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Whether it’s aching, burning, stinging, stabbing, or throbbing, pain gets on your nerves. When acute pain strikes suddenly and signals a warning that something is wrong — you’ve twisted an ankle while running, burned your fingers on a hot plate, or your stomach ache takes a sharp turn for the worse — it’s time to take action!

While acute pain gets better when the underlying cause has been treated or healed, chronic pain is a pain that persists, placing a burden on everyday life. Unrelieved chronic pain can drain your energy and keep you off your feet. The constant fi ring of pain signals in the nervous system can trigger depression, anger, anxiety, sleep loss, and the inability to work.

At least 100 million Americans suffer chronic pain conditions. Many have turned to prescription painkillers, notably opioids, which has led to an epidemic of abuse and a record number of overdose deaths. More than a third of U.S. adults use complementary health approaches to ease pain and improve wellness, ranging from dietary supplements and vitamins to yoga, chiropractic, Pilates, meditation, and massage.

While pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Work with your health care provider to devise a customized plan of effective and safe treatment options, including noninvasive therapies. Kick pain to the curb for an improved quality of life.

Q: I’ve been told to just “man up” and visit a dentist. Well, I don’t think I should have to! My teeth don’t seem to get numb with an injection, and I don’t like the sound of the drill. A dental appointment is a real PAIN. How can I get a great new smile without feeling discomfort in the dental chair?

A: If you could fall asleep wrapped in a warm blanket on a soft Tempur-Pedic cushion and wake up to a younger, healthier, beautiful smile, would you do it? That’s how easy it can be to transform your smile at the award winning Cosmetic Dentistry Institute.

For people who are apprehensive about going to the dentist, sedation dentistry is a wonderful solution. “You can be completely relaxed while having a series of complex dental problems taken care of in as little as one visit. Sedation also is great if you have pain in areas of your body that make it difficult to sit in a dental chair,” says Dr. Craig Goldin, who has advanced training and certification in IV sedation.

Dr. Craig Goldin is skilled in advanced numbing techniques and dental pain management. He’s trained to help patients with jaw or TMJ pain, chronic headaches, and tooth pain.

“If you’re uncomfortable having your teeth cleaned, be assured that our hygienists are skilled in the use of laughing gas and local anesthesia for a more relaxing experience,” notes Dr. Marcy Goldin, an adjunct clinical lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. “Our beautiful office is nearly 6,000 square feet of the most advanced dental technology, along with soothing, spa-like amenities. Whatever dental needs you have, your visit will be efficient and high-tech as well as comfortable and painless.”

The Cosmetic Dentistry Institute provides all phases of general, cosmetic, sedation, and implant dentistry, so you can have all of your dental problems conveniently treated in one office.

“We provide an array of the latest techniques, including porcelain veneers, one-visit CEREC porcelain crowns, Invisalign invisible braces, Fastbraces, and dental implants,” says Dr. Craig Goldin, who is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. That distinction means he can both place and restore state of-the-art implants. “Whether you’re missing one tooth or more, we can replace them with beautiful, natural looking dental implants that will allow you to smile, chew, and speak more confidently, for a better quality of life.”

“If you have multiple dental health concerns — damaged teeth, alignment issues, overgrown or swollen gums — we can rebuild a comfortable, functional bite and a healthy, attractive smile with full-mouth reconstruction,” Dr. Marcy Goldin adds. “Through a combination of restorative procedures, you can have the picture-perfect smile you deserve in only two visits.”

The Cosmetic Dentistry Institute is your source for excellence in dentistry and unparalleled patient care and comfort.

Cosmetic Dentistry Institute

Craig P. Goldin, D.D.S.
Marcy Greenbert Goldin, D.D.S.
3415 Livernois Rd.
Troy, MI 48083
P: 248-519-1919

Q: How can I relieve painful intercourse and vaginal dryness associated with hormonal changes?

A: Vaginal health issues that affect women of menopausal age, as well as breast cancer survivors, include vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, painful urination, and recurrent vaginal infections. For women who have not had relief of their vaginal symptoms with traditional hormonal therapy, or for women who cannot or will not take estrogen replacement therapy, the MonaLisa Touch Laser provides a safe, effective, and nonsurgical option that revitalizes the vagina by stimulating collagen and revascularization within the vaginal wall. Simply put, it restores the pH balance and stimulates lubrication to premenopausal levels, which helps to alleviate the painful symptoms.

This procedure restores vaginal health quickly and painlessly. The recommended treatment includes three sessions spaced at six-week intervals; each treatment takes less than fi ve minutes. Most women will report noticeable changes after just one session. No anesthesia is required and there are no documented adverse side effects. What women do report is a new lease on life after having addressed their vaginal symptoms with the MonaLisa Touch Laser.

Constantine Raphtis, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G.

19714 E. 10 Mile Rd.
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
46591 Romeo Plank Rd., Ste. 225
Macomb, MI 48044
P: 586-779-9402

Q: I have arthritis. How can physical therapy help me?

A: Arthritis is caused by the loss of cartilage in our joints. This places stress on bones and joints, leading to inflammation, pain, bone spurs, and stiffness. In turn, these can cause pain during day-to-day activities and result in overall reduced activity tolerance.

Physical therapists (PTs) are specialists in human movement, and arthritis is one of the most common conditions affecting movement. Physical therapy for arthritis begins with a detailed assessment of range of motion, strength, flexibility, and movement patterns. This information, along with the client’s goals, will allow the therapist to develop a customized treatment program.

Treatments usually involve manual therapy techniques and specific therapeutic exercises aimed at strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles. To reduce stress on arthritic joints, movement patterns — such as the way a person gets up from a chair or goes down the stairs — are identified and addressed. Modalities for pain relief, such as heat therapy or electric stimulation, may also be incorporated.

Whether your goal is to golf 18 holes without “paying for it” the next day, or to simply get up from a chair without groaning and creaking, physical therapy may help with the pain of arthritis and allow you to lead a more active life.

Team Rehab Physical Therapy

34 locations in Michigan – and counting!


Q: What is pain, and when is the best time to treat a problem?

A: Pain is the body’s alarm system, letting you know when there’s a disruption in normal function. When dealing with musculoskeletal pain more specifically, the brain uses pain information to change the biomechanics of an injured area to promote stability and healing, and to reduce the chance of reinjury. This change in muscle tone, motion, and overall biomechanics can have a ripple effect on surrounding structures and damage otherwise healthy areas.

Take, for example, an individual who experiences knee pain while walking. Two major redistributions of forces are going to occur to compensate for pain: increased stress on the healthy leg, and increased stress on the surrounding joints and muscles of the injured leg to minimize aggravation. This repetitive micro-trauma will cause more injury, and thus further the ripple effect.

Don’t press snooze on your body’s alarm system; take action and seek treatment at the fi rst sign of discomfort.

Chiropractic Orthopedics

Dr. James Herman, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.
6431 Inkster Rd., Ste. 220
Bloomfield Twp., MI 48301
P: 248-539-0100

Q: How can posture alignment improve my backache?

A: “Poor posture is the primary cause of neck and back problems,” says physical therapist and Pilates instructor Ron Jegadeesh, the owner of Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center.

“If you sit, stand, or walk without proper posture, one muscle group works harder and becomes stronger than another muscle group. The stronger muscle gets tighter and lacks fl exibility, while the weaker muscle loses strength.”

Posture alignment is an integral component of every Pilates exercise. In fact, many people achieve far better results with Pilates-based physical therapy than with traditional physical therapy.

“When you do Pilates you have a sense of power, grace, elegance of movement, and self-confidence,” Jegadeesh explains. “The fi rst thing people notice is that their posture and alignment have changed. They feel like they’ve grown an inch taller. As the sessions progress, they notice improved fl exibility and strength.”
Pilates includes mat work without equipment, and exercises using a reformer to assist and resist movement.

“At each session, I also teach exercises that the client can do at home or at work,” Jegadeesh says. “I ask them to make a habit of keeping their body in good alignment as they go about with their daily activities. They learn to sit taller, stand taller, and walk taller.”

Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center

Ron Jegadeesh, P.T., M.B.A.
Certified PMA, Polestar Pilates, STOTT PILATES, GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS Instructor
17418 W. 10 Mile Rd.
Southfi eld, MI 48075
P: 248-552-1012

Q: I’m extremely afraid of going to the dentist. What is the best option to ease my fears and get my dental treatments done?

A: With sleep dentistry, you can be totally relaxed and have most or all of your dental work completed in one visit. Dr. Dolores Baran offers a range of sedation methods, so there’s no reason to put off the treatments you need.

“In our office we provide IV sedation, where the patient is asleep. They don’t feel any pain and they don’t remember the experience,” she says. “Another option is nitrous oxide or laughing gas, a minimal sedation that makes you feel calm and comfortable while awake. We also do another sedation using a pill where you aren’t quite fully asleep, but you won’t remember the procedure.”

Dr. Baran provides all phases of dentistry and uses advanced technologies like the Cerec CAD/ CAM machine, which creates beautiful ceramic restorations in a single office visit. Dr. Baran is the face of Fastbraces and is able to straighten teeth in as little as three to 12 months.

“From fillings and root canals to crowns and gum treatments, patients can have everything done here while they’re asleep,” she says.
Call for a consultation. Wake up with a new smile!

Dolores J. Baran, D.D.S., PC & Associates

General and Cosmetic Dentistry
1103 N. Main St., Ste. A
Royal Oak, MI 48067
P: 248-548-1440
F: 248-548-3880

Q: How can Oakland MRI help with my pain issues?

A: Whether you’re sidelined with an injury or suffering chronic pain, you need the most accurate and timely diagnostics. Oakland MRI’s advanced high-definition Tesla imagers and digital X-ray technology provide the highest-quality images for diagnosing even the most challenging health conditions. “Open” MRI options cater to patients who are larger-bodied or claustrophobic, while the new C-ARM suite offers high-tech imaging for neck, back, and joint pain.

Oakland MRI’s soothing office décor, with privately commissioned paintings and sports mementoes, will help you relax during your visit. “We pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for our patients,” says Oakland MRI’s CEO, Susan V. Swider. “Each and every patient is given individualized care in a calming environment.”

When you’re in pain, you don’t want to wait for an appointment. Oakland MRI offers quick and easy scheduling, including next-day appointments and extended hours to accommodate busy schedules. Oakland MRI’s board-certified radiologists will promptly interpret your test results and provide the highest quality reports.

“It’s your right to choose the diagnostic facility you prefer,” Swider points out. “You deserve an imaging and diagnostic center that will provide you with a comfortable environment, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly trained professionals. Oakland MRI is just the place.”

Oakland MRI

Open MRI/MRA & Digital X-ray
Susan V. Swider, CEO
5119 Rochester Rd.
Troy, MI 48085
P: 248-740-0777

Q: What are the possible long-term consequences of auto accidents and how can chiropractic alignment help me to avoid those problems?

A: When someone is involved in an accident, vertebrae shift out of place — affecting the discs, ligaments, and muscles. This can lead to sprain or strain injuries, or nerves being pinched. Pain may not show up for years after the accident and can come in the form of muscle spasms, tingling and numbness in the lower and upper extremities, arthritis in the joints, and other chronic pain issues.

After an accident it’s important to have an alignment of the spine, to take pressure off the nerves — which will help alleviate pain and prevent chronic pain in the future. While medications may temporarily relieve pain, chiropractic adjustments can correct the problem that causes your pain.

2015-2016: Voted one of the Top Chiropractors in Michigan by Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare; 2015: Voted one of the Best Chiropractors in America.

Chiropractic Works PC

Dr. Duncan Mukeku
Chiropractic, Auto Injury
23120 Coolidge Highway
Oak Park, MI 48237
P: 248-398-1650
F: 248-398-1653

Q: My greatest fear going to the dentist is pain. What are some new options for someone like me who may worry about experiencing pain?

A: As dentistry evolves, so, too, does Dr. Askari. When she realized there were ways to care for patients suffering from anxiety or fear of dental pain, she introduced sedation dentistry to her office.

“Sedation dentistry techniques are safe for anyone who experiences anxiety, worry, concern, or preoccupation related to dental appointments,” she says. Dr. Askari says that if you’re someone who has trouble sleeping before a dental appointment, becomes nervous in the waiting room, often cancels appointments out of fear, or feels ill at the thought of going to the dentist, then sedation dentistry may be the key.

Dr. Askari is concerned with every aspect of her patients’ dental experience, including how they react to sight, sound, and touch. It’s why she likes the WaterLase dental laser, which uses water and laser energy to remove decayed tooth portions without the need for noisy equipment that may produce anxiety. She also uses DentalVibe pulse technology to minimize discomfort associated with dental injections.

Comfort Dental Spa

Dr. Aziza Askari, D.M.D., M.B.A., M.A.G.D.
Sedation, Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry
33966 W. Eight Mile Rd., Ste. 104
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
16979 Farmington Rd.
Livonia, MI 48154

Q: What are the risks of taking opiates to treat chronic pain?

A: Certain people who are treated with opiates for a chronic pain condition can develop hyperalgesia caused by opioid abuse (OIH), a condition in which the patient becomes more sensitive to certain pain stimuli — resulting in a vicious cycle of reliance on opiates. The condition is thought to possibly explain why opiates become less effective for certain people over time.

With OIH, the patient can experience pain that isn’t related to their physical condition or the original pain. In fact, they may be receiving treatment for a condition that has already improved or resolved, and now they are addicted to their opiate medications. Treating OIH involves reducing the amount of opiates, and eventually weaning the patient off the drugs completely.

At MDS Drug Detox, we offer an easier and faster sedation-assisted opiate detox procedure that takes just one day. After treatment, patients can be completely opiate-free in just three to four days, without pain or withdrawals. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

MDS Drug Detox

Dr. Joseph George, M.D.,
A.B.A.M., F.A.S.A.M.
Dr. Julia Aharonov, M.D.
25835 Southfield Rd.
Southfield, MI 48075
P: 888-637-6968

Q: How can I manage my pain without injections, drugs, or surgery?

A: At Pain Free Life Centers of Michigan, our proven laser therapy protocols provide the safest and most effective option for managing or eliminating your pain. Our treatments are totally noninvasive and nonsurgical, and completely drug-free. No one in Michigan has more experience practicing laser therapy, and no one has more advanced equipment.

Our lasers penetrate through the skin to the cellular level, increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, creating a significant reduction in pain.

We have successfully treated conditions that range from arthritis, migraines, and spinal stenosis to degenerative discs and neuropathy. It is truly amazing to change lives every day.

If you or someone you love is suffering from pain, come experience the therapeutic benefits of our FDAcleared laser therapy. We’re so confident in what we do, your first consultation and treatment are absolutely free.

Pain Free Life Centers of Michigan

6585 Rochester Rd., Ste. 103
Troy, MI 48085
P: 248-879-1100


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