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Dorothy Hernandez

It’s fitting that Dorothy Hernandez’s first issue after her promotion to managing editor of Hour Detroit is the annual food issue, mainly because food is her life. “I’m a live to eat kind of person,” she says. She’s also that person who makes everyone wait to eat until she takes the perfect Instagram shot of her food when it comes to the table. This month she wrote about Melo Farms in Yale, where she fell in love with some beautiful Berkshire and Mulefoot hogs, and efforts locally on advocating crickets as a sustainable and nutritious food source. She also helped research the feature on local chefs’ secret ingredients. When she’s cooking, which seems to be all the time whether it’s for a pop-up or Tuesday night dinner, she has a few secret weapons in her arsenal, including nutmeg, smoked paprika, and konbu.


Cybelle Codish

As part of this food issue’s coverage, Detroit based photographer Cybelle Codish was very eager to explore her subjects in depth including the chance to investigate some secret ingredients. “It was a rare glimpse behind some truly great dishes and drinks,” she says. “I have always been fascinated by the deconstruction of food, and love figuring out some of my favorite recipes through trial and error in my own kitchen. This was like finding a secret road map.” When Codish isn’t licking her fingers in between shots, she can be found traveling globally for editorial assignments, or simply capturing the daily antics of her handsome sidekick, Johnny Cash Money — who is one ham of a bulldog. And that’s no secret.


Erika Patterson

When Erika Patterson isn’t shopping for props and staging elements, she is dressing up her 4-year-old daughter, Sukie, or shuttling her 13-year-old son, Denyn, between activities. Patterson’s interest and expertise in styling runs the gambit from food to fashion. One thing she really enjoys about styling food is that it doesn’t talk back or get sassy. She has enjoyed delving into the details in her hunt for the perfect food elements for the secret ingredient story in this month’s issue and always relishes the opportunity to collaborate with top-notch professionals such as photographer Cybelle Codish and Hour Detroit Creative Director Valerie Morgan. Aside from editorial styling, Patterson works on various creative projects via her own company Plume as a personal stylist, event planner, and aesthetic vanguard.


Lexi Trimpe

Lexi Trimpe is, admittedly, one of those people that inspired the story “Food-Porn Illness.” You know the ones: the amateur photog snapping pics of their dishes in restaurants. She spoke to local photographers and food bloggers on how to master the art of food porn. Her infatuation of food started early, learning what “mangia” meant before learning how to walk. Her Italian grandmother taught her the ins and outs of the kitchen. Since interning at Hour Detroit, she has had the opportunity to combine her love of writing and the culinary arts, working with a variety of talented Detroit food entrepreneurs. She pays heed to the M.F.K. Fisher quote, “A writing cook and a cooking writer must be bold at the desk as well as the stove.”


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