Life & Style

Lisa Maas

Lisa Maas

As president of the Royal Oak-based Publicity Works, Inc., Lisa Maas is a woman about town. But the foundation of her confidence and image-building acumen begin in her closet.

Hands-on Solutions

From suntanning to pruning roses, bathing babies to sanding furniture, hands wear the effects of our daily labors like a glove.
Lynda Charfoos

Lynda Charfoos

Interior designer Lynda Charfoos feels at home in contemporary minimalist fashions
Eater's Digest

Eater’s Digest

Eat, drink, and be wary: With the aid of a registered dietitian, we sort through today's nutritional conundrums and arrive at some answers
Yule Fool

Don’t Be a Yule Fool

It's party season, but making merry by dressing like an elf, revealing too much cleavage, and chugging down holiday spirits are all Noel no-no's.
Andi Rehm

Andi Rehm

Armed with a degree in fashion merchandising and ever-present high heels that elevate her 5-foot-1-inch stature, Andi Rehm has a motto that keeps her looking stylish. “No pain, no gain — it’s fashion baby,” she says.

Gourd for You

Squash, the giant-size vegetables of autumn, pack a large dose of dietary benefits. On the vitamin report card, you might say they rank an A-plus.
Whats in my Closet

Gina Coleman

To look at Gina Coleman, the glamorous owner of the Green Room Salon & Spa in Southfield, it’s hard to envision her as the car- and sports-loving tomboy she was growing up.