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Are you hoping for flowers, chocolates, and diamonds on Valentine's Day? Ladies, you deserve much more! Why not give yourself a gift of good health?

Yes, we know that you're busy. Nearly 60 percent of women work outside the home. Add 10 hours a week of household chores if you're a single gal, 17 hours if you're married, and 28 hours if you have a few kids, and of course you're tired. But if you don't make time for your health today, you may have less time to enjoy the things you love in the future.

Consider these facts: Almost one out of every three women will die of heart disease. Women ages 20-40 have the highest rates of melanoma, the most deadly skin cancer. And women who carry excess abdominal fat are at risk for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and accelerated aging. Having preventive health screenings like blood tests, skin exams, high blood pressure readings, and mammograms can catch problems early, before they lead to chronic or life-threatening disease.

Medical professionals can help you get healthy, but you need to take an active role in the process. That means making healthy lifestyle choices — getting regular exercise, watching your weight, eating a healthy diet, protecting your skin from the sun, and flossing your teeth.

When you feel healthy and more youthful, you'll want to look the part. So don't forget to give yourself the gift of a soothing facial, a skin-tightening treatment, or an age-defying lift. You deserve it.

Dr. Myra Danish

A facial analysis is an important first step when you are thinking about having a cosmetic procedure to enhance your appearance, says facial plastic surgeon Dr. Myra Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.

"Every woman's facial anatomy, skin type, and degree of aging differ, and one procedure does not fit all," Dr. Danish points out. "I do a facial analysis of what the patient needs to look younger and fresher. That might be a surgical brow lift, or upper and lower eyelid lifts, or they may only need injectables and a laser facial. We discuss the options that will give them the best results."

Offering a full menu of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for facial rejuvenation, Dr. Danish is best known for pioneering the Lunchtime Lift™, an in-office mini face-lift that lifts the cheeks, the lower eyelids, and the jowls to restore the natural curves and youthful fullness of the face. The Lunchtime Lift™ requires minimal recovery time and produces immediate, long-lasting results.

With the injectable Lunchtime Lift™, Dr. Danish uses Botox to ease facial lines and finishes up with fillers to add volume to the face. Her patients look 10 years younger in less than an hour, and experience little to no downtime. They get a good result and get going!

"All of my patients look rejuvenated and natural, not like they've had surgery or injections," Dr. Danish adds.

Myra Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Facial Plastic Surgery
Address: 4550 Investment Drive #290, Troy, MI 48098
Phone: 248-267-9700
Fax: 248-267-9711
Co-located: Pure Rejuvenation Center
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont, Royal Oak

Boyd Cosmetic Surgical Institute

February is a good time to start getting your skin ready for the summer, says Dr. Charles Boyd, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation.

"A daily regimen of prescription-strength skin care products will help to eliminate those brown spots you've accumulated. Chemical peels and laser treatments will further enhance and rejuvenate the skin, to give you a great new look."

Dr. Boyd offers a variety of excellent chemical peels for pigmentation problems, sun-damaged skin, fine lines, and other aging signs. With a shorter downtime than traditional CO2 lasers, Fraxel laser smooths and tightens skin, softens deep frown lines and wrinkles, and improves age spots, sun-induced redness, and damage.

"One of the things that I focus on in my practice is total body rejuvenation," Dr. Boyd adds. "That often will include supplements formulated specifically for skin health that I recommend for my patients."

Boyd Cosmetic Surgical Institute

Charles M. Boyd, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S.
Facial Plastic Surgeon
Address: 135 East Maple Road, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248-433-1900
Fax: 248-433-1901
Website: Smart Phone:
Hospital Affiliation: St. Joseph; UnaSource in Troy, Michigan

Oakland MRI

Oakland MRI strives to provide the latest technologies and the highest quality imaging, combined with prompt and precise interpretations, by exceptional, sub-specialized board-certified radiologists in a comfortable, boutique-style atmosphere.

"Our high technical and professional standards complement the unsurpassed services we provide to doctors and their patients," says Susan V. Swider, CEO.

Oakland MRI offers convenient scheduling, including same-day and next-day appointments. Physicians have quick access to their patients' diagnostic images and written reports. Every patient receives individualized care and attention, and is given a CD of their images. Radiologist consultations are also available.

Oakland MRI offers the latest MRI technology for breast MR imaging used for detecting, evaluating, and following up with breast cancer, as many studies have shown that it is the technique that is most sensitive for the detection of breast cancer.

"Your physician can make the best determination if you are a good candidate for this study," Swider says.

You have a choice ... choose Oakland MRI!

Oakland MRI

Open MRI/MRA & Digital X-Ray
Address: 5119 Rochester Road, Troy, MI 48085
Phone: 248-740-0777 Fax: 248-740-9777

Ministrelli Women's Heart Center

The nationally recognized Ministrelli Women's Heart Center at Beaumont, Royal Oak was one of the first of its kind in the country dedicated to the detection, prevention, and treatment of heart disease in women.

"Up until the last 10 or 15 years, heart disease was regarded as a man's disease," says Dr. Pamela Marcovitz, a cardiologist and medical director of the Women's Heart Center.

"Today we know that more women than men die of heart disease. Women's symptoms are different than those of men, and women are less likely to call 911 when symptoms arise that may signify a heart attack."

The state-of-the-art Women's Heart Center has a team of cardiologists and support staff to help women get healthy and stay healthy with medical therapies, exercise, dietary counseling, and alternative medicine techniques.

Ministrelli Women's Heart Center at Beaumont

Pam Marcovitz, MD
Address: 3601 West 13 Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073
(Inside Beaumont Hospital)
Phone: 248-898-4760
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont

Mindy Salzberg-Siegel, D.D.S.

Many people may be surprised to learn that one's oral health is a window to their overall health. Problems in your mouth affect the rest of your body, and it is important to understand this connection and know what you can do to protect yourself.

Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel, an accomplished and respected dentist, takes a comprehensive approach to her patients' dental care, recommending good oral hygiene measures at home in conjunction with regular professional dental visits. This combination for keeping gums healthy can lessen the impact of periodontal disease on the severity of cardiovascular disease, low-birth-weight babies, premature births, and many other conditions.

Not only can gum disease lead to systemic issues, but it can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Missing teeth not only mar your smile, but can cause existing teeth to shift — creating an unstable bite and impairing your ability to chew foods and speak properly. Fortunately, there is now an innovative solution to replace missing teeth.

"With dental implants, it's amazing that patients can experience the look, feel, and function of natural teeth," Dr. Salzberg-Siegel says. "When we create healthy, attractive smiles, it does change lives. Our patients beam with confidence and are once again excited to smile."

Mindy Salzberg-Siegel DDS, PC

Mindy Salzberg-Siegel DDS
Dentistry, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
Address: 38550 Garfield Rd., Suite C, Clinton Township, MI 48038
Phone: 586-416-1444
Fax: 586-416-1447

Grosse Pointe Dermatology

"Check your birthday suit on your birthday," says Dr. David Balle, a board-certified dermatologist who advises women to look for changes on their skin and to have a complete skin exam every year.

"Skin cancer is on the increase, especially among women. Those in the 20-40 age group have the highest rates for melanoma, the most deadly skin cancer. Much of that is related to the use of tanning beds," Dr. Balle says. "Every woman should protect her skin from both sunlight and artificial light."

Dr. Balle recommends the use of sunscreen every morning, even on cloudy days or when you're driving, as glass does not filter out harmful ultraviolet light A.

"Sun damage adds up like steps on a ladder," he says. "Even if you don't tan or burn, it's the cumulative effect of every exposure that can lead to skin changes and aging."

In addition to sunscreen, Dr. Balle suggests a simple anti-aging skin regimen of over-the-counter or prescription-strength products — a glycolic acid cleanser followed by an antioxidant cream or serum in the morning, and then a retinol product in the evening. He says more and more women are having Botox and injectable filler treatments to look and feel their best.

"Thirty percent of Botox users are under the age of 30," Dr. Balle states. "Studies have shown that when people address the signs of aging at an earlier age, it can be preventive. They'll require less treatment than if they wait until later on in life."

Grosse Pointe Dermatology Associates, P.C.

David S. Balle, M.D.
Address: 18050 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
Phone: 313-886-2600 Fax: 313-886-2099
Website: &
Hospital Affiliation: St. John Providence Health System and Beaumont Health System

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness is an award-winning beauty and wellness clinic that provides innovative solutions for clients whose skin and health problems have not been helped elsewhere. Fifteen years ago, our company founder, Holly CaSaroll, rebuilt her own skin, disfigured from cystic acne. Since then, she has created the Skin Management Model™, a progressive five-step approach to rejuvenation. Named one of the Top 5 Skin Experts by Photomedex, CaSaroll developed one of the most extensive skin clinics around, with eight lasers and eight facial machines. Our Skin Management Experts™ specialize in noninvasive therapies using a unique 3-D Face Therapy™ to optimize results.

Specializing in environmental, integrative, and naturopathic medicine, our wellness division — headed by Dr. Doug Cutler, a licensed naturopathic physician — finds the root cause of imbalances in the body and determines how to correct those imbalances, resulting in overall well-being.

FACE Skincare ~Medical~Wellness

Doug Cutler, ND; Holly CaSaroll, CEO
Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation & Laser Services, Naturopathic Medicine
Address: 29350 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: 248-663-0161 Fax: 248-352-4748

Gina Randhawa, MD, PC

Internal Medicine and Bariatrics
Address: Yorktowne Executive Offices, 5777 W. Maple Road, Suite 180
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Address: Rochester Office Parc, 6585 Rochester Road, Suite 105
Troy, MI 48085
Phone: 248-539-9358 Fax: 248-539-9088
Hospital Affiliation: William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI, Huron Valley Sinai Hospital, Commerce Township, MI

Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center

Osteoporosis affects mostly postmenopausal women, and it can have devastating effects. At Pilates Fitness Evolution, Ron Jegadeesh, P.T., M.B.A., works with women to lessen bone loss through Pilates-based physical therapy.

"I have seen women with osteoporosis make remarkable changes in their body after four months of Pilates," he says.

Osteoporosis mainly affects the spinal vertebrae, hips, and wrists, but Pilates-based bone-building exercises and spinal stabilization have been successful in halting the progression of the disease.

"Pilates is often a permanently effective tool because it strengthens the entire body and its core musculature," Jegadeesh says.

An early diagnosis is vital to ensuring that treatment will be most effective.

Pilates Fitness & Physical Therapy Center

Ron Jegadeesh, PT, MBA
Orthopedics, Rehab Pilates
Address: 17418 West 10 Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48075
Phone: 248-552-1012 Fax: 248-552-0657

Cornerstone Chiropractic & Wellness Center

As your waistline increases, so do your health risks. Board-certified chiropractic physician Dr. Elizabeth Brieden says women who have excess body fat — especially abdominal fat — are predisposed for many health issues, chronic diseases, and accelerated aging.

"Women who are carrying fat around the center of their body, the ‘apple shape,' are at huge risk for cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes," she says. "By reducing excess body fat, you will be healthier and experience less stress and pain in your joints.

Dr. Brieden is certified in First Line Therapy, an individualized wellness program endorsed by the National Institutes of Health, which promotes therapeutic lifestyle changes such as healthy nutrition, stress management, and exercise. One way Dr. Brieden motivates her patients is by offering the cutting-edge technology of LipoLaser.

"It is a 100-percent noninvasive, safe, and completely painless procedure for spot fat reduction, including belly fat," she says. "We've seen amazing results!"

Refine, PLL C- Michigan's LipoLaser Center

Elizabeth Brieden, D.C.
Wellness Care - Non-invasive
Address: 16782 21 Mile Rd, Macomb, MI 48044
Phone: 586-286-7770
Address: 1820 Sinclair Street, St. Clair, MI 48079
Phone: 810-329-7777
HealthWorks Chiropractic-Macomb
Phone 586-286-2960
Cornerstone Chiropractic & Wellness Center- St. Clair
Phone: 810-329-9900

Alnajjar Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Regaining a flat stomach after pregnancy is not always possible with diet and exercise alone. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Samer Alnajjar says abdominoplasty, or a "tummy tuck," can create a more attractive abdominal profile.

"As the uterus grows larger over the nine months of pregnancy, your muscles and your abdominal wall stretch out somewhat like a Jiffy popcorn popper," Dr. Alnajjar says. "With abdominoplasty we repair and suture the weakened muscles, and we remove the excess fat, soft tissue, and skin for a smooth and firm contour."

Dr. Alnajjar's patients are also seeing great results with Thermage, a noninvasive, painless procedure that uses radio-frequency energy to tighten and contour loose skin on the face and body.

"Generally, Thermage works best on areas where you ‘pinch' less than an inch of redundant skin, and your skin has elasticity and snaps back in place," Dr. Alnajjar says.

Alnajjar Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/ Head to Toe Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Samer Alnajjar, M.D.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hand and Micro Surgery
Address: 23500 Park Street, Suite 3, Dearborn, MI 48124
Phone: 313-565-4948
Address: 915 East Maple Road, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248-971-2121 Fax: 248-642-0645
Address: 20225 East 9 Mile Road, Suite A, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
Phone: 586-779-8700
Hospital Affiliations: St. John's Hospital, Oakwood Hospital, Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford Hospital

The Grande Med Spa

The Grande Med Spa offers the most advanced laser and spa treatments to help you look years younger and refreshed without invasive surgery or downtime. It's easy to relax in the beautiful spa environment where a welcoming, professional staff caters to your individual needs.

"Our No. 1 goal is to make our clients happy by giving them the very best results," says Brenda McDermaid, who has more than 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and is co-owner of the spa with her daughter, Austin McDermaid.

Consultations are free and include an in-depth skin analysis. Whether you want to turn back the years, rejuvenate a sun-damaged complexion, or unwind with a soothing facial, you will find the ideal treatment at The Grande Med Spa.

"Our clients come in from as far away as Florida," McDermaid adds. "We are dedicated to personalized service each and every day."

Grande Med Spa

Henry Mendoza, M.D.
Address: 9499 Holly Road, Grand Blanc, MI 48439
Phone: 810-694-9662 Fax: 810-694-2148

Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Surgery

Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Surgery provides individualized, compassionate health care, including complete diagnostic and therapeutic services for reproductive and infertility disorders, as well as common pelvic conditions. Dr. David Brinton and his colleague, Dr. Alexander Maximovich, take time to talk with their patients and answer any questions.

"We find that many patients are confused and don't understand why they are having problems," Dr. Brinton says. "We try to reduce the stress and make sure that every patient understands her issues and her treatment options — whether they be high tech or low tech. We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach."

Drs. Brinton and Maximovich offer in-vitro fertilization (IVF); however, they find that many infertility patients can successfully conceive with conventional and more affordable in-office treatments.

"We utilize minimally invasive procedures including laparoscopic surgery and da Vinci robotic techniques," Dr. Brinton says. "This leads to less postoperative pain and a more rapid recovery for our patients."

Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

David A. Brinton, M.D., Alexander Maximovich, M.D.
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
Address: 4190 Telegraph Road, Suite 1500
Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48302
Phone: 248-203-0900
Fax: 248-203-0902
Hospital Affiliation: William Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, William Beaumont Hospital Troy, Huron Valley Hospital/DMC, The Berry Center

Southgate Dental

Dr. David Sorial is proud to be a member of the Crown Council, a group of leading dentists who do charitable work through the Smiles for Life Foundation.

"From March through June we offer teeth-whitening for a reduced rate of $99, and 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to charity. Half of those proceeds go to the national Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation and the other half we give to a local charity, typically to help a family pay their child's medical expenses," says Dr. Sorial, whose practice has raised more than $30,000 over the last six years.

"Through Smiles for Life, my team can give back to the community while helping our patients achieve a whiter, brighter smile."

Southgate Dental Group

David Sorial, D.D.S, P.C. & Jennifer Fanti, D.D.S
Specialty: family, cosmetic and implant dentistry
Address: 14745 Northline, Southgate, MI 48195
Phone: 734-281-0880 Fax: 734-281-0981
Website: ,


With 45 years of caring experience, Raydiance creates the highest quality, most natural-looking hair replacement products for women suffering hair loss or thinning hair. Our design and production team will customize your hairpiece in-house to exactly match your hair style, cut, color, and density.

With our "exact duplication" wigs, clients with medical-related hair loss can look and feel more like themselves. Our designs are so natural that clients tell us that no one, not even their oncologist, can tell that they've lost their hair.

Feel confident again with Raydiance — the best hair replacement you'll never see.

Raydiance & Tru-fit Men International

Hair Replacement Address: 5799 W. Maple Road, Suite 167, West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone: 248-855-8845

Renew Hair & Skin Center

Researchers are looking for a way to wake up inactive stem cells in hair follicles, with the hope of finding a cure for baldness within a decade. But women and men who suffer the embarrassment of hair loss and hair thinning don't have to wait that long. Renew Hair & Skin Center has its own specially formulated Hair Advancement Serum, with stem cell extract derived from plants. These plant-based stem cells have the ability to regenerate inactive follicle stem cells to promote hair growth.

"Our Hair Advancement Serum also increases the lifespan of the hair follicle," says Renew co-founder Robin Welford. "Using plant-based stem cells is likely safer than human stem cells, especially for women with autoimmune issues. Our clients have had great success."

While this groundbreaking serum can be used alone, it's also part of an overall program of treatment and healthy lifestyle measures — including proper diet, vitamin supplements, and nourishing hair products — to maximize regrowth. Renew's FDA-approved low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) is a noninvasive, painless, and no-downtime treatment that is capable of thickening existing hair and promoting an increase of new growth.

"The results have been so amazing that we now offer our own FDA approved at-home version of the laser," says Renew co-founder Suzie Meklir. "One of our clients had been bald for 14 years. After using the at-home laser, her hair grew back."

Renew designs, builds, and manufactures its own advanced FDA approved laser technology. Hair Advancement Serum and the at-home laser are shipped nationwide. Call for a consultation today.

Renew Hair and Skin Center

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy, Exclusive Hair Advancement Serum with Stem Cell Extract, Skin Care Products for All Skin Types
Address: 30150 Telegraph Road, Suite 173
Bingham Farms, MI 48301
Phone: 248.723.NEWU (6398)
Toll Free: 877.723.0020
Fax: 248.723.6399

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