Indian Village Resident Offers Detroit Celebrity Home Tour

<b>Home Run</b>: A Hollywood-style tour of the homes of Detroit celebrities

Indian Village resident, former teacher, and world traveler Stewart McMillin has been conducting tours of Detroit since 1968.

This month (Nov. 17), he leads a Hollywood-style tour of the homes of Detroit celebrities, including many Motown stars. Which big names are formerly Motor City residents?

A partial list:

Sonny Bono, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ellen Burstyn, Ty Cobb (pictured here), John DeLorean, Berry Gordy Jr., Casey Kasem, Eddie Kendricks, Ron LeFlore, Malcolm X, Harry Morgan, Ray Parker Jr., George Peppard, Gilda Radner, Lily Tomlin, Robert Wagner, Jack White, and Paul Williams.


photograph courtesy of the library of congress

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