Editor’s Letter: Top Hour Detroit Stories of 2022

Hour Detroit’s editor-in-chief discusses the top articles from last year, and some changes around the office.

I’ve been a magazine aficionado for as long as I can remember.

Before I could even read, I loved leafing through Highlights at the doctor’s office, trying to find the Hidden Pictures page and the hidden pictures within it. I moved into a comic book phase during elementary school and even had a letter to the editor published in Richie Rich, making me appreciate the written word even more. It could make me a celebrity. (Seriously, my best friend Kathleen Antosh’s brother came running into their kitchen one day shouting, “Katie’s name is in this comic book!”).

Kate Walsh // Photograph by Brad Ziegler
Kate Walsh // Photograph by Brad Ziegler

I became much more sophisticated in junior high when I started reading Seventeen and Vogue and then segued into celebrity and news magazines in high school.

No matter the genre, my favorite time of year to purchase a magazine was in December, when many publications (especially People) came out with their “year in review” issues. There was something very comforting about looking back at the year during the holiday season.

While this issue isn’t a review of 2022, I will devote this page to looking back at the first 10 months of Hour Detroit’s year, from January through October — just days before we went to press. The following is a list of the top 10 stories that resonated with readers (based on the web versions’ analytics) and the issue in which they appeared:

  1. A Look Inside the Recently Sold Fisher Mansion (April)
  2. The Grand Reopening of Michigan Central Station (October)
  3. Hour Detroiters: The Gilberts on Making an Impact With a $500 Pledge to Detroit (January)
  4. Beloved Fox 2 News Anchor Huel Perkins Is Ready to Embrace Retirement in Style (July)
  5. Top Doctors List (October)
  6. The Detroit-Based Stars of HGTV’s ‘Bargain Block’ Look to the Future (March)
  7. Remembering 50 Years of Magical Music Memories at Pine Knob (May)
  8. The 10 Best New Restaurants in Metro Detroit (August)
  9. Best of Detroit (June)
  10. City Guide: Must-Visit Food Spots (April)

This list does not include online-only content. The top three articles in that category were the Best of Detroit ballot, a story about new shops at The Village of Rochester Hills, and Hour Detroit’s Food & Wine Show’s event page.

This year also saw many new arrivals at our Troy and Madison Heights offices. Our new team members (in order of appearance, as they say in show business) are: Colin McKinney, David Benvenuto, Alexandra Thompson, Kevin Pell, Taylor Lutz, Justin Stenson, Jodie Svagr, Amanda Kozlowski, Jessica VanDerMaas, Cindy Fish, James Bowser, Mark Dryer, Cortney Woody, Scott Atkinson, Lisa Sawyer, Haylee Mozug, Steven Prokuda, Michele Wold, Geralyn Wilson, Jaime Presnail, Cathleen Francois, Alyssa Fueri, Robyn Banks, Sofia Shevin, Marissa Jacklyn, Jonathan Boedecker, Nicole Toporowski, Christina Clark, Jordan Jewell, Marji McLaughlin, Austin Schmelzle, Rachel Beltowski, and Mikala Bart.

I hope you enjoy our December issue, which brings you our biggest holiday package in quite some time, including a gift guide, holiday events listings, and family recipes from chefs to try out at your own celebrations.

Happy holidays!

This story is from the December 2022 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more in our digital edition.