Best Dressed 2017

Meet metro Detroit's most stylish NFL player, dentist, nail salon owner, and more


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Ziggy Ansah // Kelli Coleman // Robert DiPilla  // JJ Curis // Robert ‘Chef Bobby’ Nahra
 J.K. Rakolta  // Salvador Salort-Pons // Scott Stinebaugh // Tiffany Moore // Armond R. Harris

Each year, Hour Detroit staffers and society writer Chuck Bennett put their heads together and come up with a list. Then they check it at least twice. The result is our annual gathering of who wears it well. This year’s picks range from those entrepreneurs and hospitality experts to athletes and supporters of the arts. 

Ziggy Ansah

Detroit Lions Defensive End

“I like to keep people guessing. A suit jacket, or shorts and a t-shirt, or an african outfit ... You’ll just have to tune in to see.”

Why Dressing Well is Important
How you dress can say as much about you as what you actually say out of your mouth, so it’s important to know the kind of impact it will have.

Sharpest Oufit
My good friend, Chocolate, who is a designer, made me a black African outfit with just a touch of kente for the launch of the Ezekiel Ansah Foundation. 
The fit and look were just right for the occasion.

Style Icons
I don’t know if it’s anyone specific, but when people are feeling good in what they are wearing, it shows. That can be anyone from a celebrity to the guy you pass on the street.

When did dressing well become important?
Since childhood. Had to have my best outfit for church.

Fashion Advice
Dress for yourself and don’t be afraid to be a little different.

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