because they know they’ll be getting them off in no time,” Dr. Baran says.

Ready to straighten your smile? Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation.
Dolores J. Baran, D.D.S., PC & Associates
“The Face of Fast Braces” General and Cosmetic Dentistry
1103 N. Main St., Ste. A
Royal Oak, MI 48067
P: 248-548-1440

Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S., & Associates

Q: What innovative techniques and technologies are helping patients enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile?

A: Periodontist Dr. Joseph Nemeth uses the minimally invasive Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique to lengthen unattractive receding gums, typically with no incisions, no stitches, and virtually no pain.

“We make a small pinhole in the gum, above the teeth to be treated, and we gently bring the gum tissue down over the receded area. The Pinhole Technique improves the smile tremendously. It can be life-changing,” says Dr. Nemeth, the first gum specialist in Michigan to be certified in this technique.

For patients who have a “horsey,” gummy smile, Dr. Nemeth does a minimally invasive lip-lowering procedure that not only prevents too much gum tissue from showing, but gives the patient a plumper, more attractive lip. Prior to drawing blood or giving intravenous sedation, Dr. Nemeth uses a near-infrared light technology, VeinViewer Flex, to harmlessly locate the patient’s veins to avoid multiple “sticks.”

Dr. Nemeth was one of the first dentists in the state to offer the All-On-Four procedure, which utilizes four strategically placed dental implants to securely hold in place a complete set of upper or lower teeth. “People come in with no teeth or unhealthy teeth that need to be removed, and they walk out the same day with a set of good-looking, functional, permanent teeth. It’s miraculous.”

Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S., & Associates

Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S.
Amar Katranji, D.D.S., M.S.
Periodontics, Dental Implants, Advanced Grafting
29829 Telegraph Rd., Suite 111
Southfield, MI 48034
P: 248-357-3100
F: 248-357-1626


The Richter Center
Halitosis Treatment
29829 Telegraph Rd., Suite 111
Southfield, MI 48034
P: 248-357-3213
Toll Free: 877-783-7374

Ban R. Barbat, D.D.S., P.C.

Q: I’ve had an intense fear of dental visits since I was a child. How can I get past this?

A: You aren’t alone. More than 75 percent of adults have some level of dental fear — many stemming from a traumatic experience as a child. We’ve helped hundreds of patients overcome these fears by carefully pacing their care combined with a variety of comfort options. This may include oral or IV sedation, if desired.

Begin by visiting our website to get to know us. Then, call our friendly staff and consider scheduling a private consultation. We can also put you in touch with patients who have overcome similar dental fears.

Let us help you achieve a confident smile, without fear!

Ban R. Barbat, D.D.S., P.C.
Ban R. Barbat, D.D.S., Fellow LVI for Advanced Dental Studies
General, Cosmetic, Restorative & Implant Dentistry and TMJ/
Sleep Apnea Therapy
6044 24 Mile Rd.
Shelby Township, MI 48316
P: 586-739-2155

Oakland MRI

Q: What imaging tool can help diagnose my TMJ-related symptoms?

A: A study conducted by University of Minnesota researchers found that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can provide an unprecedented look at both the hard structures and soft tissues of teeth, offering dentists better opportunities to fight oral diseases that are known to cause pain.

An MRI is also the most important tool for diagnosing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) conditions and diseases, as it provides high-image contrast between the mandibular nerve and the bony dental structures. Oakland MRI has a dedicated coil specifically for this type of imaging.

When you have aching pain in your facial muscles or jaw joints, you don’t want to wait for an appointment. Oakland MRI offers quick and easy scheduling, with same-day, next-day, and Saturday appointments, as well as extended hours for your convenience. Our board-certified radiologists interpret test results in a timely and efficient manner, so physicians can quickly put their patients at ease or recommended a course of treatment.  

“Our high technical and professional standards complement the unsurpassed quality services we provide to doctors and their patients,” says Oakland MRI CEO Susan V. Swider. “We pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience.”

By law, you can choose your diagnostic facility. You deserve the best. Choose Oakland MRI!

Oakland MRI
Open MRI/MRA & Digital X-Ray
Susan V. Swider, CEO
5119 Rochester Rd.
Troy, MI 48085
P: 248-740-0777

Comfort Dental Spa

Q: What should I consider when looking for a new dentist?

A: Concern, credentials, and commitment to the profession.

Dr. Aziza Askari, who has a very strong commitment to and passion for her dental profession, has received comprehensive training in full-mouth reconstruction including implants, oral surgical procedures, cosmetic dentistry, personalized smile makeovers, and sedation. She is a graduate of the University of Sciences in Philadelphia (pharmacology) and the Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, and holds the prestigious combined

D.M.D./M.B.A. degree. Dr. Askari has also been recognized by the University of Michigan for Advanced Education in Dentistry. She remains at the forefront of her profession by pursuing continuing education opportunities.
Recognized as a Top Dentist in Hour Detroit for many years in a row, Dr. Askari is a member of select dental organizations and has earned numerous certifications, including: Sustaining member of AACD; Sedation by Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation (DOCS); Laser Proficiency from the Academy of Laser Dentistry; Invisalign, Implants, and Teeth-In-An-Hour by Nobel BioCare; Advance Aesthics by Hornbrook Group; and MAGD Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry.

What do those accreditations mean? It means that Dr. Askari doesn’t rest on her current knowledge, but continues to seek out medical and technological advances in her field so she can provide the best possible patient care.

Comfort Dental Spa
Aziza Askari, D.M.D., M.B.A., M.A.G.D., Sedation, Laser, and Cosmetic Dentistry for Families
33966 W. 8 Mile Rd., Ste. 104
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
P: 248-579-5012

Regiani Holistic Dental Center

Q: What is mercury-safe dentistry?

A: Mercury-safe dentistry is a safer method of replacing broken or old, worn fillings. All silver-colored fillings contain mercury (46 to 60 percent), silver (15 to 35 percent), and small amounts of copper, zinc, and other metals.

Mercury is toxic; it was once considered bound to the other dissimilar metals in an amalgamation. Decades ago, science proved mercury leaches out of fillings during chewing or grinding, or when we drink something warm.
During replacement, mercury vapors are released like a cloud. The room environment can become contaminated, as can the water supply — not to mention you, the patient.

Mercury-safe dentists and assistants take extra precautions. They wear respirators and other disposables. The patient is draped to protect any spray from getting onto hair and clothing, and they are given their supplemental oxygen so they can avoid breathing the vapors. The tooth (or teeth) is isolated, and additional sophisticated suction is used. Disposal is per OSHA regulations for toxic waste, keeping everyone safer.

Regiani Holistic Dental Center
David W. Regiani, D.D.S., N.M.D., M.I.A.O.M.T.
Holistic General Dentistry
10435 Ortonville Rd., Ste. B   
Clarkston, MI 48348
P: 248-625-5222


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