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Trending: Wine in a Can

A Western Michigan winery serves their summer wine in convenient packaging

Leelanau Wineries to Celebrate Wine Pioneer Bernie Rink

The former owner of now-shuttered Boskydel Vineyards will be honored during a July tribute

Michigan's Wine Industry is Adding $5 Billion to the Local Economy

There are more than 130 wineries statewide

Making Bad Wine Extinct

Better education and new technologies are improving nearly everyone’s output

DIY Home Vineyard

Become a home vintner with just a fraction of an acre

Keep Calm and Drink Rosé

Exploring a little local flavor in the heart of Provence

How Soil Shapes the Flavor of Michigan Wines

A northern Michigan winemaker has begun unraveling the mysteries of his vineyard's 'terroir.'

Michigan Law on Buying, Shipping Wine Gets More Complicated

Lawsuit could eventually result in the same basic decision that happened in Granholm v. Heald and pry the regulations open even further

What Do Wine Rating Numbers Mean?

Wilfred Wong explains the range in understandable words.

Will 2016 Be a Good Year for Michigan Wine? Time Will Tell

The weather cooperated this year, but the remaining unknown factor is what the vino will do in the bottle as it matures

A Billionaire, Phony Bottles, and The Bomb

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson’s name was involved in a wine scandal of atomic proportions

The Walmart Factor

South Africa’s competitively priced, high-quality wines find way back into U.S. market thanks to mega-retailer as well as Whole Foods

Caught Red-Handed?

The wine world is no stranger to scandal, but this time, it’s a sparkling example of Champagne fraud.

Chardonnay is ‘Safe’ Again

The popularity of full-bodied, yeasty, and oaky styles has waned, making them terrific food accompaniments once more

Hitting Their Stride

After a lot of experiments, some North American pinot noirs are finally up to par

Vintage Talk

The language of wine might be messy, but it can also lead to terrific bargains

Best Guess?

Can experts really identify a wine’s pedigree? Sometimes it involves a bit of luck.

Red-Letter Days

Always strong in white wines, Michigan Wine Competition results show progress in pinot noirs, cabernet franc, and more

Lost Character

The quest to market over-ripened, high-alcohol reds can cause a grape’s regional characteristics to get left behind

The Price is Right?

You can’t judge the quality of a wine by its cost. The winery’s location, mortgage, and even good reviews factor in to the equation

Happy Trails

Southeast Michigan winery boom puts weekend or day trips within reach of metro Detroit

'Sex' Sells

How a name he never thought would be approved turned Larry Mawby's sparkling wine into a national brand

Wineries Converge in Detroit for Annual Showcase

More than 100 Michigan wines available for sampling during event

Buyer Beware

Newer winemaking styles may be the culprit for a form of oxidation called premox that’s appearing in a number of new red wines

Wine Pioneer

Raise a glass to Len Olson, who launched Michigan on a path to grow European vinifera grape varieties

Cold Shoulder

A brutal winter and unfavorable summer temperatures put a chill on the 2014 wine grape crop

Strength In Numbers

Three of Michigan’s largest ‘up north’ wineries open a joint-venture tasting room and retail store in Ann Arbor

The Name Game

Star-crossed wines such as Marilyn Merlot may boost sales, but most are ordinary, at best

Slippery Slope

Why most writers don’t write about bad wines

First Whiff

An initial — but temporary — odor of sulfur isn’t cause for alarm in wine

Cheers to U.S.!

It’s official: The American market now consumes more wine than the French

Sour Grapes?

A Parisian ‘bad boy’ of wine uncorks a few barbs at the French

New Choices

Loire Valley winemakers begin to export their red wines

Cellar Dweller

You don't need a museum-level installation to store wine


New Michigan law allows restaurant-goers to take their own bottles to dinner

A Love Story

The 'best wine ever' doesn't necessarily hinge on vintage or price — or even taste

High Praise

Michigan’s Larry Mawby named one of the most admired people in the North American wine world

Perfect Pairings

When it comes to holiday feasts, keep it young, inexpensive, and red.


Screw caps gain acceptance, and even keep some wines fresher — but service can suffer

Wine: Splashdown

Michigan wine is getting noticed in New York City — and beyond

In the Pink

A rosé by any other name can be tremendously refreshing

Wine: Seasonal Sipping

Michigan’s lighter and fresher-tasting wines are just right for summer

Wine: Chilling Out

Even red wines can benefit from refrigeration.

Wine: Spanish Grenache is Exciting Red Alternative

Spanish grenache offers a welcome change from some ‘ho-hum’ wines.

Wine: A Capitol Choice

Finger Lakes riesling shines at Obama-Biden inaugural luncheon.

Wine: Keeping Score

Expert picks can be a good starting point, but when it comes to wine rating numbers, buyer beware!

Wine: We're No. 5!

A decade-long growth spurt in Michigan wine grape production — and wineries — shows no sign of slowing.

Wine: Uncork Champagne Safely

There’s a safe way to open a bottle of bubbly – and the sound of a loud pop isn’t what you want to hear.

Wine: Color Additive Mega-Purple is a Shade Off

Mega-Purple pumps up the color of reds, but its effect on flavor, mouthfeel — and teeth and lips — is more than a shade off.

Wine: American and Hybrid Wines Grow Up

Hybrid grapes and those native to America have long been maligned, but the newer versions can’t be dismissed.

Wine: Autumn Harvest

Sommeliers weigh in with favorites for slightly heavier wines during cooler temps.

Wine: Bordeaux Blues

Steep prices and over-hyping of vintages have flattened the sales from France’s top wine region.

Wine: Some Reds Need to Chill Out

For some reds, cooling them improves their drinkability and can also act to prevent heat damage.

Wine: Cork Smell Says Little About Wine Quality

Do you think you can sniff out a wine’s quality by smelling the cork? Sorry, but the nose doesn’t know.

Wine: Viva España

For quality, balance, texture, and low prices, Spain has been pouring it on — in reds, whites, and sparklings

Wine: Bubbling Over

Many fine sparkling white wines are giving champagnes a run for their money and at a fraction of the cost.

Wine: Increasing Sweetness, Mixed Results

High sugar content is making formerly dry wines sweeter and softer, often detracting from their identity.

Wine: No Great Shakes

One winemaker’s request for consumers to shake the bottle to release nitrogen gas is a lot of hot air.

Wine: Bad Blend

By adding a 20-percent mix to the sangiovese grape, the ‘classic’ was taken out of Chianti Classico.

Wine: Case History

In a dispute going back decades, some missing wine provided a rift — and ultimately a bond — between father and son.

Wine: Grape Gripes

We need to put a cork on degrading Michigan-made wines, because many are on par with those from other states.