Take Charge of Your Health



You take the car in for scheduled maintenance, but when was the last time you had a checkup? When the lawn looks pale and the computer has a bug, you seek out the experts. So why dismiss your aches and pains as “nothing” or “just getting older”?

Guys, you have a little catching up to do when it comes to taking care of your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one-third of men are obese and nearly a third have hypertension. Compared to women, you’re more likely to be hospitalized for congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and longterm complications from diabetes.

Metro-area medical professionals we spoke with say the biggest health problems men face can often be prevented. Start by making regular visits to your doctor, and be sure to have screening tests to find any diseases before symptoms arise. And make positive lifestyle choices: watch your weight, eat a healthy diet, exercise, don’t smoke, limit alcohol intake, and protect yourself from the sun.

As you take steps to improve your health, you’ll want to look as good as you feel. Cosmetic specialists have the latest body contouring tools to remove stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. And, yes, more men are asking for Botox, fillers, eyelid surgery, chin implants, and face-lifts in order to look more rested and youthful, and to stay more competitive in the workplace. Thinning on top? With innovative, natural solutions, you can ditch that old baseball cap for a great new look!

Dr. Myra Danish

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Myra Danish says she is seeing an increasing number of men who are coming in for treatments to look younger and more refreshed.

“They’re concerned about their complexion, especially the sun damage. We offer different skin care regimens for men, including laser, IPL, and chemical peels,” she says. “We use all of the FDA-approved fillers. The injectable Lunchtime Lift™ is really popular because men can look 10 to 15 years younger in less than an hour, with little or no downtime.”

Dr. Danish uses fillers to add volume to flattened cheeks and to fill in sunken temples, laugh lines, marionette lines, and hollows under the eyes.

“Men do come in for brow lifts, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, cheek and chin implants, and face-lifts,” says Dr. Danish, who notes that her male patients are very pleased with their results.

“Often, surgery can make a man look more feminine,” she says. “I’m adamant that my patients look natural and masculine.”

Myra Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Facial Plastic Surgery
Address: 4550 Investment Drive #290, Troy, MI 48098
Phone: 248-267-9700 Fax: 248-267-9711
Website: www.drdanish.com
Co-located: Pure Rejuvenation Center
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont, Royal Oak

Boyd Cosmetic Surgical Institute

Taking preventive measures is the first step to improving your health, says board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Boyd.

“While many men shy away from the regular use of skin care products, all men should use sunscreen to protect their skin from harmful UV rays that increase the risk of skin cancer,” he says.

Sun damage also can lead to premature aging of the skin, making a man look much older than he feels.

“A furrowed brow and forehead wrinkles can make you look tense and tired. We use Botox to relax the wrinkles and create a more refreshed and rested appearance,” Dr. Boyd explains. “Sagging skin on the eyelids is also a telltale sign of aging. A surgical eyelid lift can restore a more youthful look.”

Dr. Boyd offers the latest, most effective surgical and nonsurgical options to help men improve their appearance in subtle ways that maintains their masculinity and boosts their confidence.

Boyd Cosmetic Surgical Institute - Charles M. Boyd, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S. - Facial Plastic Surgeon

Address: 135 East Maple Road, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248-433-1900 Fax: 248-433-1901
Email: boydcosmetic@gmail.com
Website: renewfaces.com
Smart Phone: renewfaces.mobi
Hospital Affiliation: St. Joseph; UnaSource in Troy, Michigan

Genesis Health Institute

Andropause is defined as low testosterone levels in men, caused by a natural decline in testosterone production as men age. Andropause is a commonly undiagnosed and untreated medical condition which occurs in nearly 40 percent of men over the age of 40. Untreated low testosterone levels in men result in a decline in both quality of life and health. Symptoms of low testosterone may include loss of energy, decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fat gain, loss of muscle mass and strength, mood changes, loss of concentration, loss of memory, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

Dr. George Shanlikian, medical director of Genesis Health Institute, is a national leader in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition, and fitness. He is one of a few medical doctors in the country to be advanced fellowship-trained and board-certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Dr. Shanlikian has helped alleviate symptoms of hormone imbalance in thousands of patients through customized programs of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition, nutritional supplements, and exercise. Regain your energy and zest for life with hormone replacement therapy!

Genesis Health Institute - George Shanlikian, M.D. - Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutrition, Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, Internal Medicine

Address: 280 North Old Woodward Ave, Ste LL12, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 888-894-3637
Website: www.genemedics.com

Cutler Integrative Medicine, a division of FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness

Men who are ready to take charge of their health may want to consider Cutler Integrative Medicine, which offers a holistic approach to staying healthy. Dr. Doug Cutler, a licensed naturopathic physician, goes beyond treating symptoms and discovers the underlying causes of illness.

“I look at every area of the patient’s health — physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental,” Dr. Cutler says. “An imbalance in any of these areas can affect a person’s overall well-being.”

A new patient visit typically lasts an hour or more. During this appointment, Dr. Cutler learns about the person’s health history and lifestyle. Through blood work and unique specialty lab tests, he can check for concerns that are often overlooked, such as food sensitivities and an environmental toxic burden.

“Every patient receives individualized treatment, with natural options specific to their needs. That might involve detoxification protocols, botanical medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, stress reduction therapies, or eliminating toxins from the home. We teach our patients what they can do to keep themselves healthy.”

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness - Doug Cutler, ND; Holly CaSaroll, CEO - Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation & Laser Services, Naturopathic Medicine, Injectables & Liquid Face-Lifts

Address: 29350 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: 248-663-0161
Fax: 248-352-4748
Email: info@facebeautyscience.com
Websites: www.facebeautyscience.com - www.cutlerintegrativemedicine.com

Spa Renaissance

Today’s men are more aware of cosmetic procedures and they’re coming into the office because they want to look and feel their best, according to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Stefani.

“Botox is a mainstay for everyone. A lot of men come in for Botox to decrease the deep wrinkles on their forehead and around their eyes,” Dr. Stefani says.

Men are losing stubborn body fat with CoolSculpting, a noninvasive treatment that literally freezes fat cells; the ruptured cells are then naturally eliminated from the body.

For men with enlarged breast tissue (gynecomastia), Dr. Stefani uses an improved technique performed through a tiny incision. The procedure involves shaving the breast tissue and using liposuction to give the patient a flatter, firmer chest.

“We see quite a few men for face-lifts, especially to get rid of that ‘turkey gobbler’ neck,” says Dr. Stefani, noting that older men want to improve their looks to help them stay competitive in the workforce.

Spa Renaissance & Renaissance Plastic Surgery - William A. Stefani, M.D., F.A.C.S., - Jeffrey L. Williams, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Address: 85 E. Big Beaver, Troy, MI 48083
Physician Office: 586-779-3030
Spa/Salon: 248 498-8100
Email: renaissanceps@earthlink.net
Website: www.renaissanceps.com
Hospital Affiliation: William Beaumont, Troy & Grosse Pointe, St John’s Hospital & Medical Center

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center - Nader Meri, M.D., M.Sc.

Having routine physical exams is an important step men can take to improve their health, says Dr. Nader Meri, a board-certified internist on staff at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center.

“Younger men in their early 20s should come in for a baseline physical, including an evaluation of cholesterol and sugar. It’s important that athletes also have a sports screening with an EKG, to rule out potential health problems,” Dr. Meri advises. “At age 40, men need a complete physical with screenings for cardiac issues and prostate problems.”

Dr. Meri notes that despite some controversy over screening guidelines, he recommends both the physical prostate examination and the PSA blood test.

“When men turn 50 they should be evaluated for colon cancer with a colonoscopy, and then follow up with annual physical exams,” he says. “Fortunately, more people are coming in for regular physicals, as most insurance companies are encouraging their members to do so by offering incentives.”

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

Address: 1101 W. University Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone: 248-652-5000
Fax: 248-601-6133
Email: contactus@crittenton.com
Website: www.crittenton.com

Arnold Gross, D.P.M., PC
Eric Foreman, D.P.M.

In just one 30-minute office procedure, The PinPointe FootLaser can painlessly vaporize unsightly fungus under the nails without the risks posed associated with oral medications.

“Toenail fungus is very common and there has never been a good treatment,” says board-certified podiatrist Dr. Arnold Gross. “Your choice has been topical creams and liquids that rarely work, or a pill that has a long list of possible side effects.”

Dr. Gross and his partner, Dr. Eric Foreman, are the first to offer the state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared PinPointe laser system in Michigan. Within three months of treatment, patients start to see new growth featuring smooth, clear, fungus-free nails.

Arnold Gross, DPM, PC, Eric Foreman, DPM - Podiatry

Address: 31500 Telegraph Road, Suite 235, Bingham Farms, MI 48025
Phone: 248-646-6882
Trail Clinic Building
Address: 18254 Livernois Avenue, Suite 2, Detroit, MI 48221
Phone: 313-863-0600
Lakes Medical Center
Address: 2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 1175, West Bloomfield, MI 48323
Phone: 248-960-4444
Website: www.footdocs.com

Grosse Pointe Dermatology

It often takes a persuasive spouse or girlfriend to encourage men to come in for a skin check, says Dr. David Balle, a board-certified dermatologist who typically sees men for moles, sun damage, and skin cancer concerns.

“Common areas for skin growths are the arms, shoulder, and back. The face and scalp are the No. 1 place for the development of unusual skin growths, in part because men have shorter hairstyles and they tend to lose hair as they get older,” Dr. Balle points out. “When men get lesions on the scalp, it’s often more concerning. There is a higher incidence of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma on the scalp of men as compared to women.”

While the majority of cosmetic procedures are performed on women, men are the fastest-growing demographic, Dr. Balle notes.

“From a cosmetic aspect, men are more aware of their appearance. They want their skin to look good and they’re coming in more often for treatments — peels, Botox, fillers, and anti-aging skin care,” he says. “Liposuction and CoolSculpting are popular procedures to help men remove unwanted fat, especially from the lower abdomen and from the ‘love handles’ area. Interestingly, men are also the fastest growing demographic in the clothing industry, and we see parallels with men purchasing more over-thecounter skin care products.”

Dr. Balle recommends SPF 30 or higher sunscreen for the face, and suggests that men with thinning or bald scalps should wear a hat when they’re outdoors.

“Any suspicious growth or sore that doesn’t heal should be evaluated,” he advises.

Grosse Pointe Dermatology Associates, P.C. - David S. Balle, M.D. - Dermatology

Address: 18050 Mack Ave, Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
Phone: 313-886-2600
Fax: 313-886-2099
Email: ageless@grossepointedermatology.com
Websites: www.drballe.com - www.grossepointedermatology.com
Hospital Affiliation: St. John Providence Health System and Beaumont Health System

Laina Feinstein, M.D.

More men are coming in for health screenings because they are concerned about chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, says Dr. Laina Feinstein, an internal medicine physician.

“Men should have annual checkups including a lipid profile and blood tests for sugar, kidney, liver, and PSA level (marker for a prostate cancer), to see if there are any abnormalities,” Dr. Feinstein says.

“If there are any indications, it’s important to check testosterone levels. Testosterone deficiency not only can lead to sexual dysfunction, but also fatigue and osteoporosis.”

Dr. Feinstein encourages men to stop smoking and to watch their weight. She notes that if a patient has normal blood sugar and can’t seem to lose weight despite exercise and calorie reduction, they may have insulin-resistance syndrome.

“When the insulin level is high they are considered to be pre-diabetic,” Dr. Feinstein says. “We put them on medication that helps them to lose weight and also prevents them from becoming diabetic.”

Men not only want to feel healthy, they want to look good, too. Dr. Feinstein offers Zerona, a noninvasive, no-downtime body-sculpting procedure that can help patients lose up to four inches of fat in just six 40-minute treatments.

“Zerona is a cold laser that liquefies the fatty tissue in your fat cells, which is then eliminated naturally by the body,” Dr. Feinstein explains. “There is no bruising or scarring because nothing touches your skin. Patients can safely lose fat and inches from areas such as the chest, abdomen, and hips without the risks of surgery or anesthesia.”

Laina Feinstein M.D., P.C. - Internal Medicine

Address: 29829 Telegraph Rd, Suite 107, MI 48034
Phone: 248-304-0786
Fax: 248-354-8559
Email: doctor@lainafeinsteinmd.com
Website: lainafeinsteinmd.com
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont, Providence, Sinai Huron Valley

Oakland MRI

If you run, ride a bike, swing a bat, or play soccer with the kids, you already know that staying active will keep you healthy. That is, until a torn muscle or thrown-out shoulder puts you on the sidelines.

The professionals at Oakland MRI understand that when you’re dealing with the pain from a sports injury or other mishap, the last thing you need is to wait for your diagnostics to come in. Utilizing the latest MRI and digital X-ray technology, Oakland MRI offers quick and easy scheduling — including same-day and next-day appointments — and extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

Even avid athletes and tough outdoorsmen can feel uneasy during a traditional MRI test, so Oakland MRI provides the most advanced Open MRI technology, which features a larger-than-normal opening that won’t block your view of the surrounding room.

Also, be assured that Oakland MRI’s board certified radiologists will promptly interpret your test results. Your physician can log onto a secure website for immediate access to your diagnostic images and detailed written reports. Using our system, physicians can put their patients at ease faster than ever before.

“We pride ourselves in providing the best possible experience for our patients,” says Oakland MRI’s CEO, Susan V. Swider. “Each and every patient is given individualized care, in a comfortable and calming environment. Our compassionate staff will treat you as if you are a guest in our home.”

Oakland MRI - Open MRI/MRA & Digital X-Ray

Address: 5119 Rochester Road, Troy, MI 48085
Phone: 248-740-0777
Fax: 248-740-9777
Email: info@oaklandmri.com
Website: www.oaklandmri.com

Mune Gowda, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Body-contouring has become one of the top cosmetic surgical procedures, as more men are taking steps to improve their appearance and self-confidence. The introduction of the SmartLipo system is by far one of the most exciting advancements in the area of cosmetic body-contouring. It is the first and only laser-assisted lipolysis system offering a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedure for the removal of fat.

An advanced body-sculpting treatment, SmartLipo uses a high-powered Triplex laser to liquefy fat deposits through the top layers of skin, creating the definition and tighter skin men want and that traditional liposuction cannot achieve. This unique system safely and gently delivers an optimal blend of three laser wavelengths for better fat removal and tissue-tightening, reducing the sagging and dimpling that can occur after traditional liposuction. The biggest benefit is that SmartLipo destroys fat cells forever in just one treatment.

Performed in the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mune Gowda, SmartLipo effectively targets smaller areas of fat that are generally resistant to diet and exercise, like “saddle bags,” “love handles,” and the stomach, neck, and arms. Patients are awake and require only a local anesthetic during the procedure, as the liquefied fat is removed through a tiny incision. With SmartLipo there is minimal pain, and less bruising and downtime than with standard liposuction. One of the best advantages of SmartLipo is a speedy recovery, as patients can return to their normal activities within a day or two.

Mune Gowda, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Novi Surgical Center

Address: 26850 Providence Parkway, Suite 125, Novi, MI 48374
Phone: 248-305-8400
Troy Office
Address: 3270 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 415, Troy, MI 48084
Phone: 800-979-9858
Website: www.gowdamd.com
Hospital Affiliation: William Beaumont, Providence Hospital

James Herman, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.

Prior to beginning a new exercise regime or jumping into that daunting yard work, ask yourself if your body is really ready for the task. Dr. James Herman, a chiropractor, says that a good reason to see your chiropractic physician is to determine if all joints doing the job are in good mechanical working order. If you follow that advice, Dr. Herman says, you “can prevent a musculoskeletal injury that could ruin your entire season.”

Using state-of-the-art chiropractic method and technique, Dr. Herman has treated more than 12,000 patients. He is proud of his record of achievement in alleviating chronic lower back pain and associated sciatica. He generates outstanding clinical results with nonsurgical spinal decompression. Dr. Herman and his staff invite you to join their ever-growing family practice.

Dr. James Herman - James Herman, D.C., D.A.B.C.O. - Chiropractic Orthopedics

Address: 6431 Inkster Road, Suite 220, Bloomfield Township, MI 48301
Phone: 248-539-0100
Fax: 248-539-0110

Dr. Michael Gray

Liposonix and liposuction are effective, no downtime options for men who want to lose pockets of excess fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, says plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Gray.

“Liposonix uses high-intensity sound waves that pass harmlessly thorough the skin to destroy fat cells. You need at least one inch to pinch,” Dr. Gray explains. “It can be used on any part of the body. You lose an inch over the course of three months, and the procedure can be repeated.

“Liposuction gives immediate results. It can remove more fat than other methods — approximately 50 to 75 percent of the fatty area you pinch.”

Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa - Dr. Michael W. Gray, D.O. - Area of Specialty: Cosmetic Surgery

Address: 6635 Daly Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone: 248-538-3333
Fax: 248-538-3396
Website: www.anewyou.com

Michigan Hair & Skin Center

Men suffering from male pattern baldness have stopped losing their hair and experienced regrowth through a program of noninvasive, FDA-approved low level laser therapy (LLLT).

“The guys wearing those baseball caps can finally take them off,” says Carol Wagner, owner of Michigan Hair & Skin Center. “We’ve had success with clients from ages 15 to 76. One 76-year-old gentleman was balding on top and he just wanted to keep what he had. When he finished the program he had twice as much hair as when he started,” she says.

Thinning hair occurs when hair follicles become clogged with the chemical DHT and cannot support healthy hair. “Laser light from our state-of-the-art machines safely clear away buildups of DHT, increasing blood flow to the scalp so active hair follicles can receive the nutrients they need to regrow hair,” Wagner explains. “Eventually hair follicles die — so the sooner one seeks treatment, the better.”

During the one-year, all-inclusive program, clients receive vitamin-rich hair products that cleanse and nourish the scalp and promote growth in problem areas. “We have a natural follicle stimulant that helps to regrow hair without requiring lifetime use. Men who use Rogaine have to keep using it, or their hair will fall out again,” Wagner says.

“After the one-year program, the entire scalp is back to a healthy state and clients may continue to see new growth for six to 12 months. However, minimal maintenance may be required due to the continuous production of DHT. We offer in-clinic and at-home options to help keep your hair on your head.”

Michigan Hair and Skin Center - Natural, Noninvasive, Pain-free, and Permanent Solution for Thinning Hair

Address: 312 Town Center Drive, Troy, MI 48084
Phone: 248-678-3633 or 248-250-7640
Website: www.hairandskincenter.com
Troy, Novi, Dearborn and Eastside locations

North Oakland Plastic Surgery

The number of men who are undergoing cosmetic procedures is growing, but men represent only a small percentage of the cosmetic surgery population, especially here in the Midwest, says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Hainer.

“In terms of what men are having done, younger patients in their 20s and 30s are coming in for liposuction — particularly for the abdomen, the hips, and the love handles. Liposuction is a bodycontouring procedure to remove stubborn areas of fat. It’s not designed for weight loss,” Dr. Hainer explains.

Another concern of young men, including older teens, is a condition called gynecomastia — an accumulation of excess fat and breast tissue on the chest. “These men are very self-conscious about wearing tight clothing or taking their shirt off at the beach,” Dr. Hainer says. “We use ultrasonic liposuction techniques to treat the area, with the goal of a firmer, flatter, more masculine chest.”

For men in their 40s and 50s, blepharoplasty — or eyelid surgery — is a popular procedure.

“Men will come in and complain of droopy or heavy upper eyelids that make them look tired. We remove some of that extra fat or skin, which creates a significant improvement in their appearance,” Dr. Hainer says. “You see a lot of celebrities who’ve had very feminizing upper eyelid procedures — Kenny Rodgers and Burt Reynolds, for example. You have to approach men very differently in terms of facial cosmetic surgery, to make sure their eyes and forehead will have a masculine look.”

North Oakland Plastic Surgery - Richard Hainer, M.D., F.A.C.S

Address: 1349 S. Rochester Road, Suite. 205, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone: 248.601.4240
Fax: 248.601.4234
Email: richardhainermd@ameritech.net
Website: www.drhainer.com
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont Troy, Beaumont Royal Oak, Crittenton, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland, Unasource

Pilates Fitness Evolution

Poor posture is the primary cause of neck and back problems, says physical therapist and Pilates instructor Ron Jegadeesh, the owner of Pilates Fitness Evolution.

“Most people sit with their head and body leaning forward. Their shoulders are rounded, and they slump or stoop at the computer or while driving,” Jegadeesh says. “If you sit, stand, or walk without proper posture, one muscle group works harder and becomes stronger than another muscle group. The stronger muscle gets tighter and lacks flexibility, while the weaker muscle loses strength.”

Posture alignment is an integral component of every Pilates exercise.

“When you do Pilates you have a sense of power, grace, elegance of movement, and self-confidence,” says Jegadeesh, whose clients include many people who have achieved far better results with Pilates-based physical therapy than with traditional physical therapy.

“The first thing people notice is that their posture and alignment have changed. They feel like they’ve grown an inch taller. As the sessions progress, they notice improved flexibility and strength.”

Pilates includes mat work without equipment, and exercises using a reformer to assist and resist movement.

“At each session I also teach exercises that the client can do at home or at work. Getting away from the computer at least once every hour to do postural exercises will help their rehabilitation,” Jegadeesh says. “I ask them to make a habit of keeping their body in good alignment as they go about with their daily activities. They learn to sit taller, stand taller, and walk taller.”

Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center - Ron Jegadeesh, PT, MBA Orthopedics, Rehab Pilates

Address: 17418 West 10 Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48075
Phone: 248-552-1012
Fax: 248-552-0657
Email: ron@pilatesfitnessevolution.com
Website: www.PilatesFitnessEvolution.com

Renew Hair & Skin Center

Renew Hair & Skin Center offers a cuttingedge program of nonsurgical, no-downtime, FDAapproved low level laser therapy (LLLT), along with nourishing topical products to painlessly treat thinning hair and hair loss in men and women. Healthy lifestyle habits also play a role in keeping hair strong, thick, and full.

“You are what you eat. If you’re eating junk food it will have a negative effect on the health of your hair,” says Suzie Meklir, co-founder of Renew.

“Eating a diet rich in protein and taking proper vitamin supplements to keep hormones in balance is important,” adds Renew co-founder Robin Welford.

Men often use the wrong products for their hair type, and they skip the conditioner — a mistake, as conditioners help protect the hair and the hair cuticle.

“Men who color their hair likely use ammonia products, and ammonia is very damaging,” Meklir says.

“Using thick hair gels and waxes can clog the scalp,” Welford adds. “You shouldn’t scrub your scalp with your fingernails when you wash your hair, and you shouldn’t vigorously towel-dry your hair. Keep down your scalp print and your hair aerobics!”

Renew Hair & Skin Center has released an exclusive Hair Advancement Serum with Stem Cell Extract that is massaged into the scalp daily, and can be used alone or as a complement to laser light therapy.

“You see results within 60 days,” Meklir says. “We are excited to be the only practice in the country to offer this groundbreaking product.”

Renew Hair and Skin Center - Low-Level Light Therapy Programs, At-Home Laser System, Exclusive Specifically Formulated Hair Rejuvenation Products, Skin Care Products for All Skin Types

Address: 30150 Telegraph Road, Suite 173, Bingham Farms, MI 48301
Phone: 248.723.NEWU (6398)
Toll Free: 877.723.0020
Fax: 248.723.6399
Email: info@renewhs.com
Website www.renewhs.com

Dr. Ellen Janetzke

To stay competitive in the job market, men are making more inquiries about facial procedures including face-lifts, fillers, and Botox, says board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Janetzke.

“I’m doing more upper and lower eyelid surgeries for men, to give them a refreshed appearance,” she says. “The perception is that if you look younger, you have more energy. A man can look distinguished with grey hair, but a tired appearance can make you seem older and less approachable.”

Dr. Ellen, as she is known, also performs bodycontouring surgeries for men who are dealing with the problem of excess skin after they’ve experienced massive weight loss.

“While both men and women may need to have skin removed from the stomach, and sometimes from the back, legs, and arms, men are unique in that they can have sagging skin on their chest, which known as gynecomastia,” Dr. Ellen says. “We remove the excess skin to give them a natural, masculine-looking

Dr. Ellen Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - Dr. Ellen A. Janetzke, MD - Plastic Surgery

Address: 390 Park Street, Suite 201, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248.258.5100
Fax: 248.258.5110
Email: info@drellen.com
Website: www.drellen.com
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont

Grande Med Spa

Men, are you tired of looking older than women your age? We can change that! The Grande Med Spa in Grand Blanc has state-of-the-art laser treatments that will remove brown spots, age spots, sagging skin, dark circles, and more! Let us take your skin to the next level with a complimentary laser skin-tightening treatment and eyebrow shaping and waxing! It’s time to look as good as you can! Call now!

Grande Med Spa - Henry Mendoza, M.D.

Address: 9499 Holly Road, Suite 400, Grand Blanc, MI 48439
Phone: 810-694-9662
Fax: 810-694-2148
Email: grandemedspa@hotmail.com
Website: www.thegrandemedspa.com

Michigan Head & Neck Institute

Headache is the No. 1 pain complaint worldwide, and it is also the most common symptom of TMJ disorder, says Dr. Richard Klein, director of the Michigan Head & Neck Institute. To determine the cause and contributing factors of a TMJ problem, Dr. Klein conducts a thorough evaluation with every patient.

“While teaching the resident doctors at the MSU Osteopathic School of Medicine, and St. John and Henry Ford hospitals, I often tell them, ‘We have two ears and one mouth because we should listen twice as much as we talk when we do an exam,’ ” Dr. Klein says. “I talk and I ask questions, but the patient does most of the talking. I listen and I pick out all the clues that help me understand what that person needs. There is no cookbook approach to TMJ problems. Each patient is an individual, with individualized treatment needs.”

Stress, lack of sleep, obstructive sleep apnea, and emotional issues may contribute to TMJ pain. Conservative treatment is always the first option.

“Soft diets, massage, heat, physical therapy, trigger-point injections, psychological therapy, and medication are all conservative approaches,” Dr. Klein says. “Most people benefit from wearing a small, custom mouthpiece that relieves pressure in the joint so it can heal.”

Obstructive sleep apnea that is mild or moderate may be controlled by a completely different mouthpiece, which keeps the jaw forward and prevents the tongue and soft tissue from collapsing, causing an obstruction of the airway. Dr. Klein has treated more than 10,000 patients since the inception of the Michigan Head & Neck Institute in 1985.

Michigan Head & Neck Institute - Richard E. Klein, DDS - Sleep Apnea, TMJ

Address: 3665 E. 11 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48092
Phone: 586-573-0438
Fax: 586-573-0186
Website: www.michiganheadandneck.com
Hospital Affiliation: St. John, Henry Ford & Michigan State Osteopathic Medical School

Gina Randhawa, MD, PC

Internal Medicine and Bariatrics

Yorktowne Executive Offices
5777 West Maple Road, Suite 180
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Rochester Office Parc
6585 Rochester Road, Suite 105, Troy, MI 48085
Phone: 248-539-9358
Fax: 248-539-9088
Website: www.ginaMD.com
Hospital Affiliation: William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI, Huron Valley Sinai Hospital, Commerce Township, MI


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