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February is American Heart Month. It’s the perfect time to give yourself a valentine — a heart healthy reminder and action plan to protect your beating heart from the risks of cardiovascular disease. According to the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign, heart disease kills one in three women. It strikes more women than men, women of all ages, women who are fit, and those who have no symptoms at all.

The good news is, taking steps to make healthy lifestyle changes can lower your risk of dying from a broken heart. Resolve to: stop smoking, manage your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol, get your blood pressure under control, know your family history, stay active, lose weight, eat a nutritious diet, get plenty of sleep, and control stress. Don’t forget to see your physician for regular health screenings and to visit your dentist for routine appointments.

As you improve your health, you’ll want to look and feel young at heart, and metro Detroit medical professionals can help. Noninvasive treatment options can beautify your smile, take years off your face, give you a more pleasing shape, and get you back into your favorite heels — whatever your heart desires!


Cosmetic Dentistry Institute

Q: I’m not happy with my smile. How can cosmetic dentistry treatments help me?

A: If you could fall asleep wrapped in a warm blanket on a Tempur-Pedic cushion and wake up to a younger, healthier, more beautiful smile, would you do it? That’s how easy it can be to transform your smile at the award-winning Cosmetic Dentistry Institute.

“No matter what your dental needs are, we can create your new perfect smile,” says Dr. Marcy Goldin, an adjunct clinical lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. “We provide an array of the latest techniques, including porcelain veneers, Invisalign invisible braces, in-office teeth-whitening, and dental implants. Your visit will be comfortable and painless, as well as efficient and high-tech.”

Dental implants are the ideal solution for replacing one or more missing teeth.

“Beautiful, natural-looking, state-of-the-art implants look and feel like your own teeth. They allow you to smile, chew, and speak more comfortably, for a better quality of life,” says Dr. Craig Goldin, a diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the only dentist in Oakland and Macomb counties who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Goldin also has advanced training and certification in IV sedation, a wonderful option for people who are busy or anxious.

“You can be completely relaxed and have a series of complex dental problems taken care of in just one visit,” he explains.

“Our beautiful office is nearly 6,000 feet of the most advanced dental technology with soothing, ‘low-tech,’ spa-like amenities,” Dr. Marcy Goldin adds. “We offer nothing less than excellence in dentistry and the highest commitment to patient care and comfort.”

  Cosmetic Dentistry Institute
  Craig P. Goldin, D.D.S., Marcy Greenbert Goldin, D.D.S.
  Address: 3415 Livernois Rd., Troy, MI 48083
  Phone: 248-519-1919

Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Q: What are some procedures that will beautify my smile and help build my confidence?

A: Everybody deserves a beautiful smile, but did you know that certain types of cosmetic dentistry can make your face look younger? Dr. Mitchell Milan uses porcelain veneers to create a nonsurgical face-lift.

“We build out the perimeter of the smile to provide more support on the sides of the face. We broaden the arch to give the appearance of facial bone structure, which is correlated with youth and beauty,” Dr. Milan explains.

Typically, this noninvasive approach can be completed in two or three appointments and, often, it can be performed without local anesthetic.

“At the same time, we’re improving the appearance of the teeth with porcelain veneers. We can make them whiter and straighter. We can change the shape, and repair chips and wear,” Dr. Milan says. “The results are tremendous and naturallooking — from a subtle but significant change to a complete transformation, depending on the patient’s goals.”

Invisalign and Six Month Smiles speed braces are also popular procedures. You can enjoy a beautiful, new smile without the need for wearing metal braces.

“We offer an informative consultation for all of these procedures to see if the patient is a good candidate,” Dr. Milan says. “Patients will know their options and make the decision that’s right for them.”

  Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
  555 S. Old Woodward, Ste. 701
  Birmingham, MI 48009
  P: 248-644-2136

Bogrow & Associates Dental Center for Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Q: Is there an alternative to the CPAP for treating snoring and sleep apnea?

A: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recommended oral appliance therapy (OAT) for patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea and who cannot tolerate the CPAP.

“Statistically, more than 50 percent of people who try the CPAP stop using it within six months, as the mask can be uncomfortable and claustrophobic,” says Dr. Earl K. Bogrow, a diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.

“Studies show that sleep apnea and sleep deprivation are correlated with harmful disease, like diabetes, hypertension, esophageal reflux, and stroke. Managing the condition is essential to one’s health.”

Adjustable, custom-made oral appliances help to maintain an unobstructed airway while sleeping and are covered by medical insurance once a diagnosis of sleep apnea is confirmed.

“I’ve dedicated my practice to treating people with snoring and sleep apnea,” says Dr. Bogrow, who himself was successfully treated for the condition with an oral appliance.

“Don’t wait another day to get a good night’s sleep,” he recommends.

  Bogrow & Associates Dental Center for Sleep Apnea & Snoring
  Dr. Earl K. Bogrow, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., D-ABDSM,
  Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
  28411 Northwestern Hwy., Ste. 225
  Southfield, MI 48034
                            P: 248-827-1144

Dr. Ellen Janetzke, M.D.

Q: What is the quickest, most noninvasive treatment to help me look more youthful and refreshed?

A: A liquid face-lift using nonsurgical injectables can erase signs of aging in as little as 20 minutes. Dr. Ellen Janetzke, a board-certified plastic surgeon, provides a variety of the most effective injectables and performs the treatments herself. Injectables can soften and smooth the look of pesky wrinkles and frown lines, fill in moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, and add volume to the cheek area for youthful contour and a subtle lift. The natural-looking results are immediate and can last anywhere from months to two years.

If wrinkles are making you look tired and older than you feel, call Dr. Ellen today for a personalized consultation.

Dr. Ellen’s hospital affiliations include: Beaumont Troy, Beaumont Royal Oak, and Una Source Surgery Center.

  Dr. Ellen Janetzke, M.D.
  Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  390 Park St., Ste. 201
  Birmingham, MI 48009
  P: 248-220-6939

Stem Cell Therapeutics

Q: My doctor says I need knee surgery. Is there an alternative treatment that doesn’t require a painful and lengthy rehabilitation?

A: Stem cell therapy is a breakthrough treatment for people who have chronic degenerative knee pain. We remove stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow and then inject those cells into the damaged knee joint to regrow articular cartilage that has worn down.

This brief outpatient procedure is safe, essentially pain-free, and requires little to no downtime. Patients have reported quick and progressive improvement. We were the first recipients of our treatment, and have personally experienced the benefits.

Stem cell therapy is a one-time procedure for potentially lifelong cartilage replacement. We are the first in Michigan to offer this therapy for multiple joints in the body.

  Stem Cell Therapeutics
  Dr. Kevin Crawford, D.O.
  Dr. David Jankowski, D.O.
  751 Chestnut, Suite 203
  Birmingham, MI 48009
                            P: 248-712-6967

Constantine Raphtis, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G.

Q: How can I relieve painful intercourse and vaginal dryness associated with hormonal changes?

A: Vaginal health issues that affect women of menopausal age, as well as breast cancer survivors, include vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, painful urination, and recurrent vaginal infections. When a woman cannot or will not take estrogen replacement therapy, or those types of treatments have not given the relief sought, the MonaLisa Touch Laser provides a safe, effective, and nonsurgical therapy that revitalizes the vagina by stimulating collagen and revascularization within the vaginal wall. This helps to restore the ph balance and stimulate lubrication to premenopausal levels, which helps to alleviate the painful symptoms.

This procedure restores vaginal health quickly and painlessly. The recommended treatment includes three sessions spaced at six-week intervals; each treatment takes less than five minutes. Most women will report noticeable changes after just one session. There is no anesthesia required and no documented adverse side effects. What women do report is a new lease on life after having addressed vaginal pain using the MonaLisa Touch Laser.

  Constantine Raphtis, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G.
  19714 E. 10 Mile Rd.
  St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
  46591 Romeo Plank Rd.,Ste. 225
  Macomb, MI 48044
                            P: 586-779-9402

Hospice of Michigan

Q: My loved one is suffering from a terminal illness. When should we call hospice?

A: Hospice care is ideally suited for patients who have been given a terminal diagnosis or are in their final six months of life. Unfortunately, many people are afraid that calling in hospice means they are giving up, so they only consider hospice in their final days. A caregiver’s most common regret is, “I wish I had called hospice sooner.”

Hospice of Michigan helps patients and their families prepare for the end of life by making patients as comfortable as possible — physically, emotionally, and spiritually — so they can live as fully as possible during the time they have left.

Hospice of Michigan is serving patients and families in 58 counties across the Lower Peninsula.

  Hospice of Michigan
  Michael J. Paletta M.D. FAAHPM
  Vice President, Medical Affairs
  Hospice and Palliative Care
  400 Mack Ave.
  Detroit, MI 48201
                            P: 888-247-5701

Mune Gowda, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Q: What is the modern approach to a tummy tuck?

A: Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mune Gowda combines liposuction with a tummy tuck to give his patients the best outcome.

“With abdominoplasty, the stomach will look nice and flat, but that’s just one part of the body ‘landscape.’ If you have excess fat on the back or the waist, the body’s shape is out of balance.

"I use liposuction to sculpt the body circumferentially, removing fat where needed from the bra line to the bikini line. This creates a more attractive shape with curves and contours,” Dr. Gowda explains. “Patients are really happy with the way their clothing fits, especially in the back. They call it a ‘J.Lo’ back. The waist is narrow and the buttocks area becomes accentuated because we are shaping up the areas around the stomach.”

Dr. Gowda’s hospital affiliations include: William Beaumont and Providence Hospital.

  Mune Gowda, M.D., F.A.C.S.
  Novi Surgical Center
  26850 Providence Pkwy., Ste. 125
  Novi, MI 48374
  P: 248-305-8400
                           3270 W. Big Beaver Rd., Ste. 415
                           Troy, MI 48084
                           P: 800-979-9858

Team Rehab

Q: Could my laptop be the cause of my neck and back pain?

A: “Electronics are negatively impacting our posture,” says Team Rehabilitation physical therapist Scott Delcomyn, P.T., M.S.P.T., clinic director / Team Rehab Southgate. “Hunching over electronic devices can cause neck pain, back spasms, numbness, or pain in the fingers, wrists, hips, and legs.”

If you experience any of these symptoms, your body is telling you to correct the problem. “Patients often tell us they don’t have time for physical therapy, but will they have more time after they’ve neglected the problem and need surgery?” Delcomyn asks.

If you frequently spend time hunched over a computer, relieve your back by leaning backward. Repeat this stretch often throughout the day. Bending in the opposite direction of your repetitive movements eases the strain on your overworked muscles!

Visit for convenient locations and phone numbers. 

  Team Rehab
  Pediatric Physical Therapy
  34 locations in Michigan – and counting!

Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center

Q: How is Pilates beneficial for the pre- and post-natal client?

A: Pilates is a great way for the mom-to-be to gently strengthen and tone muscles, as well as stretch tight muscles. Pilates specifically focuses on the abdominals, back, and pelvic floor, which are important muscle groups to help support the pregnant body. Another benefit of Pilates is that most exercises are easily modified.

“Gentle exercise is important to maintain pre-natal strength and flexibility. Pilates helps strengthen the postural muscles, allowing for a more comfortable, pain-free pregnancy,” says owner Ron Jegadeesh, P.T., M.B.A.

After having a baby, Pilates can help you get back into shape. Pilates is an excellent choice to help regain muscle tone, correct pelvic floor dysfunction, and improve postural imbalances due to caring for a newborn. Clients generally find that Pilates will help tone and strengthen all areas of the body.

Be sure to ask your doctor or midwife before beginning any new exercise program. It is important to train with an instructor who is qualified to teach pregnant women. Many of our trainers on staff at Pilates Fitness and Physical Therapy Center have completed specialized pre- and post-natal training. Be sure to tell your instructor that you are pregnant and listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, stop the exercise and check with your instructor.

  Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center
  Ron Jegadeesh, P.T., M.B.A.
  Certified PMA, Polestar Pilates, STOTT PILATES, GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS Instructor
  17418 W. 10 Mile Rd.
  Southfield, MI 48075
                            P: 248-552-1012

Oakland MRI

Q: What can Oakland MRI do to help me with my pain issue?

A: Oakland MRI is a full-service imaging facility offering the most up-to-date open MRI imaging equipment, along with a digital X-ray suite.

Our radiologists, who specialize in neurology and musculoskeletal systems, locate and describe the problem quickly and accurately so you and your doctor can be confident in the findings of your complex study.

Oakland MRI has a C-arm suite where arthrograms, discograms, and myelograms are performed. These procedures use image-guided injections to determine the cause of ongoing pain. Arthrograms and discograms can pinpoint the cause of joint problems and persistent back pain. Myelograms are used to investigate disorders of the spinal canal, cord, and nerve roots. MRI arthrograms can be done immediately after the injection, where other facilities have to mobilize the patient to different locations.

The next time you need excellent and convenient imaging services, remember that you can choose the testing facility. Oakland MRI offers an inviting and comforting atmosphere, quick and easy scheduling, and same-day, next-day, and Saturday appointments for your convenience. Every patient receives a copy of the images on a disc, and the report is faxed the next day to the referring doctor. Choose Oakland MRI and experience the difference!

  Oakland MRI
  Open MRI/MRA & Digital X-Ray
  Susan V. Swider, CEO
  5119 Rochester Rd.
  Troy, MI 48085
                            P: 248-740-0777

Gina Randhawa, M.D., P.C.

Q: I’m all stressed out. How can I manage my busy life?

A: Stress and depression levels have grown from bad to worse as many women are multitasking – juggling a career, marriage, children, older parents, and their responsibilities at home.

“They’re not allowing time for themselves in this rush to do everything else to perfection,” says bariatric / internal medicine physician Dr. Gina Randhawa. “Many women get so busy that they put off having a Pap smear, mammogram, and colonoscopy. Out of 365 days, you can make time for these important preventive tests.”

Dr. Randhawa points out that stress can lead to unhealthy eating habits, which can lead to weight gain and more stress and depression. She has noticed that women, particularly younger women, are smoking more than men.

“Whether that’s because they believe it’s going to help with stress or keep their weight down or they think it looks cool, women — especially of childbearing age — should quit for so many health reasons,” she says.

“I recommend meditation and relaxation to help calm nerves. Studies show that even 20 minutes of exercise is all you need to improve your mood,” Dr. Randhawa adds. “Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and don’t feel guilty about doing things you love to do, whether that’s reading, cooking, or some other hobby. Having some ‘me time’ every day is very important.”

  Gina Randhawa, M.D., P.C.
  Internal Medicine and Bariatrics
  Yorktowne Executive Offices
  5777 West Maple Rd., Ste. 180
  West Bloomfield, MI 48322
                            Rochester Office Parc
                            6585 Rochester Rd., Ste. 105
                            Troy, MI 48085
                            P: 248-539-9358

Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S. & Associates

Q: How can you improve a smile with cosmetic periodontal surgery?

A: As some people age, their gums recede, making their teeth look much longer and their smile appear older. Periodontist Dr. Joseph R. Nemeth uses the minimally invasive Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique to lengthen the gums, typically with no incisions, no stitches, and virtually no pain.

“We make a small pinhole in the gum above the teeth to be treated. With special instruments, we loosen up the gum tissue and bring it down over the receded areas where it should be. The Pinhole Technique improves the smile tremendously. Patients are extremely happy, and we’re seeing excellent long-term results,” says Dr. Nemeth, the first gum specialist in Michigan to be certified in this innovative technique.

Simply reshaping the gum tissue can make a huge difference in a person’s smile. “Some patients are embarrassed because they have a ‘gummy’ or ‘horsey’ smile,” Dr. Nemeth says. “We do periodontal plastic surgery to sculpt the excess gum tissue so the teeth will look appropriate and beautiful.”

Dr. Nemeth performs a lip-lowering procedure for patients whose upper lip pulls up really high (like a horse’s lip) and reveals too much gum tissue. Repositioning the lip creates a more pleasing smile.

“We love doing cosmetic periodontal surgery,” Dr. Nemeth says. “Our patients enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile, and it changes their life.”

  Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S. & Associates
  Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S.
  Amar Katranji, D.D.S., M.S.
  Periodontics, Dental Implants, Advanced Grafting
  29829 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 111
                           Southfield, MI 48034
                           P: 248-357-3100
                           The Richter Center
                           Halitosis Treatment
                           29829 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 111
                           Southfield, MI 48034
                           P: 248-357-3213
                           Toll-Free: 877-783-7374

Dr. Myra Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Q: I’m in my 50s. What facial plastic surgery procedure will make me look as young as possible, and has a quick recovery?

A: An upper and lower eyelid-lift can take 10 to 20 years of aging off of your appearance, says facial plastic surgeon Dr. Myra Danish.

“As we age, the upper eyelids can become hooded and the lower lids can develop puffy bags and sagging skin, making us look tired and old,” she says. “The upper and lower eyelid-lift is a one-hour surgery, with typically one week of recovery and little discomfort. Both women and men have great results.”

In Dr. Danish’s hands, your eyelid shape will remain the same. Your eyes will look rejuvenated and natural.

“People will say, ‘What did you do? You look amazing.’ But they won’t be able to tell that you’ve had surgery,” Dr. Danish adds. “The beauty of eyelid-lift surgery is generally that you need the procedure only once during your lifetime. Most of my patients say, ‘I wish I had done this sooner.’ ”

Call Dr. Danish for a facial analysis and consultation. Dr. Danish is co-located at Pure Rejuvenation Center, and she is affiliated with Beaumont Hospital, Troy.

  Dr. Myra Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.
  Facial Plastic Surgery
  4550 Investment Dr., Ste. 290
  Troy, MI 4809
  P: 248-267-9700

Cutler Integrative Medicine

Q: Should I be testing my genes?

A: The benefit of testing your genes relates to methylation, a biochemical pathway in the body that can turn on or turn off certain genes. Enzymes in the pathway can make DNA; build neurotransmitters, hormones, and immune cells; and help produce energy and process toxic chemicals. Naturopathic physician Dr. Doug Cutler says that, in many people, their methylation pathways are not working efficiently. “

That can be caused by nutritional deficiencies, certain medications, environmental toxins, and what we call ‘genetic mutations.’ One in particular is the MTHFR gene mutation, or polymorphism, which affects one in two people. A number of major health conditions, including diabetes, heart problems, thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression can be linked to the MTHFR and poor methylation,” he explains.

Dr. Cutler is the only physician in Michigan who is properly trained to test for MTHFR and hundreds of other genetic polymorphisms, and to interpret the data. He provides individualized treatment which may include environmental, dietary, and lifestyle changes to influence the genes for optimal health.

  Cutler Integrative Medicine
  Doug Cutler, ND
  31350 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 102
  Bingham Farms, MI 48025
  P: 248-663-0165
                            F: 248-594-9493

Pristine Periodontics & Implants

Q: How does pregnancy affect my gums?

A: One out of every two American adults aged 30 and older has periodontal disease. As a dentist and new mom, Dr. Whitney D. Weiner knows the importance of scheduling a dental checkup if you’re planning to become pregnant, or when you learn that you are pregnant.

“During pregnancy, a surge of hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone, can cause the gums to be more sensitive to plaque and to react in a hyperactive manner,” Dr. Weiner explains.

“The result is ‘pregnancy gingivitis,’ which leaves the gums red, swollen, tender, and more likely to bleed.”

If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to the development of periodontitis, a more serious type of gum disease.

“Moms can get so busy and think, ‘I can put off that dental visit.’ Unfortunately, untreated periodontal disease not only can affect your oral health and overall health, it also increases the risk for pre-term birth and low-weight babies,” Dr. Weiner says.

“Regular or more frequent dental treatments can help to prevent serious problems for you and for the health of your unborn child.”

Dr. Weiner recommends eating a healthy diet, exercising, and practicing good oral hygiene. If you have concerns about your gums, schedule a periodontal evaluation today.

  Pristine Periodontics & Implants
  Whitney D. Weiner, D.D.S., M.S. Periodontist
  2425 E. Lincoln St., Ste. 100
  Birmingham, MI 48009
  P: 248-901-0000

Susan Seman, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.

Q: What products and nonsurgical treatments will give me a healthy, more youthful look?

A: Dr. Susan Seman, a board-certified general surgeon and trauma surgeon, is often asked how she keeps her skin healthy and beautiful, despite a busy and stressful schedule. Her secret? A healthy diet, exercise, and Zo Skin products by Dr. Zein Obagi.

“What’s nice about Zo Skin is that it creates a metamorphosis to your skin so that you don’t need to wear makeup,” Dr. Seman says. “There are products for daily skincare, and solutions for treating all skin types and skin conditions, including rosacea, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Patients can’t believe the change in their skin even within a few weeks. It’s fantastic.”

FDA-cleared, noninvasive Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to lift, tighten, and firm the skin of the brow, chin, neck, and décolletage. This collagen-boosting treatment has virtually no downtime and the youthful effects last for about two years. For stubborn fat on your belly, thighs, and flanks that won’t respond to diet and exercise, Dr. Seman recommends FDA-cleared Coolsculpting.

“For every inch of fat you pinch, you will need one treatment,” Dr. Seman says. “Coolsculpting freezes your fat cells, which are then eliminated naturally from your body for good.”

Call Dr. Seman’s office to learn more about nonsurgical solutions to help you look your very best.

  Susan Seman, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.
  6900 Orchard Lake Rd., Ste. 315
  West Bloomfield, MI 48322
  P: 248-470-3916

American Heart Association — Go Red for Women

Q: What is the biggest health threat for women?

A: While you may think it’s breast cancer, the fact is, one in three women will die from heart disease every year. Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women, and it kills more women than all forms of cancer combined.

Dr. Timothy Logan, chief of cardiology at McLaren Macomb Hospital, points out that the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign is raising awareness to help women reduce their risk for heart disease.

“The risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood glucose, obesity, and smoking,” Dr. Logan says. “You can’t control your genetics or your family history, but you can control and modify your lifestyle. You can make healthy food choices, you can stop smoking, and you can control how much you exercise. Making lifestyle changes can reduce the risk for heart disease by as much as 80 percent.”

Go Red for Women encourages women to schedule a “Well Woman Visit,” a yearly preventive health checkup with a focus on identifying health concerns and risk factors.

“Women need to know that their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and body mass index numbers are under control to lessen their chances of having a heart attack or stroke,” Dr. Logan says. “Awareness is the key.”

Dr. Logan’s hospital affiliation includes McLaren Macomb.

  American Heart Association — Go Red for Women
  Macomb Cardiovascular Institute
  Dr. Timothy Logan, D.O. Cardiology
  1030 Harrington Blvd., Ste. 101
  Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
                            P: 586-464-4010

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

Q: I am having heart palpitations and I feel like my heart is racing. Is this a panic attack, or could it be something else?

A: In the past, women were told that a racing heart was nothing more than a panic attack, when often it was a symptom of an arrhythmia or a heart rhythm disorder. Dr. Radmira S. Greenstein, a cardiovascular disease specialist, says taking a thorough health history is the first step to diagnosing the problem.

“If you’re having racing heartbeats before you go on stage to give a talk, it’s probably anxiety. When your heart starts racing out of nowhere, it’s less likely to be related to a panic attack,” Dr. Greenstein explains. “In general, women tend to have more palpitations than men as a result of hormonal changes.”

An examination may lead to additional testing, including an ultrasound of the heart and heart monitoring, Dr. Greenstein points out. “If you’re having palpitations every day, we will recommend a 24-hour monitor that you wear at home. We ask you to keep a diary and note when you are having episodes, so we can correlate the heart rhythm at the time you were feeling symptoms.”

If you’re not having symptoms every day, Greenstein recommends a longer monitor that can be used for up to 30 days, or even implanting one that can last more than two years.

If you’re experiencing intermittent palpitations, Dr. Greenstein recommends a visit to your primary care physician. When symptoms continue and include lightheadedness, dizziness, or chest pain, you should go to the hospital.

Dr. Greenstein’s hospital affiliations include: St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea, St. Joseph Mercy Livingston and St. Mary Mercy Livonia.

  Saint Joseph Mercy Health System
  Michigan Heart, a member of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and IHA
  Radmira S. Greenstein, M.D.
  Cardiac Electrophysiologist
  5325 Elliott Dr., Ste. 202
                           Ypsilanti, MI 48197
                           P: 734-712-8000

Ban R. Barbat, D.D.S.-PC

Q: I’ve seen several doctors for headaches and migraines that have gotten worse over the years. Could this be related to TMJ?

A: Migraines and headaches aren’t just painful; they interfere with your social life, work, and energy levels. For many, the true source is surprising.

When the TMJ (jaw joint) is strained or your bite is misaligned, headaches and migraines are common symptoms. They may also be accompanied by sore jaw joints, sore neck and shoulder muscles, ear ringing, dizziness, or jaw popping.

Using advanced equipment, we can determine if TMJ or bite misalignment is the cause. If so, we can resolve the problem for good — and immediately, in some cases.

Call for a complimentary consultation to learn more, or ask to speak with others who have overcome years of discomfort.

  Ban R. Barbat, D.D.S.-PC
  Ban R. Barbat, DDS, Fellow LVI for Advanced Dental Studies
  General, Cosmetic, Restorative & Implant Dentistry and TMJ / Sleep Apnea Therapy
  6044 24 Mile Rd.
  Shelby Township MI 48316
                           P: 586-739-2155

Elite Podiatry

Q: What causes hammertoes and bunions?

A: “Both conditions are related to footwear, typically, high heels and shoes that are too small, ill-fitting, and pointy-toed,” says Dr. Alexsey Kheynson, D.P.M. “When you have a bunion, the big toe starts deviating toward the other side of the foot and you get a boney bump on the toe joint. With hammertoes, one set of tendons takes over, working more or less than the other, and this causes the toes to curl downward. If you wear high heels, pressure on the toes can affect some tendon function.”

Dr. Kheynson points out that conservative treatments, including toe spacers and orthotics, can prevent hammertoes and bunions from becoming painful. If these conditions do become painful and limit your ability to walk and go about your daily activities, Dr. Kheynson says surgery is often the next step in treatment. “Some people wait too long and they may be too old for surgery. It’s always better to take care of something before it becomes a problem.”

There’s no need to get stuck in clunky, unattractive shoes. “We can mold custommade orthotics for women who want to wear more fashionable footwear,” says Dr. Kheynson, “and we discuss options for making a favorite pair of shoes fit properly.”

Contact Elite Podiatry today for a complimentary consultation.

  Elite Podiatry
  Dr. Alexsey Kheynson, D.P.M.
  32910 W. 13 Mile Rd., Ste. C300
  Farmington Hills, MI 48334
  P: 248-996-1020

Spa Mariana

Q: How can massage help my pain?

A: Women, in particular, are prone to pain in the upper shoulders, neck, head, lower back, and hips. Reducing pain caused by muscle tension, headache tension, shoulder tension, stress, and tension that comes from everyday worries is the goal of massage therapy. At the time of the consultation, talk to your massage therapist about your body pains, so he or she can design the best therapeutic session and home program. Your massage will not only reduce pain, but your therapist will address ways to improve posture, decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality, and improve overall blood circulation. Knowing more about what kind of pain you’re having will help you get long-lasting results from your massage experience.

  Spa Mariana
  Maciek Lyko, L.M.T., B.N., R.Y.T.
  Deep Tissue Massage
  909 Haynes
  Birmingham, MI 48009


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  4. An Hour with ... Carmen Harlan
    Broadcast journalist and founder of the Carmen Harlan Collection
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    Dish, in Detroit, pushes through hard times with consistently delicious food