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For Genomics, DNA Is the Answer to Treating Disease

How a tech startup is empowering personalized medicine by directing information straight to doctors’ fingertips

A Sterling Heights Native Who Survived Cardiac Arrest

A Sterling Heights family shares their accounts of the fateful day that changed their lives forever

Gum Disease: A Precursor to Alzheimer’s?

Recent scientific studies reveal evidence of a possible connection between periodontitis and Alzheimer’s disease
Sleep Cycle

Does Your Circadian Rhythm Seem Off? Here’s Why

Sleep is foundational to our mental and physical health. Here’s how to make sure you get enough of it

The 101 on Endometriosis

The unveiling of Orlissa, an FDA-approved, first-of-its-kind oral medication for women dealing with endometriosis.

In High Schools, Vaping Is the New Cigarette

Last spring, administration at Lakeland High School in White Lake called a meeting to inform teachers about the dangers of vaping, a new medium...

Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Diet Trends

The biggest diet trends of the year, explained

Getting Physical With Metro Detroit Trainers

ClassPass, a fitness membership app, which began partnering with metro Detroit studios late last year, aims to help exercise enthusiasts reach their health goals in an innovative way.

Seaweed Is More than a Spa Service Staple

Anju Brodbine, owner of Woodhouse Day Spa’s Rochester Hills location, says seaweed is a staple for her business. Not only is the multifaceted organic...
Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper

Ann Arbor’s Forever Labs builds a thriving business banking stem cells on the prospect of future cures and life extension // Illustrations by Blair Kelly

A Moment of Mindfulness

Ditch the mid-day meeting with a self-care solution

Machine Learning

Machine learning. It’s the branch of artificial intelligence capable of identifying who is likely to be a no-show for their next clinic appointment or...
It's a Wonderful Life

It’s a #WonderfulLife

Powered by likes and public approval, how social media is squandering the holiday spirit

Saving My Hair

One morning last October, I caught sight of my hair in my full-length mirror. It had been colored a few months before, so my natural red shade now had gold highlights. Its recent blunt trim left it looking particularly thick and shiny beneath the overhead lighting. I started crying.
Mending Migraines teaser

Mending Migraines

Nausea, excruciating head pain, sensitivity to light and noise: The oppressiveness of the list of symptoms for migraines has been matched only by the difficulty of treating the severe headaches. Until now.

Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It

In our mission to create a space for dialogue, a truth is revealed: Clinicians and those with mental illnesses in southeast Michigan are ready, if not eager, to open up about a subject long deemed taboo. Together, we break the silence.

Therapy in the Digital Age

Technology is barreling full force through more and more sectors of health care, knocking down conventional forms of treatment, and erecting unfamiliar ones in their place. Mental health is no exception.

Seeking Support

Like many metro areas across the U.S., finding a therapist in and around Detroit can prove to be difficult. But, a change in perception, accessibility, and compatibility can make all the difference.

Finding Purpose After a Sibling’s Suicide

Citizen Yoga founder, Kacee Must Leeb, reflects on her sister, Miya, the impact Miya's suicide had on her family, and her road to finding purpose

Mental Notes

Numbers don’t lie. From being ranked as the most stressed-out city in the United States to the shortage of mental health care providers in Wayne County to Michigan’s rising suicide rate, metro Detroit lacks a clean bill of health in the matters of mental health. We’ve done the math.