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university of michigan cheerleading fitness tips

Fitness Tips from a University of Michigan Cheerleading Champ

Cheer captain Joshua Sullivan on building lifelong health

Sessions on Natural Hair, Cannabis, and Creativity Planned for Self-Care Expo

The Takeoff is a day dedicated to Black female entrepreneurs
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6 Alternative Medicine Spaces to Visit in Metro Detroit

From flotation therapy to no-working zones, locals incorporate alternative medicine into their overall wellness plans
breathing techniques

Shake Off Stress with These 3 Breathing Techniques

Nearly 50 percent of Americans feel anxious about contracting COVID-19. Local healthcare professionals share proven ways to help you relax during the pandemic.

Stock Up on These 11 Goods for Better Sleep

CBD gummies, essential oils, and a silk pillowcase may help you get the shut-eye you desire

Feeling Stressed? Try These Guided Meditations from Headspace

Gov. Whitmer partners with the subscription service to bring wellness programming to Michiganders

Maxpro Fitness Simplifies Working Out

The company's gear features tech-forward features
Vanessa Cuccia

The Founder of Chakrubs on Embracing Female Sexuality

Self-pleasure is nothing to be ashamed about

Birmingham-based Libertine Offers Up Little Luxuries

Here's what to shop for on your next visit
Leah Vernon

Model, Author, and Activist Leah Vernon on Embracing the Word ‘Fat’

This black, Muslim, plus-size model wants to show girls they’re fine just as they are

The Benefits of Introducing Kids to Yoga

When life gets hectic, many adults de-stress by heading to their yoga mats. Now, a growing body of research suggests that kids may benefit from doing the same.

How to Navigate Your Baby’s Diet

A cheat sheet for what your baby should eat and when

5 Yoga Poses to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Local instructors recommend Sun Salutation postures you can practice at home

The 2019 Wellness Trends to Add to Your Watch List

Plus, how to get in on each practice and procedure in metro Detroit

Best in Fitness 2019: Top Gym, Yoga Studio, and Personal Trainers

Get that workout in with these local pros
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Get Moving with These 5 Metro Detroit Running Clubs

From walkers to marathoners, there’s options for every skill level

A Sterling Heights Native Who Survived Cardiac Arrest

A Sterling Heights family shares their accounts of the fateful day that changed their lives forever

Gum Disease: A Precursor to Alzheimer’s?

Recent scientific studies reveal evidence of a possible connection between periodontitis and Alzheimer’s disease
Sleep Cycle

Does Your Circadian Rhythm Seem Off? Here’s Why

Sleep is foundational to our mental and physical health. Here’s how to make sure you get enough of it

The 101 on Endometriosis

The unveiling of Orlissa, an FDA-approved, first-of-its-kind oral medication for women dealing with endometriosis.