‘Hour Detroit’ Wins 2023 Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Award

The 2022 Top Docs issue was submitted to the ”Full Issue: City and Regional Magazine: Midwest” category of the prestigious awards.
Image courtesy of the Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards

The Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards, which are recognized as “one of the most prestigious recognition programs in the publishing community,” has announced the winners of its 2023 awards — and Hour Detroit came out on top.

Each year, the program receives thousands of applications from around the world in a wide variety of categories including articles, essays, blogs, podcasts, video content, graphic design, illustration, photography, and full-issue magazines, among others.

This year, Hour Detroit entered our 2022 October issue into the “Full Issue: City and Regional Magazine: Midwest” category, which “honors examples of exceptional editorial excellence” of city and regional publications in five regions of the U.S. as well as international publications. We took the top spot in this category.

The 2022 October issue of Hour Detroit was our Top Docs issue for that year and covered health topics such as how 3D printing makes difficult medical procedures easier; how technology can improve medical equity; how AI is impacting the medical field; and more.

It also detailed the reopening of Michigan Central Station, and featured fall foliage tours in Michigan, ghost stories from area bars, and a review of Leila in Detroit’s Capitol Park.

The lifestyle magazine, Minnesota Monthly, was given an honorable mention in the “Full Issue: City and Regional Magazine: Midwest” category. You can find a full list of this year’s winners on the Eddie & Ozzie Awards’ website.

For more information about the Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards, visit eddie-ozzie,com. This post has been updated with new information.