Book Recommendations from Metro Detroit Shop Owners

Dig into these books this National Reading Month
book recommendations
Stack of books photograph courtesy of IStock

March is National Reading Month. If you’re looking for a good  read, here are a few book recommendations from metro Detroit shop owners at Book Beat, Source Booksellers, and Book Suey.  

Motor City Underground

By Cary Loren

Book Beat owner Cary Loren spent the past decade compiling hundreds of photos by Leni Sinclair and a history of the Detroit underground music and political scene in the mid ’60s. “I hate to toot my own horn, but I spent a long time on it,” says Loren, who produced the book in memory of artist and friend Mike Kelley. The book was expected to come out in February.

The City of Good Death

By Priyanka Champaneri

Released in February, the debut novel that won the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing delves into rituals around death in India. Source Booksellers hosted the author for a virtual book talk on March 5. “The author knits,” Alyson Jones Turner says. “What’s going to make our event more unique is we’re having a knitting circle before her book talk.”


By Elizabeth Rush

If you’re interested in climate change, Janet Webster Jones of Source Booksellers says this non-fiction book on how rising seas are transforming coastlines is a must-read. “Her writing is so beautiful,” she says. “It’s poetic, it’s emotional.”

Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy

By Cixin Liu

“I’m not a big science fiction reader, but I was engrossed by all 1,520 pages of this imaginative and ambitious trilogy by Chinese author Cixin Liu,” says Book Suey member-owner Matt Lewis. Liu is the first Asian writer to win the Hugo Award for science fiction. The three books tell the story of what happens after a disaffected Chinese scientist communicates humanity’s existence to an alien civilization.

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