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Man’s Best Friend

Spring Accessories to Make Sure You're Best Dressed to the K9's

The Hill Seafood & Chophouse

Seared Atlantic Salmon: The "Bay of Fundy" pairs fresh Atlantic salmon with an Oriental glaze sauté of vegetables and cashews, sticky rice, and blood orange and fresh ginger reduction.

Ocean Prime

Teriyaki Salmon: Delectable teriyaki-glazed salmon comes with shitake sticky rice, julienne vegetables, soy butter sauce, and sesame seeds.

The Lark Restaurant

Rack of Lamb Genghis Khan: The Lark's renowned rack of lamb comes with a numbered recipe card and is accompanied by potatoes dauphinoise and glazed carrots.


Fresh-Smoked Mozzarella: Tria’s fresh-smoked mozzarella is a housemade delicacy, with tomato caviar, extra virgin olive oil, and saba pipette.

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Steak Sanders: A perfect filet mignon is served over bordelaise crowned with lobster, béarnaise and asparagus, and mushroom caps.


Miso-Marinated Black Cod with Jerky Crust: Black cod is marinated in miso, rolled in house-made prime jerky crust, and served with cauliflower puree, breakfast radishes, coriander blooms, arugula, and mustard oil.

Cliff Bell’s

Red Miso-Rubbed Bistro Filet: A sumptuous filet, served with roasted sweet peppers and grilled baby bok choy.

Recipes for Success

The metropolitan Detroit dining scene offers a perfect blend of sophisticated menus, consistent quality, and enduring value.

Sample the Spirits of Michigan

The state’s wineries and craft breweries have been gaining international attention for their diverse products, and now distillers are getting into the game with an array of spirits.

A Taste for Details

When restaurants pay extra attention to the little things, it adds up to a truly exceptional dining experience.

Between Bread

Super Sandwiches - Taking the lunchtime staple to new heights

Menu Guide Contributors 2012

Megan McDonald, Molly Abraham, Steve Wilke, Dianna Stampfler, Anne Berry Daugherty, Joe Vaughn

Winning Wine Trends

What metro Detroit is drinking — and what’s on the horizon

Steaking a Claim

Prime beef is back in a big way

Menu Guide Contributors 2013

Michael Schafer Esq., Molly Abraham, Steve Wilke, Mallorie King, John S. Schultz, and Joe Vaughn