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hobbies brush grand rapids

5 Quarantine-Friendly Hobbies to Try at Home

Mitten State shops will help you hone new skills

How to Throw an Intimate Summer Get-Together During the Pandemic

After months of solitude, it’s time to ease back into getting together. Here’s how to do it safely and in style.
special occasions - social distancing

5 Ways to Celebrate Special Occasions at Home

From group video calls to tasty treat delivery, here's how to party while social distancing
working from home

How to Excel at Working From Home

The founder of local business Ask Jennyfer shares her tips
mental health - covid-19

How to Care for Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Plus, how to help others who are struggling
apps for parents

Must-Download Phone Apps for Parents

From making mom friends to tracking medicine intake, these apps were designed with parents in mind

4 Oral Hygiene Tips to Fight Summertime Tooth Sensitivity

Dr. Amanda Sheehan of Oakland Family Dental shares preventative steps to avoid pain and discomfort

Feeling Anxious at Work? Try These 5 Techniques

Local mental health specialists share their top tips for the office

3 Ways to Maintain Your New Year’s Resolutions

Two and a half years ago when Brittany Adams, A.K.A. Billie McQueen, was searching for a planner to suit her organizational and motivational necessities, she struggled to find the right fit.
Influence 2018 panel

5 Takeaways About Life and Career from Influence 2018

Last week, the Michigan Women’s Foundation, joined by Shinola Detroit and Forbes, hosted Influence 2018, a networking event featuring a panel discussion about new media and fashion.

Four Tips For Getting Your New Year’s Resolutions Back on Track

The end of January is here and it’s only been a month since you declared your New Year’s resolution. If you’ve already broken your...