Detroit Farm and Garden Offers Autumn To-Dos

Detroit Farm and Garden continues to sprout ideas

As the garden slows, Detroit Farm and Garden continues to sprout ideas. The fledgling business, which opened April 2 in the former Detroit Police Third Precinct building on the city’s southwest side, offers monthly workshops and will soon begin planting the first phase of a green roof, which will be visible from street level and eventually include some “rolling hills.”

The Oct. 21 seminar, presented by Blair Nosan of People’s Pickles, focuses on fermentation: Making sauerkraut and pickles and preserving vegetables.

Jeffrey Klein, a North Corktown homeowner, landscape architect (Classic Landscape Ltd.), and co-owner of Detroit Farm and Garden (DFG), says this month is hardly hibernation time for gardeners. He offers this to-do list:

» EXTEND THE GROWING season by protecting plants from frost with row covers (sold by the linear foot at DFG).

» MAKE FRIED GREEN tomatoes if you have tomatoes that aren’t going to ripen.

» GET BULBS into the ground.

» CUT HERBS, such as parsley, before the frost, place them in a jar, and freeze. (“You can scrape the herbs with a spoon into foods you’re cooking all winter.”)

» BEGIN BEDDING DOWN garden plots once the temperatures are cold enough.

» CUT DOWN FADED perennials that you aren’t keeping for visual winter interest.

Once plants are tucked in for the winter, there’s always planning for the next season. And to keep things warm, look for a musical series with local libations at the DFG store. Holly Golightly will be performing Oct. 15.

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