Behind the Scenes

Making ‘Hour’ mark in the Grand River Creative Corridor // Photograph by Cybelle Codish

When the Hour staff was putting the Fall Arts issue together, we were inspired by the story behind the Grand River Creative Corridor’s (GRCC) efforts to transform a neighborhood. So we decided to get in on the act.

We asked Derek Weaver of the GRCC if we might be able to commission a “wall” to serve as the introduction to our Fall Arts section of this issue. And did he deliver!

Weaver asked renowned street artists Sintex and FEL3000FT to help us out. Weaver identified a building in need of some TLC (see the first photo in the gallery below, then continue to the right).

As the artists worked on the wall near the 4731 Gallery, younger artists and wannabees stopped to admire the process — and show examples of their work to FEL via cell phones.

FEL3000FT is a self-proclaimed “Delray kid” who says he has been doing street art for some 30 years. The 41-year-old has helped teach a lot of other street artists, including Sintex.

“He was like the guy who I wanted to be like,” says Sintex, who credits FEL with helping him develop his career and polish his skills and techniques. Sintex’ work not only graces areas of Detroit, he has also created commissioned work in Miami as well as Japan.

Says Sintex: “I’m glad to see this wall come to life … to show what we can do with a blank slate.”

Special thanks to Du-All Art and Drafting Supply of Madison Heights ( for discounted paint and to the 4731 Group LLC (4731group) for donations.

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