Hour Detroit Wins Five Excellence in Journalism Awards

Four journalists, two photographers, and a designer were honored.
Top left to right: Darlene A. White, Kate Townley, Lindsay Kalter, and Brad Ziegler, are joined by Hour Detroit’s editor-in-chief Kate Walsh, copy editor Olivia Sedlacek, and associate editor Jack Thomas. Bottom: Scott Atkinson. // Photograph courtesy Brad Ziegler

Hour Detroit magazine’s contributors received five awards — including three first-place wins — on May 15, at the 2023 Excellence in Journalism Awards. Four Hour Detroit journalists, two photographers, and a designer were honored. The awards ceremony is held annually by the Society of Professional Journalists — Detroit Chapter. It recognizes entries from the prior year that exemplify outstanding achievement in print, digital, radio, and television journalism.

Here’s the list of Hour Detroit Print Class C winners:

Community/Local News: Fourth Place This Detroit Native is Fighting a Food Desert With New Grocery Store (July 2023); Darlene A. White 

Feature Reporting: First Place ‘I’m Still Going Through It’ (Nov. 2023); Scott Atkinson

Judges wrote: “The author masterfully weaves Darell Chancellor’s story, from his wrongful convictions to his eventual exoneration, into a compelling narrative. The reader is drawn in by the vivid descriptions and emotional depth. The piece is structured in a way that helps the reader follow the narrative that spans years. The article demonstrates thorough research, delving into the legal proceedings, alleged police misconduct, and the challenges faced by exonerees. The inclusion of details about the Conviction Integrity Unit adds credibility to the piece. By focusing on Chancellor’s personal struggles, the article humanizes the broader issue of wrongful convictions…” 

Health Reporting: First PlaceOctober 2023 Women’s Health Feature (Oct. 2023); Lindsay Kalter and Kate Townley

Judges wrote: “A fascinating and critically important story about the hugely alarming disparities that women face in health care.”

Magazine Spread Design: Second Place — Center of Attention; Lindsay Richards (designer) and Justin Milhouse (photographer)

Judges wrote: “Sometimes less is more, and this is a great example…”

Portrait Photography: First Place — In the LeDuff; Brad Ziegler

Judges wrote: “A nice photo showing the subject in action.”