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Bottoms Up

More than 60 years after Black Bottom was razed, the Detroit region named for its rich, dark soil has become an unlikely point of interest to a new generation of African-American history enthusiasts

Pure and Simple

Drawing inspiration from the spring bridal runways and celebrity brides alike (we’re looking at you, Priyanka Chopra), this season’s wedding fashions marry minimalism and romance, with sleek yet scintillating silhouettes, dainty accessories, and the underpinnings to match

Live Long and Prosper

Ann Arbor’s Forever Labs builds a thriving business banking stem cells on the prospect of future cures and life extension

Contributors: January 2019

Hour Detroit, January 2019

Driving Force

Letter from the Editor, January 2019

Swinging Sensation

Contributors: December 2018

Hour Detroit, December 2018

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Hour Detroit, November 2018

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Hour Detroit, October 2018

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Life Support

Letter from the Heath Guide Editor, Lyndsay Green

Detroit’s Inferiority Complex? Not Any Longer.

Letter From the Editor

Contributors: March 2018

Contributors: February 2018

Love (and Steam) Is in the Air

Contributors: January 2018

Why Abdul El-Sayed's Run for Governor Is for Real

Can a political rookie from Michigan become America's first Muslim governor?

Contributors: December 2017

Shop Early... and Shop Local

Letter from the Editor

Contributors: November 2017

Those Who Can, Do

Letter From the Editor

Contributors: October 2017

Contributors: September 2017

Contributors: August 2017

Contributors: July 2017

Rookies and Veterans

Letter From the Editor

Contributors: June 2017

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Contributors: December 2016

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The Way It Was

Contributors: October 2016

Hallowed Ground

Fifty years ago this October, The Grande Ballroom became Detroit’s brick-and-mortar embodiment of the sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll era

Designs on Detroit

Annual festival looks to the future

Contributors: September 2016

Beyond Barbecue

For more than just table-top grilling, Chung Ki Wa in Sterling Heights dishes up authentic Korean fare

Politics of the Plate

Local pop-up focuses on educating diners through worldly cuisine

Contributors: August 2016

What’s Old is New Again

In Detroit’s faded Chinatown, the Peterboro takes Asian cooking to new and delightful heights

Takin' it to the Streets

Performers from Detroit’s small busking community face an unclear city ordinance — and some friendly competition

After Aaliyah

Fifteen years after her untimely death the Detroit star still matters, but her legacy is in question

The Way It Was

A Tale of Two Michigans

A Troll explores the Upper Peninsula, one pasty at a time

Northern Light

The Rev. Joan Ross keeps the faith, fighting for families and residents in one of Detroit’s oft-neglected neighborhoods

No-Frills, Fine Food

A small but mighty Spencer is making an impression on the Ann Arbor restaurant scene

An Hour With... Michael Poris

We talk with the architect and co-founder of McIntosh Poris Associates

Molly's Picks

Restaurant veteran Molly Abraham noshes around town, tracking down some top spots

Still Reeling?

Michigan’s film industry is uncertain after the end of the state’s financial incentives

Old School Meets New School

Old school meets new school

The Way It Was

Few images suggest the lackadaisical days of summer better than this photograph of the Harvey C. Jackson family

Finding a Better World

Psychedelic Healing Shack of Detroit aims to help others heal themselves and the community

Branches on the Evolutionary Tee

Born from a desire to change the city’s image, the Detroit pride T-shirt has grown into a fashionable summer essential

Contributors: July 2016

Contributors: June 2016

Model Citizen

A maritime history collector is preserving the lore and legend of Downriver’s commercial shipping history, one replica at a time

Good Reads

The Motor City stars in recent books

Contributors: May 2016

George Bulanda has had the distinction of working on all 230 issues of Hour Detroit

Contributors: April 2016

The Way It Was

On Opening Day in 1911, the Tigers locked horns with the Chicago White Sox during a raging snowstorm.

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The Way It Was

Contributors: December 2014

Contributors: November 2014

Contributors: October 2014

Contributors: September 2014

Hour Detroit Magazine - Contributors September 2014 - Valerie Morgan, Zoë Hu, Erin Marie Miller, John Domol

Standing the Heat

In a world of culinary stars inspired by Julia Child, where are all the female executive chefs?

A Rich Legacy

The 17th Annual Negro League Conference visits Detroit this August

Behind Closed Doors

Technically, the Forest Grill isn’t open for lunch. (Just don’t tell the chef and manager.)

Fresh Fare

Treetops Resort's Farm2Fork events tap the bounty of local producers.

Contributors: August 2014

Hour Detroit Magazine - Contributors August 2014 - Dorothy Hernandez, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Cybelle Codish, Justin Maconochie, Christopher Cook

Detroit's New Social Fabric

Metro area still attracts immigrants searching for a brighter future.

Contributors: June 2014

Et Cetera: June 2014

June marks the start of summer — and the end of school. Here are some national, state, and local days to recognize — some official, some not so much.

Women Who Rock Tour

Hey Deeetroit! Women Who Rock tour stops at the Henry Ford

Contributors: April 2014

Cassidy Zobl, George Bulanda, Jim McFarlin, Lynn Henning

Contributors: March 2014

Christopher Cook, Joe Vaughn, Patrick Dunn, Ben Curry, Dana Casadei