Contributors: January 2015



Jeff Waraniak

Writing about a fellow writer is a bit like a surgeon performing surgery on another doctor. They know how things are done, what to cut, and what to keep, and in the end, they’d really just prefer to do the thing themselves if at all possible. Putting together the story on writer turned cab driver “Oneita the Magnificent,” was a wild ride, Jeff Waraniak says, but it was one of his most entertaining and instructive assignments to date as an associate editor for Hour Detroit. “It was a blast getting to know someone as original and bold as Oneita,” he says. “And for her to pass on her knowledge of Detroit, writing about Detroit, and writing in general was a real treat.”


Megan Swoyer

Megan Swoyer is a longtime contributor to Hour Detroit and its sister publications. She is editor of Detroit Home and Birmingham magazines, and also wrote a book about the history of Art Van Furniture, published by Momentum Books. Because of her passion for interior design, she was extremely excited to cover the renovation of the White Horse Inn. Her story on the facility, which was built in 1850 and is now a restaurant, details everything from fireplace stone to local artwork. A native of Connecticut, Swoyer has always been passionate about preservation. “You’ve just got to love the owners’ commitment to details and the ambience of this iconic Metamora mainstay,” she says. “And they’re both Spartans! Go green!”


Roy Ritchie

For our fashion shoot this issue, we sent photographer Roy Ritchie and a crew out to capture an energetic night on the town (on a rather cold evening). Their travels took them from the stately Grosse Pointe War Memorial to the gritty Old Miami — voted Detroit’s best “dive bar” by Hour readers in 2014. “I loved the loose nature of what we did — having fun in some cool Detroit scenes,” Ritchie says. “Everyone managed to avoid frostbite too!” In addition to his regular contributions to this magazine, Ritchie has done commercial and editorial work for Time, Bloomberg, Bon Appétit, and ESPN The Magazine.


Paul A. Eisenstein

Paul A. Eisenstein has spent the last 35 years observing the transformation of the global auto industry for a wide range of media outlets including The Economist, NPR, NBCNews, and our sister publication, DBusiness. He previews what’s new in the alternative fuel market as well as the new “golden age” of muscle cars in "Considering the Alternatives". Eisenstein recently launched his own auto news magazine,, based on the independent news service he has run since 1979. Eisenstein has won numerous awards. He’s based in Pleasant Ridge, but is often in the air, jetting off to meet another deadline. He’ll drive just about anything with a set of wheels, but admits a bias toward small — and preferably fast — automobiles. 


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