Hula Hoopla

In a fitness trend that makes sense for its sheer simplicity, exercise-minded adults are embracing an activity that dates to ancient Greeks and Egyptians

Hula-Hoops — which have been fashioned throughout the centuries from grapevines, bamboo, wood, metal, and plastic — are still swiveling hips and stomachs into shape.

Though the current fad may not be as hot as in 1958, when Wham-O sold millions of its trademarked toy, hoops are enjoying a revival. They even garnered a recent high-level nod in the form of a quote from Barack Obama. In People magazine, the president observed, “Mrs. Obama is the best Hula-Hooper I know.”

Would-be “fit ladies” might also want to note that hooping it up burns an estimated 160 calories per half-hour.

The best bet, however, may be to regard Hula-Hooping as child’s play revisited and just appreciate the resulting toned midsections as a happy benefit of having fun.

At Punk Fitness Detroit, fans are doing just that.

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