Best Bets of September


Bureau of Urban Living co-owner Claire Nelson has designed new, limited-edition 18-by-24 inch posters that bear Detroit’s official motto: Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus. That’s Latin for “We hope for better days; it shall rise from the ashes.” The locally produced, hand-screened posters are printed in black and white ink on kraft paper from the Michigan-based French Paper Co. $25, Bureau of Urban Living, Detroit; 313-833-9336,





Like a bold cabernet, the thriving Michigan wine industry has aged well thanks to the climate produced by our lakes, our latitude, and the “little bit of NASCAR” attitude that drives state vintners. The History of Michigan Wines: 150 Years of Winemaking Along the Great Lakes, by Lorri Hathaway and Sharon Kegerreis (The History Press), provides a Michigan wine tour, from its 19th-century beginnings to its recent resurgence. $19.99. At Barnes & Noble.




 Mélange Perfumes are named for the French word meaning to mix or blend, because they may be worn alone or blended to create a custom scent. The 28 fragrances have a base of natural jojoba and beeswax, and are sized to fit in a purse, where they may be dabbed on before an after-work date. $15 solid, $18 roll-on,



First the Hula-hoop, then the jump rope. Michelle Obama is reviving classic toys (from an era when play was physical). At the launch for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, she advocated a little double Dutch. (One hour of jumping rope burns 750 calories, the National Institutes of Health reports.) $5.95/nylon, $13.95/leather, The Varsity Shop, 277 Pierce St., Birmingham; 248-646-4466,




Steve Jobs may disagree, but some logos are as eye-catching as the bitten apple. That explains the popularity of designer iPad cases. Think Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and (pictured here) Salvatore Ferragamo. The latter is a structured envelope design with a magnetic closure. Choose European-farmed calfskin or beige canvas with brown-leather trim. Leather cases are available in black, mandarin, and moss. $290-$390, Salvatore Ferragamo, Somerset Collection South, Troy; 248-643-4515,



 So many exfoliating soaps have a sandpaper-like harshness, so we were pleasantly surprised when the soaps we tried from Paraguayan-based Wembé were stimulating without being rough. The organic and paraben-free bars also smell terrific, and the fruit, vegetable oils, and moisturizing butters they’re made with are derived from plants of the Amazonian rainforest. $7-$12 (Coconut exfoliating bar pictured is $7);


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