Peacock Proud

Kevin Carter is no Stephen King, but he does have a few hair-raising tales of his own to tell


His most recent version earned him $7,500 in prize money.

Last spring, Carter shocked judges by building a “proud peacock” atop the head of his hair model for the 2009 International Fantasy Hair Competition in Manchester, N.H.
His approximately 3-foot headdress, made of weave and wire, was a feat of hairspray that earned the stylist first prize.

Carter, who owns the Artistry of Hair salon in Farmington Hills, doesn’t often have the opportunity to build dramatic floral arrangements and menageries atop his clients’ noggins. For the past decade, he’s been entering competitions as a creative outlet.

“Everyone’s a celebrity when they’re in my chair,” Carter says of his clientele. “But I need to express myself in an extravagant way from time to time.”

Luckily for him, his fantasy ’dos are good for more than winning trophies and cash. His past entries, including a 3-foot spider web, were sold as art pieces to private collectors for more than $1,000.

Carter labored over his peacock design for more than two months before its runway debut in April.

His famous fowl hairdo makes guest appearances. It will be displayed at the July 19 “Hair Wars” at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Troy beside his other mane masterpieces that depict abstract trees and other foliage.

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