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I Tried to Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis

Wright, known as “The Motor City Hypnotist,” got my attention via a press release promoting a “secret weapon to improve your golf game.” I’m a terrible golfer, but I also noted he’s helped people quit smoking.

Your Biggest Questions About Sunscreen, Answered by a Pro

From how often to apply to the ingredients that make it work, a local dermatologist tells all

Stressed Out? Try Goat Yoga

Despite Seven Mile and I-75 consuming the backdrop of Pingree Farms, a nonprofit dedicated to youth education and neighborhood revitalization through agriculture, maybe seeing barnyard animals in Detroit shouldn’t be so strange after all.

Hot Topics in Health

An emergency training workshop, healthcare for Detroit’s homeless, and the aftermath of Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria.

What a Local Support Group Taught Me About Brain Injury Awareness

A little over a year ago, I was standing in the ICU at a small hospital in my hometown of Mount Vernon, N.Y., when I asked my stepfather how much longer before we’d be able to leave. “Lyndsay, they’re saving her life,” he snapped.

Be Careful Before You Spritz Your Perfume – You Could Be Breaking the Law

Since McBride v. City of Detroit, a 2008 case that recognized fragrance sensitivities and allergies as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, some employers have enacted scent-free policies to accommodate those intolerant to certain fragrances.

Special Needs Patients Find Comfort With Local Dentists

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland is a nonprofit hospital with a mission to treat the underserved. The dental program got its start in 2011 as a response to community demand for greater access to dental care, both for low-income and special-needs populations.

An Hour With… Carmen McIntyre

Even as a graduate student at the Wayne State University School of Medicine in the late 1980s, Carmen McIntyre, M.D., knew she wanted to take her coursework beyond the classroom setting.

Local Eye Doctors Make the Case for Limiting Your Children’s Screen Time

Parents who want to promote good vision in their kids should unglue them from digital devices and shoo them outside. Here’s why.

Woman to Woman: A Candid Conversation on Body Image

"When I see you, I experience someone who is so aware of their body, I almost wish that through osmosis, I could feel that way, too,” says Alyonka Larionov, a slender woman with fine, blond hair.

Could the Best Medicine Be Growing in Your Backyard?

A local herbalist on plants grown in southeast Michigan and their health benefits — it's just about knowing how and when to use them,” Mourer says. Here, she shares three she can't live without.
Higher Ground teaser

Inside the Former Apple Orchard Where Local Athletes Train Like Olympians

When you pull up to Peabody Ice Climbing Club — off of a desolate, dirt road in Fenton, Mich. — the lot resembles the average farmyard, or perhaps the ghost of one.

Meet the Robot Helping to Save Real Lives

SimMan 3G is a high-quality training system improving health care one mannequin at a time. The patient simulator is manufactured by Laerdal Medical, a leading provider of education, training, and therapy products for emergency care.

Charcoal: A Health ‘Hack’ That Actually Works?

So far in 2018, incorporating activated charcoal into your diet and daily grooming regimen is one of the most popular health trends, and there’s science to back up the ingredient’s benefits.

The Former American Idol Contestant Who Is Singing in Remission

I moved to Chicago in the fall of 2013. The goal was to get into the music scene, but to be honest with you — I had no idea what that meant.

The Art of Yoga

The phrases “Community Focused,” “Community First,” and “Community Proud” hang above the window. Adria Moses, tonight’s yoga instructor, is one of the first to arrive.

Making the Case for a Less Sedentary Lifestyle

Ryan Fiorenzi is a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu (he was Michigan’s first), and has been teaching martial arts for years. We’re sitting down to eat lunch just down the street from his Plymouth dojo, Kaizen BJJ, to talk about our unhealthy lifestyles.

This New Technology May Allow Researchers to ‘Edit’ Our Genes

Humankind unwittingly dabbled in genetic engineering 10,000 years ago, when early farmers saved seeds from their most vigorous plants — those with the hardiest genes — for the next year’s crops. We’ve come a long way since then.

Inside a Workout at Troy’s Area 45 Fitness

This gym offers metro Detroiters a new type of workout, one sensor at a time

Power to the Patient

A U-M doc is giving cancer survivors the tools to finally feel healthy again