It’s ‘T’ Time

Good “carma” prevails as General Motors and Ford’s Model T celebrate the century mark

Model TThe 2008 Year of the Car offers more than 100 GM- and Model T-related activities for tourists and locals. Events include tours, cocktail parties, car shows, exhibits, films, and music. Here are some activities to get your engines going.

• The Birthplace of the Model T **
May 3-Oct. 15 // A tour of the Piquette Avenue Ford plant where the Model T was designed and built. Model T’s and other Fords are displayed on the assembly line in various stages of completion.

• GM Architectural Tour **
May 10-Sept. 30 // Tour of the original GM Building and the Fisher Building on Grand Boulevard.

• Year of the Car Cruise
May 10 // Restored and customized GM vehicles and Model T’s will cruise from the Piquette Avenue Ford Plant to the GM Heritage Center car collection in Sterling Heights.

• General Motors Heritage Tour
May 12 // Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are served during a presentation on automotive industry.

• Woodward Scene Byways Auto Heritage Tour
May 12 // Tour Woodward Avenue, the nation’s first “super highway,” now officially recognized as an American Byway.

• The Home of the Model T **
June 15-Oct. 15 // This tour at Henry Ford’s estate — Fair Lane, explores the Model T’s impact on him and his wife, Clara.

• Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance
July 31-Aug. 3 // This year’s classic car event recognizes GM’s 100th anniversary.

• Detroit Festival of Speed and Style
Aug. 8-Aug. 10 // This celebration features the relationship between a car’s style and speed.

• Woodward Tribute Dedication Ceremonies **
Sept. 1 // A celebration of Woodward Avenue’s heritage with GM and Model T ceremonies.

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