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Looking to update your appearance in the New Year? You won't be alone. Surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures are on the increase, as both men and women want to remain younger-looking and attractive, and feel good about their looks. Another reason for the uptick, notably in facial plastic surgery, is the "selfie." According to a study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, one in three plastic surgeons saw an increase in requests for procedures as patients are more "self-aware" of their looks in social media. Photo-sharing and video chats lead to plenty of "face time," making it easy to notice our flaws.

Let's start from the top. Thinning hair can be challenging. Many men and women are choosing minimally invasive, low-level laser therapy to repair and regrow hair, and to restore their confidence. Eyelid lifts are one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures, and for good reason. People are drawn to your eyes when chatting. Puffiness and drooping skin may not be the image you want on the Web.

If receding gums or too much gum tissue mar your look, cosmetic periodontal surgery can give you a more pleasing smile with minimal to no discomfort. And if it's your chin that bothers you when you look down on your digital device, liposuction can get rid of that little fat pad underneath.

No matter what your area of concern, metro Detroit plastic surgeons and other medical professionals can help you put your best face — and figure — forward. 


Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Q: I've heard that surgical treatment for receding gums is very painful. Is there a less invasive procedure?
Unfortunately, people will put off having treatment for their gum recession because the standard procedure involves incisions, stitches, and a long healing period. Using the groundbreaking Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ technique, Dr. Mitchell Milan can help patients achieve healthy, normal-looking gums with only minimal discomfort and inconvenience.

"This technique is performed through a tiny pinhole made above the gumline, while the patient's gum is numbed. I use very fi ne instruments to carefully loosen the gum tissue from the inside and drape it over the receded part of the tooth. Collagen is placed through the pinhole and under the gum, making the gum stronger and less likely to recede in the future," says Dr. Milan, one of the few dentists in the country who is specially trained and certified to perform this scalpel-free, suture-free procedure.

With Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™, Dr. Milan can extend the gumline for multiple teeth through just one or two pinholes, which close up and heal quickly. Treatment can take as little as a half hour and patients can resume normal activities the next day. The minimally invasive procedure has shown excellent long-term results.

"More than 50 percent of people over 40 have gum recession, which can cause tooth sensitivity and major dental problems. Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ reverses the process of gum recession and literally gives you younger gums," Dr. Milan says. "During my 29-year career, there have only been a few innovations in dentistry that I would consider 'revolutionary.' Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ is one of them."

Mitchell S. Milan, D.D.S.

The Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
Address: 555 S. Old Woodward, Suite 701, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248-644-2136
Fax: 248-644-9042


Mona Hardas, M.D., PC

Q: Why are women seeking vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty?
The most common reason is the desire to reduce pain and discomfort. Women with large labia may feel uncomfortable wearing tight-fitting jeans, or when participating in sports activities like spinning or horseback riding. Some women are embarrassed about the appearance of their genitalia, sometimes caused by childbirth trauma. A small percentage of women wish to increase their sexual function.

Vaginal rejuvenation can reduce the size of the labia and reshape the genitalia. Surgery also can enhance sensitivity by removing excessive skin around the clitoris, and by tightening the vagina to correct a loss of tone, often due to multiple births.

Our in-office procedures give excellent results, and patients experience improved self-esteem and a greater sense of confidence.

Mona Hardas MD PC

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Address: 3353 Fleckenstein, Flint MI 48507
Phone: 810-720-1790
Fax: 810-720-1794
Hospital Affiliation: Hurley, McLaren and Genesys


Dr. Ellen Janetzke, M.D.

Q: What are some current trends in cosmetic surgery?
As more and more people talk face-to-face via their computer, tablet, or smartphone, many are unhappy with their facial image, especially in the area of the chin, says Dr. Ellen Janetzke, a board-certified plastic surgeon.

"When they're Skyping and FaceTiming, they look down at their device and they see a little fat pad under their chin, or their chin seems to have disappeared. Some people could benefit from a chin implant, but for others, we can remove the excess fat using liposuction," Dr. Ellen says. "The procedure is quick and can be done in the office with local anesthetic. Recovery time is fast."

People who have lost a great deal of weight may struggle with excessive loose skin that hangs from their armpit to their elbow. Aging also can lead to this condition, which some people describe as "bat wings." Dr. Ellen performs arm-lift surgery, with or without liposuction, to slenderize the upper arms.

Fat grafting to enhance the derrière is another cosmetic procedure that's becoming more popular. "What most people want is a more rounded and projecting backside," Dr. Ellen says. "We use liposuction to sculpt and remove fat from areas like the stomach, the flanks, the hips, and the outer thighs or saddlebags. The patient's fat is processed and then injected into their buttocks area for a natural and shapely look."

If you're interested in correcting or improving your appearance, Dr. Ellen and her team have the experience to provide beautiful results that suit each individual's unique look, shape, and lifestyle.

Dr. Ellen Janetzke, M.D

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Address: 390 Park Street, Suite 201, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248-220-6939
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont Troy, Beaumont Royal Oak, Una Source Surgery Center


Michigan Hair & Skin Center

Q: Is there a simple, safe, and effective alternative to hair transplant surgery?
FDA-approved low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is the medically-tested, noninvasive, painless solution.

"Our program of laser light therapy not only stops hair loss; it stimulates the growth of new hair without invasive treatments or harmful side effects. It makes all hair strands thicker and healthier, including thin, weak, and sun-damaged hair," says Carol Wagner, owner of Michigan Hair & Skin Center, the fi rst and most experienced center in the metro Detroit area to specialize in light therapy for thinning hair.

Thinning occurs when hair follicles become clogged with DHT, a derivative of testosterone. LLLT clears away buildups of DHT, increasing blood fl ow to the scalp so active hair follicles can receive the nutrients that are needed to regrow hair. For people who choose to have hair transplants, laser light therapy can provide significant benefits when used before and after surgery.

"Hair transplants stress your scalp," Wagner says. "The light energy will help the transplanted hair grow in faster. It will keep hairs outside of the transplant area healthy and strong so you don't lose that hair, as well. We've had many clients who chose laser therapy rather than do more transplants."

A one-year program includes laser light therapy and special products that cleanse and nourish the scalp, and promote growth in problem areas.

"For people who are too busy to come in for weekly treatment sessions, we offer at-home remedies including hair products, and FDA-approved laser helmets for men and women — the iGrow® and the Theradome™," Wagner adds. "We make it easy to keep your hair on your head."

Michigan Hair and Skin Center

Natural, Noninvasive, Pain-free, and Permanent Solution for Thinning Hair
Address: 312 Town Center Drive, Troy, MI 48084
Phone: 248-678-3633 or 248-250-7640
Locations: Troy, Novi, and Clarkston


Mune Gowda, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Q: What is the contemporary approach to eyelid rejuvenation surgery?
To create a more youthful-looking eye, it's important to address the changes that occur around the eye, from the eyebrow to the cheek.

"A hollow circle in the lower lid, drooping skin in the upper lid, and a lack of volume anywhere within the landscape of the eye can make a nonverbal expression: 'I'm ill, tired, older,' " says aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Mune Gowda.

"To restore a more vibrant appearance, I use fat grafts of the patient's own fat to add fullness, if needed, under the brow and in the lid/cheek junction. I often reposition the fat to correct hollows and to create a smooth, continuous transition from the lower lid to the cheek."

Dr. Gowda avoids the removal of too much fat and skin, which can lead to a sunken eye appearance. For the best results, he recommends surgery of both the upper and lower lids, to achieve symmetry.

Mune Gowda, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Novi Surgical Center
Address: 26850 Providence Parkway, Suite 125, Novi, MI 48374
Phone: 248-305-8400
Troy Office
Address: 3270 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 415, Troy, MI 48084
Phone: 800-979-9858
Hospital Affiliation: William Beaumont, Providence Hospital


Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S. & Associates

Q: How can you improve a smile with cosmetic periodontal surgery?
As some people age, their gums recede, making their teeth look much longer and their smile appear older. Periodontist Dr. Joseph Nemeth uses the minimally invasive Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique® to lengthen the gums, typically with no incisions, no stitches, and virtually no pain.

"We make a small pinhole in the gum above the teeth to be treated. With special instruments, we loosen up the gum tissue and bring it down over the receded areas where it should be. The Pinhole Technique improves the smile tremendously. Patients are extremely happy, and we're seeing excellent long-term results," says Dr. Nemeth, the first gum specialist in Michigan to be certified in this innovative technique.

Simply reshaping the gum tissue can make a huge difference in a person's smile. "Some patients are embarrassed because they have a 'gummy' or 'horsey' smile," Dr. Nemeth says. "We do periodontal plastic surgery to sculpt the excess gum tissue so the teeth will look appropriate and beautiful."

Dr. Nemeth performs a lip-lowering procedure for patients whose upper lip pulls up really high (like a horse's lip) and reveals too much gum tissue. Repositioning the lip creates a more pleasing smile.

"With all of these procedures, patients have little to no discomfort. We typically use intravenous sedation so that patients are asleep or in a very relaxed state during their treatment," says Dr. Nemeth, who has certification as a Master in the College of Sedation in Dentistry.

"We love doing cosmetic periodontal surgery. Our patients enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile, and it changes their life."

Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S. / Amar Katranji, D.D.S., M.S.

Periodontics - Dental Implants - Advanced Grafting
Address: 29829 Telegraph Rd., Suite 111 Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: 248-357-3100, Fax: 248-357-1626

The Richter Center, Halitosis Treatment
Address: 29829 Telegraph Rd., Suite 111, Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: 248-357-3213
Toll Free: 877-783-7374


Myra Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Q: What facial plastic surgery procedure will take the greatest number of years off my appearance and has a quick recovery?
If you're a candidate, upper and/or lower eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) can take 20 years or so of aging off your face, according to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Myra Danish.

"My ophthalmologist colleagues always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I have to agree. When people are talking to you, they're always looking at your eyes and 'reading' them. If you have droopy, hooded upper eyelids, or puffy bags and crepey skin in your lower lids, it can give the impression that you're tired or older than you are," she says.

An upper and lower blepharoplasty takes less than 90 minutes, and can be performed with mild sedation and a local anesthetic.

"Generally, I remove the excess skin and the puffiness. Recovery is about a week, with some bruising and swelling, but little discomfort," Dr. Danish explains. "Once you heal you'll look rejuvenated and natural, not like you've had surgery.

"Both men and women have great results with this surgery, and most wish they had done it earlier. Unlike a face-lift, which needs to be repeated as you age, patients typically require only one round of upper and lower eyelid-lifts to last a lifetime."

Myra Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Facial Plastic Surgery
Address: 4550 Investment Drive #290, Troy, MI 48098
Phone: 248-267-9700
Fax: 248-267-9711
Co-located: Pure Rejuvenation Center Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont, Troy


West Maple Plastic Surgery

Q: Should I wait until spring to have cosmetic surgery?
"I think of the winter months as a time for introspection and reinvention," says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Sherbert. "People will often say, 'If I'm going to do something about my appearance, this is the time to do it.'

"Early in the new year is a great time for people to come in if they're interested in having breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, liposuction, eyelid lifts, a face-lift, or other cosmetic surgery," he says. "During the winter, people tend to stay indoors and socialize less. Patients take advantage of that to have surgery, and they 're-emerge' weeks later looking refreshed and renewed."

West Maple Plastic Surgery

Daniel D. Sherbert, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Address: 5807 W. Maple, Ste. 177, West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone: 248-865-6400
Fax: 248-865-6404
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak and Beaumont West Bloomfield Ambulatory Surgery Center


Skin & Vein Center

Q: Is there a permanent cure for my embarrassing armpit sweating?
Millions of people suffer from excessive underarm sweat, a medical condition known as primary axillary hyperhidrosis, in which the underarm sweat glands are overactive. Those who struggle daily from the embarrassment and frustration of sweat outbreaks and stained clothing can now find lasting relief with the FDA-approved, nonsurgical miraDry procedure.

"It's one of the most rewarding things we do. People come in in tears when they find out there's something that can permanently get rid of their underarm sweating," says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Eric Seiger, whose office is one of two in Michigan that offers the noninvasive treatment.

"The procedure takes about an hour and a half. We numb the patient's underarms so they don't feel a thing," he says. "The miraDry machine delivers controlled electromagnetic energy that heats the skin to the depth of one or two millimeters, where the sweat ducts lie, and eliminates them."

People are sore and have some swelling afterward, but most go back to work or return to normal activities the next day. Patients experience a dramatic reduction of their underarm sweat and no longer worry about excessive odor and wetness.

"We consistently get an 80 percent reduction in underarm sweat," Dr. Seiger says. "After treatment with miraDry, patients consistently experience greater self-confidence and joy. It's truly life-changing."

Skin & Vein Center

Dr. Eric Seiger
Area of Specialty: Dermatology, Dermatological Surgery, Treatment of Varicose Veins and Cosmetic Surgery.
305 N. Leroy St, Fenton, MI 48430
Phone: 810-629-9200
44056 Mound Rd. #101, Sterling Heights, MI 48314
Phone: 586-314-1400
32669 Warren Rd. #9, Garden City, MI 48135
Phone: 734-762-0798
Hospital Affiliation: Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital


Gina Randhawa, M.D.

Q: How can I lose the weight I gained over the holidays?
A personalized medical weight loss plan can help you lose those extra pounds relatively quickly. Dr. Gina Randhawa, a bariatric/internal medicine physician, designs weight loss plans that focus on a calorie-restricted diet, nutrition, exercise, and simple lifestyle changes.

"Patients have the flexibility to prepare their own meals by following the diet plan, or we have supplements they might choose, like protein shakes and protein bars. We give patients portion control guidelines, to make it easier for them to eat out. Losing weight is relatively simple as long as you're motivated," Dr. Randhawa says.

When you're trying to lose weight, counting calories comes first. A reasonable exercise
program (30 minutes, four or five times a week) will help.

"It also makes a big difference when you're losing weight under supervision," Dr. Randhawa says. "Patients say they feel more responsible and accountable when they have to see the doctor. I encourage them and applaud them when they do well."

Gina Randhawa, MD, PC

Internal Medicine and Bariatrics
Address: Yorktowne Executive Offices, 5777 West Maple Road, Suite 180. West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Address: Rochester Office Parc, 6585 Rochester Road, Suite 105, Troy, MI 48085
Phone: 248-539-9358
Fax: 248-539-9088


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