Finding Your Happily Ever "After"



When deciding to have cosmetic or dental surgery, one of the first things we like to see is the "before-and-after" pictures. Isn’t it amazing to see a crooked, gummy, or yellow smile transformed into a gleaming set of straight teeth? Or what about the sagging jowls and cheeks that vanish after a face-lift or mini face-lift? How about the difference a hair transplant makes in restoring a youthful appearance?

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, it’s not what you do, or how much you do — it’s the “after” effect that matters. Do you feel like a better version of yourself? That’s the goal with any procedure. It should make you look natural, fresh, energized, and confident; at no time should your “after” be out of proportion or exaggerated in any way. In the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, it won’t be, and those who have a reputation for excellence are not at all shy about sharing before-and-after stories and photos. In fact, asking for visual and verbal testimonies should be one of the things that’s done at an initial consultation.

Have you thought about what changes might occur in your "after" life? Perhaps with the new year approaching, it’s time to think about taking the next step and seeing how you can make your "before" into a happily ever after.


West Maple Plastic Surgery

Q: What are the new advances in breast augmentation?
For the holidays, many women request a gift of a breast augmentation for themselves. The winter months allow time to keep the short recovery period hidden under thicker clothing. One of the best new advances is the Keller Funnel, a cone-shaped instrument that allows the surgeon to place the implant during a completely sterile procedure. It also allows a smaller incision size, minimizes pressure, and reduces complications from infection. Breast augmentation is a wonderful gift for women at any stage in life — for 20-somethings who want to have the look they most desire so they can enter the world with confi dence, to women in their 30s who are showing signs of having had children, to 50-year-olds who have droopier skin and need a lift. The holidays are the perfect time to schedule a breast augmentation and start the new year with a fresh new you.

West Maple Plastic Surgery

Daniel D. Sherbert, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Address: 5807 W. Maple, Suite 177, West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone: 248-865-6400
Fax: 248-865-6404
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak and Beaumont West Bloomfield Ambulatory Surgery Center


Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Q: Is there a noninvasive procedure that will dramatically improve my smile in one visit?
People want to change their smile for various reasons, but one of the biggest obstacles has always been a concern about pain or removing natural tooth structure. Now, there is a procedure that can beautifully and painlessly correct crooked, stained, chipped, misshaped, or gapped teeth in just one visit. Using a combination of experience, technology, and artistic ability, we are able to sculpt “direct composite veneers” over existing teeth to permanently change the shape and color of a tooth.

One of the nicest things about this procedure is that it’s done in one appointment — and even better, the results will last for many years, and the tooth will maintain its shape and color. Most people are candidates for this procedure, but no two patients are exactly alike. That’s why it’s important to carefully discuss your goals with your dentist and to customize the design, shape, color, and how many teeth need to be treated.

This technique blends the latest technology of using extremely high-quality materials with the artistic skills and experience of the dentist. Immediately after the procedure is done, you’re able to eat and function normally — so there’s no down time.

Before having this procedure done, it’s important to make sure that the treating dentist is confident in achieving the results that will meet or exceed your expectations. From start to finish, the dentist should communicate what to expect so you’ll leave the office smiling from ear to ear!

The Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Address: 555 S. Old Woodward, Suite 701, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248-644-2136
Fax: 248-644-9042


Birmingham Institute of Plastic Surgery

Q: What should I expect if I choose to have nose surgery?
You should expect your nose to look more natural and refined, and it should be in better harmony with your other facial features. Nose surgery, also called rhinoplasty, is a delicate procedure that requires a skilled, artistic surgeon — but it’s nearly pain-free for the patient. Medical advances in the technique have made recovery easy, too. Whether you want to improve the shape of your nose, repair an injury, or simply breathe easier, our patients say nose surgery is like giving yourself a gift — the gift of self-confidence that comes with knowing you have achieved a “you, only better” result.

Vasileff Medical Group

William J. Vasileff, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Plastic Surgery - Cosmetic
Address: 525 Southfield Road, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248-644-0670
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont Royal Oak, TruVista Surgical Center


Myra N. Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Q: What results can I expect with a mini face-lift?
Mini face-lifts are short versions of a face-lift, addressing mild to moderate jowls and neck laxity. It’s an excellent procedure for those from age 40 to 60 and beyond, since it focuses on restoring and tightening the jawline and neck. Although it takes only an hour to complete the surgery, the results are immediate and long-lasting. Most people who have the surgery believe it makes them look 10 years younger. While some may think it’s better to wait until you’re older to have a face-lift of any kind, it actually makes more sense to have a mini face-lift at an earlier age, when you first start to notice loose skin on your neck and jowls. Addressing the problem early can help curb the effects of the aging process on your face, making it easier to maintain smooth skin and a youthful appearance well into your 60s. Many patients who have a face-lift also have a mini face-lift years later, to take care of any loose skin that develops after aging a decade or so.

What you can expect from a mini face-lift is a shorter recovery time than
with a traditional face-lift, and a brighter image when you look in the mirror.

Myra Danish, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Facial Plastic Surgery
Address: 4550 Investment Drive #290, Troy, MI 48098
Phone: 248-267-9700
Fax: 248-267-9711
Co-located: Pure Rejuvenation Center
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont, Troy


Mona Hardas, M.D., PC

Q: What can I expect with vaginal rejuvenation?
There are four types of surgeries that fall under the general term of vaginal rejuvenation. These include labiaplasty, hymenoplasty, pernieoplasty, and unhooding the extra skin around the clitoris. Years ago, few patients knew of this surgery to correct problematic areas, but today a simple one-hour procedure can correct issues such as excess skin, asymmetry, hymen rupture, and lax muscle tone. With this surgery, there are many options available regarding size, shape, tone, and symmetry. Tissue heals naturally with stitches that dissolve in 7-21 days, and a full recovery is expected in one month — although many physical activities can resume much sooner, depending on how many procedures are completed during surgery.

Mona Hardas MD, PC

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Address: 3353 Fleckenstein, Flint MI 48507
Phone: 810-720-1790
Fax: 810-720-1794
Hospital Affiliation: Hurley, McLaren and Genesys


Ellen Janetzke, M.D.

Q: What procedure can I have done over the holiday break, and return to work when the break is over?
A breast augmentation, lift, or reduction requires only a few days for recovery, so these could easily be done over the Thanksgiving break. A tummy tuck or mommy makeover would require at least two weeks of recovery, which would be more suited for the Christmas break or a midwinter break.

While there will be soreness for several days, many who have the one-hour breast augmentation procedure can participate in normal activities later that day; there have been women who are ready to go out to dinner the same evening. Patients usually arrive one hour before surgery and leave about one hour after. In three hours, you can have amazing results.

Breast lifts and even breast reductions typically have a shorter recovery time, as well, but the surgeries are longer. I work efficiently and can complete them in two to three hours. There will be some bruising and swelling, but that’s the beauty of having the surgery in the winter months, when you can hide it under layers of clothing.

Recovery time for abdominoplasties is two weeks. When combined with other procedures (such as with a mommy makeover), the recovery time is actually not increased.

Liposuction recovery, which includes bruising and swelling, depends upon the amount and areas involved.

Another popular procedure is eyelid surgery, which has a short recovery in terms of pain. The surgery doesn’t take more than a couple hours, even if doing both the upper and lower lids. Significant bruising and swelling can occur, but that can be covered with makeup after five to seven days.

My advice is that if you have a week off at Thanksgiving, you can do almost any of these procedures. Abdominoplasties and combination surgeries are better-suited for a time when you have at least two weeks off. Of course, all this depends on pain tolerance and personal comfort, but generally one to two weeks is required for returning to work and looking good.

Dr. Ellen Janetzke, M.D

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Address: 390 Park Street, Suite 201, Birmingham, MI 48009
Hospital Affiliation: Beaumont Troy, Beaumont Royal Oak, Una Source Surgery Center


Dr. Tessler & Aronovitz, PC

Q. What should I expect from a hair transplant?
When you choose the right physician, one with skill and experience, you should expect to have your hair transplant appear perfectly natural. You should also expect to notice that you can go without a hat, that people compliment you on your youthful looks, and that you feel better about yourself. A hair transplant should make people notice there’s something more fresh about you, but not necessarily that you have a full head of hair. They should notice a natural, more polished look.

Having performed thousands of procedures, the single greatest development in the field of hair transplantation was the realization that hair grows naturally in small “units.” The ability to harvest these “follicular units” and reinsert them at appropriate locations and angles has given us the tools to make hair transplants look very natural. Follicular unit grafting is the process of taking these one to four hair units and transplanting them to the bald or thinning areas.

Not everyone is a good candidate, but when considering a hair transplant, you should be provided with an accurate assessment and an appropriate solution. Both men and women of all ages are receiving hair transplants, so age is often not a factor. What is more important is how you feel about your hair loss, and what can be done to make a positive change. When you consider the long-lasting and life-changing results that can occur, you owe it to yourself to see what can be done for you.

Drs. Tessler & Arnonovitz, P.C.

Leonard E. Aronovitz, D.O.
Hair Transplants
Address: 26400 W. 12 Mile Road, Suite 150, Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: 248-353-1117
Fax: 248-353-0726


Dr. Mune Gowda

Q: How can I achieve a more flattering waistline?
A: A tummy tuck helps flatten the stomach, but to achieve a truly sculpted abdominal area, it’s best to have a combination tummy tuck and liposuction. Focusing on the folds in the back and the upper hip rolls, liposuction — in combination with a tummy tuck — can help obtain the shapely curves that most desire from this procedure. While you can choose to have only liposuction to remove unwanted deposits in certain areas of the waist, that may not alter the profile as much as anticipated, leading to less-than-optimal results. By combining the tummy tuck with liposuction, dramatic results are evident, including firm abdominal skin; visible muscle tone; diminished stretch marks; elimination of sagging skin in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks; and a more youthful abdomen and navel. With this procedure, a sagging or shapeless body can easily be transformed into a nicely curved one.

Mune Gowda, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Novi Surgical Center
Address: 26850 Providence Parkway, Suite 125, Novi, MI 48374
Phone: 248-305-8400
Troy Office
Address: 3270 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 415, Troy, MI 48084
Phone: 800-979-9858
Hospital Affiliation: William Beaumont, Providence Hospital


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