4 Books to Add to Your Fall Reading List

From raw, in-depth reporting to an offbeat coming-of-age tale, you’ll find nothing predictable here
fall 2019 reading
The Obsoletes, The Girls, Mrs. Everything, Finding Mrs. Ford

1. The Obsoletes

This dark, comedic sci-fi by Simeon Mills stars Darryl and Kanga Livery, fraternal twin brothers navigating teenage life in fictional Hectorville, Michigan. Despite a human visage, the Livery brothers are robots and until now, the boys have hidden under the radar of a dangerously robophobic community. When Kanga’s basketball talents begin to draw attention to the pair, the prospect of being exposed becomes a frightful reality. (Skybound Books, 2019)

2. The Girls

Award-winning investigative journalist Abigail Pesta has compiled a series of accounts drawn from 25 women and girls who experienced traumatic sexual abuse at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar. From a small-town gym in Michigan to the USA Gymnastic championship team, both a quarter of a century of painful narrative and a deep, collective bravery, that raised the voices of hundreds is triumphantly captured.  (Seal Press, 2019)

3. Mrs. Everything

The New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Weiner spins a thoughtful tale around two sisters whose story opens in 1950s Detroit. Jo and Bethie Kaufman are opposites — one feminine, the other a rebellious tomboy. Yet, both see their dreams deferred against a quickly changing American backdrop. This feminist novel speaks of the trials of 20th-century womanhood and navigating your place in an unsure world. (Atria Books, 2019)

4. Finding Mrs. Ford

This engaging debut novel from actress, writer, and story editor, Deborah Goodrich is a reminder to readers that, try as you might, there’s no outrunning your past. Susan Ford is living a manicured seaside life in Rhode Island until the morning the FBI knocks on her door. When questioned about her connection to a man from Iraq, Ford attempts to cover up her relationship with the person she knew one dangerous summer in Detroit. (Post Hill Press, 2019)