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A State of Romance

It’s easy taking a shine to Michigan for a honeymoon. These scenic, comfy spots offer plenty of amenities, as well as romantic settings.
Appetite for Travel: Winesong!

Appetite for Travel: Winesong!

In scenic northern California, Winesong! hits the right note.
Exotic Windsor

Exotic Windsor

If a riverfront idea goes ahead, you won’t have to travel to Venice for a gondola ride on a canal.

9 Great Road Trips

Sure, gas is hovering around $3 a gallon. But hey, it’s summer, this is the Motor City and driving is a tradition. Time to take a road trip.

Visions of Fall

Autumn’s palette is at its most spectacular now, with fiery crimson and vibrant gold lighting up the landscape.
Appetite for Travel: Frontera Grill

Appetite for Travel: Frontera Grill

For a taste of terrific Mexican cuisine, head just south of the border — to Chicago’s Frontera Grill.

The Spirit of Place: U.P. Ghost Towns

Copper and iron mining provided a livelihood for many people in the Upper Peninsula.
Traveling the Midwest

Traveling the Midwest

The nation’s heartland is as diverse as it is sprawling, proved by the attractions of these 11 cities. And you can go out of Michigan without leaving your Midwestern comfort zone.

Hit the Road

With relief at the gas pump nowhere in sight, summer road trips may feel more like guilt trips. Because of that, travel plans are sporting a dose of practicality in the form of itineraries that stick a little closer to home. However, three new guides may be just the ticket for rekindling our affection for hitting the road.

Travel Guide

Whether they're jet-setters or students abroad, voyagers seek good looks that travel well.
Piano bars

The Best Bars in Metro Detroit

Readers voted for their favorite watering holes in metro Detroit. The 90 top vote-getters are named here.

Well-rounded Trip

Colleges today, public and private, are making study abroad easier and more affordable than ever.
Green Travel

Blazing a Green Trail

Just to state the obvious for the millionth time: For all its troubles, past and present, southeast Michigan is a glorious celebration of the possibilities of the car.

101 Things Every Detroiter Must Do

Maybe you've just moved to the area. Perhaps you've lived here your entire life. Regardless, you can't call yourself a Detroiter until you've explored and enjoyed everything on the list. We've got the scoop on the essential sights, sounds, hot spots, people, places and things.

31 Michigan Getaways

Make your plans now to beat cabin fever with this guide to the best Michigan has to offer when the cold wind blows.
Summer Camps

28 Best Summer Camps

Before that final school bell rings and your child-juggling skills are put to the test, we've done some serious homework to make your summer a breeze - and help your kid learn a thing or two. Here's how to keep them busy for the day, or ship them off for an entire week.

Upscale Up North

In tiny Bellaire, Lulu's Bistro adds a slice of big-city flair and flavor.