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Are you ringing in the new year with resolutions to better yourself? You don’t need to go it alone. In fact, metro Detroit health professionals have the very latest and most effective solutions to match your desires for improved health and looks.

Take weight loss. It’s the most common resolution, but it’s easily broken as a cold winter can keep us indoors and out of the gym, and we sink back into our old eating habits. This year, why not slim down with a supervised and customized medical weight loss plan that features an easy-to-follow, healthy diet? For people who are morbidly obese, a range of surgical and nonsurgical options can lead to long-term weight loss success.

If you resolve to quit procrastinating, this may be the year that you take that first step toward a healthier, more attractive smile. From minimally invasive gum surgery and teeth-whitening to orthodontics, veneers, and dental implants, your new smile will leave a lasting impression. And, if a better job and improved relationships are on your resolution list, a beautiful smile and a more youthful appearance may help you achieve your goals. Studies have shown that people who have had cosmetic procedures demonstrate more self confidence and enjoyment of life.


The Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Q: I’ve been thinking about improving my smile for years. How do I take that first step?

A: It’s easy. You’ve thought about it. You’ve done your research. And now there’s no better time than the new year to make your dream of a new smile come true. Your commitment to self-improvement starts with a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Mitchell Milan will sit down, one on one, and take time to listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions.

“It’s very important to understand the goals of the patient and to plan properly in order to assure a predictable and successful outcome. I create a customized plan with high-quality solutions that will best meet the patient’s goals and will last for decades.”

Dr. Milan offers a full range of the latest cosmetic and restorative services, including in-office teeth-whitening, artistic cosmetic bonding, Six Month Smiles speed braces, Invisalign, beautifully crafted porcelain veneers, and natural-looking dental implants.

“Procrastination has always been my patients’ biggest enemy. Over and over again, patients will tell me, ‘I wish I had done this sooner,’ ” Dr. Milan says. “With modern materials and technology there are more great solutions than ever before. In as little as one or two comfortable, pain-free appointments, you can have the healthy and beautiful smile you desire.”

  The Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
  555 S. Old Woodward, Suite 701
  Birmingham, MI 48009
  P: 248-644-2136
  F: 248-644-9042

Cosmetic Dentistry Institute

Q: I’m too young to look old! I want a great new smile, and I want it yesterday! How do I “shop” for my new smile?

A: To assure that your smile is picture-perfect, seek an exceptional dental practice. Drs. Craig and Marcy Goldin, of the award-winning Cosmetic Dentistry Institute, provide all phases of general, cosmetic, sedation, and implant dentistry, so you can have all of your dental problems conveniently treated in one office.

“Whatever your dental needs are, your visit will be comfortable and painless, as well as efficient and high-tech. With cosmetic dentistry, a beautiful new smile can change your life,” says Dr. Marcy Goldin, an adjunct clinical lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Dr. Craig Goldin is the only cosmetic dentist in Oakland and Macomb counties to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, which allows him to both place and restore state-of-the-art dental implants.

“Beautiful, natural-looking implants can last a lifetime and allow you to smile, chew, and speak more confidently,” says Dr. Craig Goldin, who also has advanced training and certification in IV sedation. “With sedation dentistry, patients who are anxious or busy can be totally relaxed and have multiple dental procedures done in as little as one visit.”

“Everything we do,” adds Dr. Marcy Goldin, “is driven by our pledge to go above and beyond for our patients.”

  Cosmetic Dentistry Institute
  Craig P. Goldin, D.D.S.
  Marcy Greenbert Goldin, D.D.S.
  3415 Livernois Rd.
  Troy, MI 48083
                            P: 248-519-1919

Dr. Ellen Janetzke, M.D.

Q: What is the latest advancement in laser hair reduction?

A: The Cutera Excel HR is the latest technology that offers safe, effective, and comfortable laser hair removal for all skin types. The system has two distinct lasers that operate on two different wavelengths.

“It works on all skin colors and even on people with tanned skin,” says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Janetzke. “The settings allow us to treat all types of hair, from thin to coarse. The laser handpiece has a built-in cooling device to protect the skin and to reduce any discomfort, so treatments are virtually pain-free.”

Excel HR treatments are faster than other laser hair removal options and patients experience no downtime.

“Our new laser can also ‘erase’ tiny facial veins and superficial pigment, like brown spots from sun exposure,” adds Dr. Ellen, the first plastic surgeon in Michigan to have the Cutera Excel HR system.

If you’re tired of waxing, shaving, or plucking unwanted hair, call Dr. Ellen today to schedule a personalized consultation.

  Dr. Ellen Janetzke, M.D.
  Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  390 Park Street, Ste. 201
  Birmingham, MI 48009
  P: 248-220-6939

Skin & Vein Center

Q: What is the latest nonsurgical breakthrough for taking years off your face?

A: Dr. Eric Seiger is one of only a few select physicians in the country now trained in the world-renowned Y-Lift technique — a minimally invasive “lunchtime” lift. The Y-Lift is a nonsurgical, in-office, no-incision, no-downtime procedure that offers amazing instant results.

Here’s how it works: As we age, the face gradually loses volume. Facial bone structure begins to soften and shrink. We lose our high cheekbones, and contoured jawline and chin. This makes the skin appear to be sagging.

Unlike a surgical face-lift, where skin is removed to fit the remaining bone structure, the Y-Lift replaces lost bone and fatty tissue by rebuilding the facial structure with FDA approved fillers. Dr. Seiger uses a specialized instrument under the skin to gently lift and contour the depressed muscles, fat, and fascia. He then injects naturally occurring hyaluronic acid to volumize the face.

“Patients can get an incredible youthful appearance without surgery that was never possible before,” says Dr. Seiger, who trained with Y-Lift creator Dr. Yan Trokel. “The Y-lift takes 30 to 40 minutes. It requires only local anesthesia, and the rejuvenating effects last from one to two years. I’m truly in awe of this remarkable procedure.”

For more information and to view before-and-after photos, visit

  Skin & Vein Center
  Dr. Eric Seiger
  Area of Specialty: Dermatology, Dermatological Surgery, Treatment of Varicose, Veins and Cosmetic Surgery
  305 N. Leroy Street, Fenton, MI 48430
  P: 810-629-9200
                            44056 Mound Road, Suite 101, Sterling Heights, MI 48314
                            P: 586-314-1400
                            32669 Warren Road, Suite 9, Garden City, MI 48135
                            P: 734-762-0798

Novi Surgical Center

Q: Do you see a connection between beauty, health, and happiness?

A: Aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Mune Gowda finds that when patients have cosmetic procedures they feel happier and tend to become more conscious of their health.

“You can’t separate one from the other. Studies have shown that when someone improves their appearance, whether that’s surgically or by putting on makeup or a nice outfit, the brain releases neurotransmitters — ‘happy chemicals’ — that make them feel good.

“One patient came into the office and said, ‘When I look in the mirror I look sad, although I’m not sad.’ After she had some facial work done, she said, ‘Dr. Gowda, I’m so happy. I love to look at myself in the mirror now.’ ”

Dr. Gowda points out that patients who undergo body contouring, for example, often become more disciplined about their eating habits and exercise.

“They want to protect their new body and shape,” he says. “Their attitude changes, they have more confidence, and they feel more comfortable, healthier, and happier.”

  Novi Surgical Center
  Mune Gowda M.D., F.A.C.S
  26850 Providence Parkway
  Suite 125, Novi, MI 48374
  P: 248-305-8400
                            3270 West Big Beaver Road
                            Suite 415, Troy, MI 48084
                            P: 800-979-9858

Dr. Myra Danish M.D., F.A.C.S.

Q: How can I look 10 years younger in just one hour?

A: The one-hour Lunchtime Lift is a popular in-office, mid-face lift that rejuvenates what is known as the “triangle” — the lower eyelids, cheeks, laugh lines, and jowls.

“The procedure restores the natural curves and youthful fullness of the face, turning back the clock more than a decade,” says facial plastic surgeon Dr. Myra Danish. “It requires minimal recovery time and produces immediate, long-lasting results.”

With the injectable Lunchtime Lift, Dr. Danish uses a range of FDA approved injectables to help her patients look 10 years younger in less than an hour, and with little to no downtime.

“I generally inject fillers into the cheeks, the laugh lines, and the chin area, and under the eyes, if needed. Some patients may require Botox for forehead wrinkles, frown lines, or crow’s feet,” she says. “I perform all of the injections myself so my patients will look rejuvenated and natural, not like they’ve had surgery or injections.”

Dr. Danish recommends a facial analysis and consultation if you’re thinking about having a cosmetic procedure.

“Every person’s facial anatomy, skin type, and degree of aging differ, and one procedure does not fit all. We discuss the treatment options that will help the patient look younger and fresher and will give them the very best results.”

  Dr. Myra Danish M.D., F.A.C.S.
  Facial Plastic Surgery
  4550 Investment Drive #290
  Troy, MI 48098
  P: 248-267-9700

Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S. & Associates

Q: How can you improve a smile with cosmetic periodontal surgery?

A: As some people age, their gums recede, making their teeth look much longer and their smile appear older. Periodontist Dr. Joseph Nemeth uses the minimally invasive Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique to lengthen the gums, typically with no incisions, no stitches, and virtually no pain.

“We make a small pinhole in the gum above the teeth to be treated. With special instruments we loosen up the gum tissue and bring it down over the receded areas, where it should be. The Pinhole Technique improves the smile tremendously. Patients are extremely happy, and we’re seeing excellent long-term results,” says Dr. Nemeth, the first gum specialist in Michigan to be certified in this innovative technique.

Simply reshaping the gum tissue can make a huge difference in a person’s smile. “Some patients are embarrassed because they have a ‘gummy’ or ‘horsey’ smile,” Dr. Nemeth says. “We do periodontal plastic surgery to sculpt the excess gum tissue so the teeth will look appropriate and beautiful.”

Dr. Nemeth performs a lip-lowering procedure for patients whose upper lip pulls up really high (like a horse’s lip) and reveals too much gum tissue. Repositioning the lip creates a more pleasing smile.

“We love doing cosmetic periodontal surgery,” Dr. Nemeth says. “Our patients enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile, and it changes their life.”

  Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S. & Associates
  Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S., Amar Katranji, D.D.S., M.S.
  Periodontics, Dental Implants, Advanced Grafting
  29829 Telegraph Rd., Suite 111, Southfield, MI 48034
  P: 248-357-3100, F: 248-357-1626
                            The Richter Center, Halitosis Treatment
                            29829 Telegraph Rd., Suite 111, Southfield, MI 48034
                            P: 248-357-3213, Toll Free: 877-783-7374

St. John Providence Weight Loss Center of Excellence

Q: I’ve tried to lose weight on my own. Can weight loss surgery help me?

A: Surgery can be a good option for long-term weight loss success when people are morbidly obese and are willing to make healthy lifestyle changes. Dr. Gary Katz points out that weight loss surgery also has shown to be very successful at preventing or reducing comorbidities such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and hypertension.

“Many of these serious medical issues are weight-related. Surgery and the resulting weight loss can improve these conditions dramatically,” he says.

Surgical weight loss options include gastric banding (Lap-Band), the “gold standard” gastric bypass, the newer sleeve gastrectomy, and revisional surgery.

“Most of the surgeries we do are laparoscopic, requiring a few tiny incisions. We also do intraluminal procedures using a scope through the mouth, which requires no incisions,” Dr. Katz explains. “The ORBERA Intragastric Balloon, recently approved by the FDA, is an intraluminal procedure that involves the placement of a balloon in the stomach. The balloon is filled with saline and remains in place for six months. For people who aren’t considering surgery, the intragastric balloon has shown fantastic results with nearly three times greater weight loss over 12 months versus diet and exercise alone.

“Surgery isn’t for everybody,” Dr. Katz adds. “We offer many options to help patients lose weight and keep it off.”

He is certified by the American Board of Osteopathic Surgeons. Additionally, he is a member of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, the American Osteopathic Association, the Michigan State Medical Society, the Oakland County Medical Society, and the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons.

  Gary Katz, DO; Medical Director, St. John Providence Weight Loss General Surgery
  St. John Providence Weight Loss has offices in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne and St. Clair Counties
  P: 866-501-DOCS (3627)

Genemedics Health Institute

Q: What is andropause?

A: Andropause is defined as low testosterone levels in men caused by a natural decline in testosterone production as they age. Commonly undiagnosed and untreated, andropause occurs in nearly 40 percent of men over age 40. Symptoms of low testosterone levels in men may include loss of energy, decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fat gain, loss of muscle mass and strength, mood changes, loss of concentration and memory, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

Dr. George Shanlikian, medical director of GENEMEDICS, is a national leader in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition, and fitness. He is one of a few medical doctors in the country to be advanced fellowship-trained and board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Shanlikian has helped alleviate symptoms of hormone imbalance in thousands of patients through customized programs of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition, nutritional supplements, and exercise. Regain your energy and zest for life with hormone replacement therapy!

  Genemedics Health Institute
  George Shanlikian, M.D.
  280 N. Old Woodward, Suite 210
  Birmingham, MI 48009
  P: 800-277-4041

Gina Randhawa M.D., P.C.

Q: I’ve gained 10 pounds over the holidays! How can I lose this weight?

A: A personalized medical weight loss plan can help you lose those extra pounds relatively quickly. Dr. Gina Randhawa, a bariatric/internal medicine physician, offers simple and easy-to-follow weight loss plans that focus on calorie and portion control, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

“Patients are given guidelines for choosing lower-calorie options and following portion control so they’ll know what to do, whether they’re preparing food at home or eating out. For portion control, we’ll give them a visual guide — for example, a serving of turkey is about the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand,” Dr. Randhawa notes.

“The more informed and motivated a patient is, the more likely they’ll stay on track. The weight you gained quickly, you can lose quickly,” Dr. Randhawa says. “It also makes a difference if you’re losing weight under supervision. Patients say they feel more responsible and accountable when they have to come in and see the doctor.”

  Gina Randhawa M.D., P.C.
  Internal Medicine and Bariatrics
  Yorktowne Executive Offices
  5777 West Maple Rd., Suite 180
  West Bloomfield, MI 48322
                            Rochester Office Parc,
                            6585 Rochester Road, Suite 105
                            Troy, MI 48085
                            P: 248-539-9358
                            F: 248-539-9088


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