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2012 Top Docs

The following pages contain the winners, as selected in online balloting by their fellow M.D.s and D.O.s. This year's accompanying medical stories focus on...

Detroit-area Dermatologists Offer Skin-saving Tips

Sun exposure, smoking, and other toxins take a toll on the flesh. Area dermatologists offer face-saving advice on how to care for and maintain our largest organ.

Two Women Find Comfort After Losing Husbands to Suicide

Two women find comfort in tragedy.

Fox 2 Executive Jeff Murri’s Suicide Leaves Questions

The death of a loved and respected Fox 2 executive could help shed light on understanding the darkness that leads to suicide.

Speaking Up

How a childhood of whispers brought on by premature birth led one young man to surgery and a new voice.

Doctors Behaving Badly

When doctors cross the line, their severe offenses are often met with mild penalties // Illustrations by Kim Rosen

24th Annual Nightingale Awards for Nursing Excellence

NIGHTINGALE AWARDS 2012 - SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTIONThe tradition of honoring Michigan’s top nurses began 24 years ago, at the urging of Maggie Allesee, an...

Microsoft Xbox 360 Workouts

If you’re game for getting in shape, look to these Xbox activities for a good workout.

Parents of Autistic Child Find Promise in Birmingham Classroom

After trying nearly everything to help their autistic son, Brendan's parents were at sea. But therapy in a special classroom in Birmingham is turning the tide in his favor.

A Vegan Cardiologist Offers Health Tips

For a healthy ticker and proper weight, cardiologist Joel Kahn is pumped up on the benefits of a plant-based diet — and the doctor religiously follows his own advice.

Doctors Suggest At-home Blood Pressure Tests for Heart Health

To get the most-reliable reading for possible hypertension, more doctors are suggesting that heart patients take at-home blood pressure tests

Stories of Substance Abuse and the Pain It Causes

Addiction: Prescription Pills By: Nancy Nall DerringerThrow a pebble in a pond — no, just a single tablet, say, a 30-mg OxyContin pill — and...

Health Tips: Keeping Fit at 50

A dose of healthy advice for those reaching the half-century mark.

Heart Screenings Can Save Young Athletes’ Lives

For young athletes, chest pain or discomfort during activity should be checked out.

Michigan’s First Emergency Rooms for Seniors Only

St. Joseph Mercy’s specialized senior-citizen-only emergency rooms offer something new for treating the old.

A Troy Cardiologist’s Impressive Heart Collection

A Troy cardiologist doesn't miss a beat in his quest for unique ticker-shaped items.

Make a Run For It

There are many physical and psychological benefits, so put your best foot forward for 2011

Dr. Tom Rifai discusses America’s obesigenic society on WJR

Listen as John Balardo and Dr. Tom Rifai discuss the 11th annual Hour Detroit’s Top Docs list and America’s obesity epidemic on WJR with Frank Beckmann.

Prechter Bipolar Research

The Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund hosted its annual luncheon at The Henry hotel in Dearborn on Oct. 14.

Plastic Surgery in America

When CNN.com trumpets “Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon dies in Malibu crash,” and that story becomes one of the most popular articles of the week, you know we’re living in plastic-surgery obsessed times.