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Whole in One

Whole in One

Holistic medicine stresses treating the entire person — mind, body, and soul. We talk with a doctor who practices this oft-misunderstood type of alternative medicine.
No Secrets

No Secrets

For years, bipolar disorder was stigmatized. But Wally Prechter, who lost her husband to it, is shedding light on the illness.

Helping Hand

Philanthropists, many of them with personal attachments to hospitals, lend their names to wings and centers, but their giving spirit goes beyond bricks and mortar.
Extra Care

Extra Care

‘Concierge’ medicine gives patients the royal treatment. Still, the service has its price — and its critics.
Upbeat View

Upbeat View

Heart disease is still a big killer, but doctors are pumped up about the advances made in preventing and treating it.
The Sun's No Fun

The Sun’s No Fun

For skin protection, aim to have it made in the shade.

Health Insurance

Buy a swimsuit, get toned, sport a pedicure, and don’t forget to carry a life preserver in the form of sun protection, even when you’re nowhere near the beach.

Exercising Optimism

An accident survivor founded Walk The Line, a Ferndale gym for the disabled.
Close Call

A Very Close Call

An unexpected heart attack in a relatively young, seemingly health man inspired a new way of life.

21 Steps Toward a More Physically Fit New Year

January is the month of good intentions. And for many of us, that means getting real about diet and exercise. Conventional wisdom says it takes 21 days to form a habit.
Hospitals Get More Hospitable

Hospitals Get More Hospitable

Today's medical centers are shedding their impersonal, sterile images and improving patient amenities, from spa services and abundant greenery to tastier food
Cyberknife Machine

Cyber Rays of Hope

State-of-the-art digital systems are allowing doctors to treat patients’ insides from the outside