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Wake-Up Call

Long- and short-term effects of sleep disorders go beyond just feeling groggy

Stressed-Out Nation

Studies find financial problems top the list of causes, escalating health risks. So what can we do to ease the burden?

Delayed Reactions

Allergies can develop at any age, and some symptoms are nothing to sneeze at

The Waiting List

Organ donor registrations in Michigan are on the rise, but potential transplant patients still face a supply vs. demand gap

City of Vision

Ophthalmologists in Detroit are leading the global cause to cure blindness

Sobering Study

Alcohol poisoning isn't just a dorm room phenomenon, and too often, loved ones have to cope with the fallout

Gut Check

It doesn’t sound pretty — or even very sanitary — but transplanted fecal microbes are gaining popularity as a way to treat digestive tract bugs

State of Mindfulness

It's not just meditation or yoga— it's a way of being

Facing the Darkness

Awareness and breaking down depression’s stigma are key to suicide prevention

First Impressions

Frustrating stereotypes and barriers to professional opportunities are just a few challenges endured by stutterers

How Music Works as a Healing Force

Singing, playing, or simply listening can be a powerful, healing force

Braving B12

Local nurse’s battle to raise awareness for a vitamin deficiency hits the big screen

Prescription For Savings

From low-tech to low-cost, here are some tips that can help keep you healthy

Taking It Outside

Don’t let a little wintery weather put a deep freeze on your workouts

New Traditions

Don’t procrastinate. Start the year off right with a hike, walk, or ride in a Detroit-area park.

…And Taking Names

Unconventional and demanding Corktown gym builds community as well as physical strength

Hospital Directory

Top Docs List 2014

VIEW THE 2014 TOP DOCTORS The following list contains the doctors in adult and pediatric specialties, as voted by their peers. Top vote getters are...

Baby-Friendly Basics

Michigan lags behind the nation in breast-feeding rates, but two regional hospitals are working to increase the numbers.

Fresh Prescription

Instead of pills, doctors prescribe fruits and vegetables through a program that unites health care with local food systems.