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A Mission for Medicine

For 24 Detroit-area health care providers, a trip to Kenya revealed their limitations — and renewed their calling to help others

Rethinking Resolutions

Having trouble sticking to your exercise routine? Choosing an alternative workout could be the answer.

The Sugar State

Obesity tends to overshadow Michigan’s true No. 1 killer — diabetes. The main problem? How we live our lives every day

A Matter of Mortality

Death cafés help people make the most of life

Speaking of Intimacy…

Two local professionals gain national attention with studies on sex and its impact on healthy, happy relationships

Clinical Salvation

One medical care center in Detroit run entirely by medical students is bringing hope to thousands of Detroit’s uninsured

The Kidney Crisis

Myths about organ donation and transplantation are still contaminating the real issues behind a silent health problem

Back From The Brink

Singer-songwriter Stewart Francke pens a new chapter about his victory over cancer

Top Docs List 2013

VIEW THE 2013 TOP DOCTORS The following list contains the doctors in adult and pediatric specialties, as voted by their peers. Top vote getters are...

2013 Top Docs: Faces of Healing

The list containing the winners, and accompanying medical stories focued on diabetes, the shortage of organs for transplantation, and more.

25th Annual Nightingale Awards for Nursing Excellence

Honoring exemplary nurses & nursing care since 1988.

The Green Grid

Beating blight and boosting health with beans and berries.

Pain Management – A Life Of Courage

One woman is living — and thriving — with chronic pain

Pain Management – Carrying The Torch

Chronic pain is a challenge for those who hurt. Medical professionals also are constantly searching for ways to treat this elusive physical state.

Understanding Vaccines – Booster Shots

With the whooping cough outbreak in 2012 and the flu epidemic that swept the country this past winter, vaccines again took the national spotlight. Still, questions and controversies remain about how this fundamental health precaution affects us all.

Avoiding Strokes – When Stroke Strikes

One young father was in the prime of his life when a stroke changed his life forever. Monica Mercer tells us his story — and explains why we all need to know more about this leading cause of disability.

Word of Mouth: The Lingering Threat of Whooping Cough

It’s commonly held that people just don’t get whooping cough anymore. But, in fact, pertussis persists as a significant threat to America’s public health.

Getting Physical: Home-fitness Success

Don’t let your home-fitness resolution for the new year be an exercise in futility. With the proper equipment and some forethought, your regimen can last through 2013 — and beyond // Illustrations by Jacqui Oakley

Charles Bonnet Syndrome Sufferers See Visions

Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a little-known condition in which the brain ‘fills in’ details for those whose vision is failing.

Henry Ford West Bloomfield’s Greenhouse Feeds Patients

Henry Ford West Bloomfield is embracing the local-food movement.