Contributors: December 2012



Jovan Glass

If you asked Glass why he chose to study journalism, he’d respond with, “I’m a naturally curious person. That, and I love to tell a story.” The Wayne State University journalism major, who’s graduating this year, says he found an ardor for his future profession in his love for everything else. “My favorite thing about writing is that I can write about anything that interests me,” Glass says. “As a journalist, I can be a detective, a doctor, an artist — whatever I choose.” Why an internship with Hour Detroit? Glass says, “Hour Detroit speaks and appeals to the side of Detroit that I love: a diverse, refined city that has so much more to offer than what you see on the surface.”




Katie Sutton

Sutton explored many avenues before realizing her affection for journalism. She studied subjects from Spanish to psychology — and humanity, you might say, while working for several years as a bartender and server. Sutton believes her diverse background contributes to her desire to explore the human experience. “When you see the world from different perspectives, curiosity inevitably follows,” she says. The Central Michigan University senior and Hour Detroit web intern moved to downtown Detroit last year and can’t get enough of her new home. “It’s such an exciting time to live in Detroit,” she says. “The upswing is palpable.” Sutton says she finds writing to be the ultimate connection to the world. “Words are the only thing we humans all have in common. That’s pretty powerful stuff.”




Michael Fossbakk

Norway native Fossbakk moved to the United States when he was 8 to meet his mother’s side of the family. Although he initially struggled with English, it eventually became his strongest subject in grade school. He followed that up with a major in English and Journalism & Screen Studies at The University of Michigan — Dearborn. New to the field of journalism, but still well into his undergraduate career, Fossbakk sought an Hour Detroit internship as a way to dive into his chosen field. In his free time, he enjoys playing and writing about video games, something he hopes to pursue post graduation.





Roy Ritchie

Photographing holiday fashion at the venerable Players Club Playhouse on East Jefferson in Detroit was an experience in mutual admiration for Ritchie. “It was a great experience shooting there because not only is it an architectural gem, but also the history of the club is quite long and rich,” Ritchie says. “The location suited our dreamy concept and the Players staff seemed to enjoy our ‘performance,’ as well.” Ritchie, who also photographed this issue’s gift guide, is a regular Hour Detroit contributor.

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