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aimee stephens supreme court

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Federal Law Protects LGBTQ+ Workers

Redford resident Aimee Stephen has won her historic case
whitmer vice president

Weighing Gov. Whitmer’s Odds of Becoming Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Whitmer for Veep? Here are the pros and cons.
trump social media

A U-M Media Law Professor on Trump’s Social Media Executive Order

Len Niehoff discusses what the controversial order gets wrong about the First Amendment and how it could affect the way social movements, like Black Lives Matter, organize online
sb 945 - michigan senate police reform

How Senate Bill 945 Aims to Aid Police Reform in Michigan

Plus, a look at how law enforcement training will change and why the bill is being passed now
Election results

7 Businesses Hosting Democratic Primary Election Events and Specials

Don't forget to grab an "I Voted" sticker on March 10
Means TV

The Founders of Means TV on Their Post-Capitalist Streaming Service

The revolution will not be televised — but it just might be binge-watched
Lena Epstein

Lena Epstein on Gender, Politics, and Business

The "unapologetic conservative" aims to be measured by her capabilities
dan caccavaro

Editor’s Letter: Grappling With Gender Equity

Why watching my daughter wrestle makes me hopeful about her future

Pundits from Across the Political Spectrum Share Their 2020 Predictions

Here’s how the state’s top issues may play out in the year ahead

5 Podcasts that Get Michigan Politics Right

Keep tabs on happenings in Lansing
John James

Rising Star John James Swoops in to Save the Republican Party

Will there be a crash landing for the fresh face politician?
Stephen Ross

Local Philanthropist Stephen M. Ross’ Political Allegiances are Making Waves

The billionaire University of Michigan alumnus’ fundraising plans for President Donald Trump caused a big stir
Voter Registration

What You Need to Know Before Registering to Vote

Oakland County Clerk, Lisa R Brown, shares common misconceptions about heading to the polls
Justin Amash

Is Newly Independent US Rep. Justin Amash Considering a Presidential Run?

The Grand Rapids congressman is drawing national attention
body positivity

Body Positivity: It’s a Learning Process, Not a Hashtag

As one writer learns, the modern movement is a step in the right direction. But there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.
DNC Debates

4 Big Takeaways From the DNC Debates in Detroit

The most contentious topics and the bitterest rivalries at the Fox Theatre this week

Newsdesk: What a Landmark Auto Insurance Bill Means For Michigan Drivers

Plus, a digest of headlines to keep up with this month

Can State-Funded Organizations Decide Not to Serve LGBTQ+ People?

A new Michigan case about foster care and adoption could become a precedent-setter in the realm of addressing a significant civil rights question
Michigan’s 2018 General Election

Results from Michigan’s 2018 General Election

Electees for the state’s Governor, U.S. Senate, Attorney General, and more

All of Your Questions Concerning the 2018 General Election, Answered

Tomorrow, Nov. 6, is election day. Whether you're looking for information on how to find your designated precinct, skip long waiting lines to vote, or what to do if you don't beat the rush, we've got answers for you.