Standardized Testing is No Longer Just a Benchmark of College Preparedness

One Hour Detroit editor decodes how standardized tests have become a measure of self worth for an increasing number of high school students
Charlotte Mason

A Charlotte Mason School Finds Its Permanent Home in Detroit

The private academy is settling down after 17 years

Chicago’s New Mayor Is a U of M Graduate

Lori Lightfoot earned her degree from the university in 1984

Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit Makes the Case for Sending Your Child to a...

A look into the unique summer experience that Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit creates for children

Introducing U-M’s Nobel Prize-Winning Professor, Gerard Mourou

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics — which was divided by two — was an ode to lasers. One half of the honor was...

The New Age Take on Debate Club

In Plato’s dialogue Meno, the philosopher Socrates asks, “Is virtue the same in child and slave?” He presses the work’s namesake, Thessalian political figure...
Natasha T. Miller

Detroit Poet Natasha T. Miller Defines the Phrase “What Up Doe”

 *What Up Doe, Whadupdoe, Waddupdoe: It’s a greeting, a phrase, a word with multiple spellings, yet one meaning — home. In June 2016, I was...

Upward Bound

Just last year, pedestrians could peer into the glass windows of Andiamo Trattoria and find smiling faces of diners swirling pasta noodles.

Blog: Meeting Ruby Bridges

In the third grade, I can remember watching the film Ruby Bridges, written by Toni Ann Johnson, based on the true story of the first black student to attend integrated schools in New Orleans in 1960.

From WSU’s Football Field, the First Lady Tackles Mentoring

An upbeat Michelle Obama stops in Detroit to stress the importance of leadership and education.