Automakers Show Environmentally Conscious Cars at the 2019 Auto Show

Cadillac, Tesla, and Guangzhou Automobile Group make the case that electronic vehicles will be a trend in 2020
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A recently released study by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, states that if highly polluting countries, such as America, don’t quickly change their environmentally-harmful habits, like sidestepping carpooling, by 2030, the world will be unable to stop, or reverse, the ongoing destruction of our ecosystem.

With car emissions being a major contribution to global warming, electric cars may be the solution, according to various automakers. At this year’s auto show, Cadillac, Tesla and Guangzhou Automobile Group have manufactured vehicles that carry currents, rather than fuel.

Cadillac’s first all-electric car is part of GM’s proposition to make the autoship a leader in electric transportation. The crossover — Cadillac has not released the model’s name yet —will be shared with other GM brands and an energy-efficient design is expected to be released every six months until 2021.

Nissan planned to unveil their Infiniti QX Concept vehicle, the mid-size SUV, which feats an electric powertrain and flat face rather than a grill, at the Cobo Center  (a technical problem prevented it from making it to the stage.) The car also sports large wheels, a compressed rear end and sleek interiors that point to the future of modern carmaking.

GAC Motors, a car manufacturer in China, is making an impression with their California-designed electric automobile, the Entranze. Sporting three rows of seating, which can safely carry seven passengers, with plenty of space left over, the car was conceived in GAC Motors’ Los Angeles campus —the company also has a site in Farmington that focuses on research development. GAC plans to launch their brand in the United States in 2020.

Ford revealed the 2020 Ford Explorer, one of many completely electric vehicles to be released by the Michigan-based manufacturer. Although the design of the car features less futuristic interiors, the vehicle has an engine that reaches speeds of 318 HP and is currently being tested by the Environmental Protection Agency for a “full-tank” range of 500 miles.

Talk about driving change into the future.

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