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Style and the City

Letter from the Editor, November 2018

Doctor's Orders

“Detroit’s Got Soul”

Letter from the Editor, September 2018

This Time, I Really Mean It

Letter from the Editor, August 2018

(Not So) Great Expectations?

Letter from the Editor, July 2018

Thanks for Making Me Look Good!

Letter from the Editor, June 2018

Not To Sound Like A Broken Record, But ...

Letter From the Editor, May 2018

A Work in Progress

Letter from the Editor, Steve Wilke, April 2018

Life Support

Letter from the Heath Guide Editor, Lyndsay Green

Detroit’s Inferiority Complex? Not Any Longer.

Letter From the Editor

Love (and Steam) Is in the Air

Trust, but Verify

Letter from the Editor

Shop Early... and Shop Local

Letter from the Editor

Let’s Go Shopping for a City!

Letter From the Editor

Those Who Can, Do

Letter From the Editor

All Things Strings

Letter From the Editor

More Stories to Chew On

Letter From the Editor

Along for the Ride

Letter From the Editor

Rookies and Veterans

Letter From the Editor

Sit Back and Get Uncomfortable

Letter From the Editor

If You Seek a Hidden Gem, Look About You

Letter from the Editor

Memorable Meals

Letter from the Editor

We're Not Gonna Fake It

Letter from the Editor

Things On Our ‘To Do’ List

Letter from the Editor

Spreading holiday cheer … eventually

Letter From the Editor

Putting on a Political ‘Party’

Letter From the Editor

Better Care for ‘Nobody’

Letter From the Editor

Rockers and Soccer (and Chickens, too)

Letter From the Editor

Coneys and Pasties and Pizza, Oh, Fudge!

Letter From the Editor

Just Window Shopping … But What a View!

Letter from the editor

Crowning Achievements

Letter from the editor

Great Idea!... (It Will Never Last)

Letter from the editor

Stop and Smell the Cube Steak

Yes, I really did vote for that

Letter from the Editor

A Few Thoroughly Modern Traditions

Letter From the Editor

Our Evolving Affair With Autos

Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

'I Was There' Moments

Letter From the Editor

When in Rome … or Romeo

Letter From the Editor

I Should Have Said (or Asked)...

Letter From the Editor

Legendary Winners and Landslides

Letter From the Editor

At Times, Nostalgia Can Spur Progress

Letter From the Editor

Dancing and Biking in the Streets

Letter From the Editor

So Many Choices, So Little Time/Money

Letter From the Editor

Of Race and Restaurants

Letter From the Editor

Take This Job and... Change It?

Letter From the Editor

Candy Cane or Coal? It's Complicated

Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

Allergies, Animal Crackers, and the Alma Mater

Letter From the Editor

On the Rebound: Jazz in Detroit

Letter From the Editor

When I Grow Up… I Want a ‘Tasty’ Job

The Incredible Shrinking City

Party On, John; Party On, Horace!

Temperamental Artists and All That Jazz

Happy Accidents ...  and Carefully Laid Plans

Warming Up to a Concept

Letter from the Editor

Things You Auto Know

Letter from the Editor

Giving 'Til It Helps

Letter from the Editor

Honoring Other Hometown Heroes

Letter from the Editor

Becoming a ‘Resident Tourist’

Letter from the Editor

But Seriously, Folks...

Letter from the Editor

Striving to be ‘The Best ...’

I’ve long admired the annual “Best of Detroit” issue from afar. Now I get to play behind the scenes...

Memorable Field Trips

Memory is a fickle thing. There are times I can’t remember what I did yesterday. Other times, I’ll experience a total recall of details from a long-ago meal...

Managerial Decisions

Questioning a baseball manager’s decisions is more than a tradition; it’s a birthright.

Bragging Rights

As much as I hate to boast, my neighborhood is better than yours.

Telling Metro Detroit's Stories

We may not have the same backgrounds, nor will we agree on everything. But collectively, our stories create a unique vibe, as we strive to reinvent and rebuild metro Detroit.

Cold Play

On winter walks, with the snow crunching underfoot, and the sun reflecting blue-white on the snow, the cathedral-like stillness inspires reflection.

Child's Play

Children are our gift to the world, our own dress-up dolls with buckle shoes, flouncy dresses, bow ties, combed hair, and miniature athletic shoes.

Keeping Up Appearances

The one outfit we all wear is ever-present: our outer shell of gender, features, skin, and ethnicity/race — with an evolving overcoat of age.

What’s Seen and Unseen

Since the beginning of time, humans have tried to create an external hard drive of sorts — from cave paintings to graffiti — as evidence of their time on earth

Working Wonders

"Who would you rather be, Lance Armstrong or Neil Armstrong?"

Presence of the Past

Detroit of late seems to be revisiting its past, as if making up for lost time.

Essential Ingredients

Say all you want about the cult of personality, youth, and self-branding, food and good conversation are what keep them coming back for more.

Come Out to Play

Not so long ago, Detroit had precious few playmates eyeing its spaces. Now, the kids are circling, and as smart parents know, it’s wise to let them have fun — right in our own backyard.

A Thousand Islands

It’s said no man is an island, but all around us are islands of our own creation, mostly as a means to define and reflect our character and perceived worth.

Springing Into Action

As spring unfolds like a bud unfurling to full glory, we become human versions of fledgling plants sprouting from beneath winter layers.

Nourishing Conversation

People need to stop repeating this cliché:"That kind of thing doesn't happen here." It does.

Stand And Deliver

Like the effects of chair time on cardiovascular systems, apparently sitting still for too long also means a scalpel may be necessary for municipal budgets. What sort of doctor do we want to cure our clogged financial arteries?

Get on Board

Who do we think we are? A major U.S. city? We would better fit that description if we had the critical element of functioning public transit — one that begins with the most basic of ride options: reliable, comfortable motor coaches.

Lasting Reminders

We never know which carefully selected gifts might be the surviving remnants that one day tell the story of a life.

Look Sharp

The very act of grooming and investing care in one’s appearance is an act of holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Reality Check

Art Is All Around Us

Cementing Past and Present

The Freedom to Sing Solo

The Call of the Mild

Framing the Big Picture

Mixing a Bold Palette

Fresh Air, Fresh Start

This month, a major-league player will set the season’s first baseball aloft, sending it skyward along with our soaring dreams for an idyllic spring and summer.

The Heart of the Matter

To thine own self be true. Protect your beating heart by, among other things, shedding extra pounds. Extra baggage — emotional and physical — leads to heart attacks and heartache.

Laughing Matters

Like runners’ hearts, humor needs a workout. Use it or lose it.

A Well- Dressed ‘Naked City’

Faded beauty is alluring. And in a world of digitally enhanced imagery, genuine flaws can have a stunning — if not shocking — effect.

A Dose of Living Well

Unlike buildings, trees draw their lifeblood from nature — unless a human with a bulldozer severs the roots, that is.

Lighting the Way to Fall

My terrier trots ahead of me, sniffing the olfactory evidence of change in the wind. I’m left to observe the more obvious signs of transition: the resounding chorus of crickets and cicadas mingling with the distant tune of an ice-cream truck meandering the darkening neighborhood streets, proffering a taste of late summer with a sound of approaching autumn on the side.

Living Well, Giving Well

Two days after I returned from a weekend in Washington, D.C., the first lady came to Detroit. And just as observations from our capital traveled home with me, I hope she carried a bit of Detroit back to the White House — the beauty of the Detroit Institute of Arts, perhaps, where she lunched after speaking at Wayne State University.

Let’s Take the Road from Ruin

Detroit is the new reality TV. Want a hit of shock and awe for a national report? Send a camera crew here. Need some OMG footage? Poverty porn? Jet into DTW.

Getting Away from the Fray

Spring’s tentative warmth had barely arrived when Americans became so overheated we could’ve fried eggs on their florid foreheads.