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Spring Calls for a Fresh Start

You Deserve the Gift of Good Health

Make a “New You” Resolution

Luxury Test Drive January 2018

Shop Hour December 2017

A New Year – A Healthy New Smile!

Shop Hour November 2017

Health and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

Trusted Advisers Are Eager to Assist

Healthy Habits: Q&A

Shop Hour September 2017

Weekend Getaway: September 2017

Adventures In Food

Weekend Getaway: July 2017

Pain Management: Q&A

Take Charge of Your Health

Weekend Getaway: May 2017

Get the Input You Need from a Trusted Adviser

Defy Your Age with a Fresh, Healthy Smile

The Good Stuff

Spring is Here: Let Your Health and Beauty Bloom

Make Today the Start of a Heart-Healthy Life

Luxury Test Drive January 2017

A New Year, A Healthier New You

Shop Hour December 2016

Keep Your Smile Healthy and Bright

Shop Hour November 2016

Give Yourself a Gift of Health & Beauty

Luxury Test Drive September 2016

Weekend Getaway September 2016

Shop Hour September 2016

Healthy Habits Come with Lifelong Benefits

Chefs' Recipes for Success

Send Pain Packing

Memorable Summer Weekends

Shop Hour July 2016

Keep Your Body in Good Working Order

You take your car to the mechanic for preventive maintenance. So why skip regular exams with your doctor or dentist?

Trusted Advisors: Q&A

Finding Your Weekend

Light Up Your Life With A Sparkling Smile

Roots of Inspiration

Spring Forward with Renewed Health and Beauty

Shop Hour February 2016

Keep Your Heart - and Overall Health - in the Pink

Luxury Test Drive January 2016

Here's to a Healthy, Beautiful & Happy New You

Give Yourself the Gift of a Beautiful Smile

Shop Hour December 2015

Pain Can Be A Teacher

Shop Hour November 2015

Consumers Embrace Nonsurgical Cosmetic Options

Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show the upsurge in minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments far outnumbers that of surgical procedures.

Building a Solid Framework

Luxury Test Drive September 2015

Shop Hour September 2015

Autumn in the Mitten State

Solutions to Change Your Life

Think Like a Chef

Shop Hour July 2015

Savor Summer Memories

Innovative Therapies Turn Painful Into Pain Free

Healthy Choices Keep Men On Track

Get Up. Get Out. Savor Spring.

Legal Advice to Suit Your Needs

Shop Hour April 2015

Celebrate Spring with a Clean, Revitalized Smile

Step Into Spring Refreshed & Renewed

Shop Hour February 2015

Improve Your Health … Enhance Your Looks

Refesh and Restore Your "Social" Self

The Lure of Luxury

Shop Hour December 2014

Put Your Best Face Forward With a Beautiful Smile

Finding Your Happily Ever "After"

Noninvasive Therapies Knock Out Pain

Shop Hour November 2014

A Lifetime of Good Health Begins in Childhood

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Shop Hour September 2014

Luxury Test Drive

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Hail to the Chef!

Mommy Makeovers - Rejuvenate From Head to Toe

Life is Better Without Pain

Shop Hour July 2014

Take Action for Your Good Health

Finding A Lawyer Who Fits Your Needs

Long-lasting Fun Only A Short Distance Away

2014 Nightingale Awards for Nursing Excellence®

Defy Your Age with a Beautiful Smile

Celebrate Spring with a Fresh, New Look

Live and Love a Healthier Life

Shop Hour February 2014

Revitalize Your New Look in the New Year

Luxury Test Drive January 2014

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Shop Hour November 2013

Celebrate a Younger-looking You

Seeking Relief

Shop Hour September 2013

Soak in Some Style this Season

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Luxury Test Drive September 2013

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Keep Your Smile Bright with Healthy Habits