Top Docs List 2007


Every October, Hour Detroit offers a dose of healthy advice in the form of an annual survey of health-care professionals. We all appreciate a solid recommendation, particularly when a diagnosis has sent us on a quest for the best. On the following pages, we offer our 2007 Top Docs, a list of 513 metro Detroit physicians, named by their peers, who responded to 6,000 surveys mailed randomly to doctors and nurses in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. Hospitals and health-care systems also received ballots, which they completed and returned.

This year, our annual roster comes with related stories, prescribed reading — to your health.

Name Specialty Hospital
Kodrik, Amy D.O. Neurology
Proudfoot, Matthew D.O. Anesthesiology
Freed, Gary M.D. MPH Preventive Medicine
Doyle, Michael M.D. Lipid Disorder
Simon, Richard M.D. Pulmonology/Respiratory
McMorris, Marc M.D. Pediatric - Allergies and Immune Disorders
Omenn, Gilbert M.D. Genetics
Barone II, Charles J. M.D. Pediatric - Pediatrics
Shanley, Thomas P. M.D. Pediatric - Pulmonology/Respiratory
Steigerwalt, Susan M.D. Hypertension
Tsai, Wan Chong M.D. Pediatric - Allergies and Immune Disorders
Eagle, Kim M.D. Preventive Medicine
Park, Stephen M. M.D. Pediatric - Pediatrics
Abrams, Gary M.D. Ophthalmology
MacDonald, Lawrence M.D. Pulmonology/Respiratory
Gross, Barry M.D. Radiology
El-Baba, Mohammad M.D. Pediatric - Gastrointestinal
Marrero, Jorge A. M.D. Liver Specialists
Riba, Arthur M.D. Cardiology
Signori, Oscar M.D. Oncology
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