Standard of Giving

There are multiple ways to support charitable organizations during this season of giving
Toys for Tots photograph courtesy of Sgt. Judith willis

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation //

New toys (dolls, board games, stuffed animals), used vehicles, storage space to store and sort toys. Also, you can allow Marines to place a toy-collection box at your place of business, or lend them a vehicle to use in collecting toys.



Lighthouse/PATH //

Baby wipes, blankets, baby bottles, child and infant clothing, personal-hygiene supplies, combs and brushes, towels, underwear, toys, cleaning supplies and products, laundry detergent, lawn-care tools, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, canned food, dry goods, gas cards, phone cards, and school supplies.


Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society //

Blankets, fleece or flannel fabric, towels, dog and cat beds, doghouses, unfolded newspapers, unopened cat and dog food, cat litter, dog collars, leashes, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, office supplies.




Mariners Inn  //

Men’s clothing and shoes, food items, bedding, hygiene kits, eating utensils, bookcases, lamps, dressers, nightstands, twin beds, gardening equipment, snowblowers, paper, and envelopes.




Detroit Institute for Children //

Direct financial contributions are always appreciated. There are also opportunities to participate in special events that benefit DIC, including the organization’s yearly fundraiser. Pitches for third-party fundraising events are welcome, as well.




Alternatives for Girls //

Winter coats, gift cards (e.g., Target, Meijer, Bath & Body Works, movie theaters), new socks and underwear, bottled water, hats, gloves, scarves, personal-hygiene supplies, plastic cups, bowls, plates, and scrapbook supplies.




THAW: The Heat and Warmth Fund  //

Financial contributions are appreciated. There are also opportunities to volunteer at special events and to provide clerical assistance.





The Spirit of Giving: Charities That Need a Helping Hand

1. Affirmations // Faux plants, wall artwork, standard light bulbs, non-perishable or microwavable food, fast-food gift cards, jewelry-making supplies, paper, notebooks, craft supplies, billiards cues, pool table, pool chalk, video games and systems, DVDs, headphones, bus tickets, sports equipment, toys for ages infant to 6, cleaners, mop heads, bathroom supplies, latex gloves, ink cartridges, postage stamps, envelopes, projectors, and lightboxes.

2. AIDS Partnership Michigan // Donations are always appreciated as are volunteers for hotlines and fundraising.

3. American Red Cross Southeastern Michigan Chapter // Both monetary and blood donations are appreciated.

4. Capuchin Soup Kitchen // Volunteers and financial donations are appreciated.

5. CATCH // Financial donations for sick children are greatly appreciated.

6. Cass Community Social Services // Monetary and material donations are welcome. Volunteering opportunities are also available.

7. Charity Motors // Cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, mobile homes, camper trailers, and, in some cases, real estate.

8. Coalition on Temporary Shelter (COTS) // For babies: disposable diapers, wipes, pedialite nutritional supplement, infant formula, new bottles, juice, powdered milk, food, clothes, powder, lotion, oil, bath soap. For children: bookbags/school supplies, books, crayons, watercolor markers, tissues, modeling clay, paste, paint, paint brushes, finger paints, boots, coats, hats, new underclothing (all sizes), shoes, sweaters. Also: extra-large women’s and men’s clothing, full-sheet sets, pillows and pillow cases, towels and washcloths, twin-sheet sets, canned and non-perishable foods, small kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, VCRs/videotapes, gift certificates, and personal hygiene products.

9. Common Ground // Volunteers and financial donations are appreciated.

10. Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan // Cash, marketable securities, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds, restricted stock and IPOs, real estate, mortgages and notes, closely held businesses, including partnerships and limited liability company interests, qualified intellectual property and life insurance policies.

11. Covenant House Michigan // Volunteers and financial donations are appreciated.

12. Detroit Area Agency on Aging // Financial donations are always needed and appreciated.

13. Detroit Omega Foundation Inc. //

14. Detroit Ronald McDonald House // Household cleaning products, plastic forks/spoons/knives, paper plates, shower curtains, non-perishable food, and toys.

15. Detroit Urban League // Financial donations and membership support are always appreciated.

16. Focus: HOPE // Volunteers and financial donations are needed and welcome.

17. Forgotten Harvest // Non-perishable foods and funds are appreciated.

18. Freedom House // Monetary donations are always appreciated, as are volunteers who can provide legal, health care, translation, or career mentoring, or small maintenance jobs and driving.

19. Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan // Non-perishable foods and funds are appreciated.

20. Greening of Detroit // Donations and new members are always welcome.


21. Habitat for Humanity Detroit // Laser/deskjet printers, writable CDs, colored printer paper, copier paper, office supplies, laptop computers, computer monitors, Pentium IV computers.

22. Haven // Gift cards (major gas stations, major drug stores, and major grocery stores), bottled water, fresh fruit, cereal (hot and cold), baby formula, bleach, cookie trays, size-4 diapers, dish soap, disinfecting wipes, plastic utensils, laundry soap, assorted full-sized toiletries, cooking utensils, socks for women, infants, and children.

23. Helping Hand for Relief and Development // Financial donations are welcome.

24. Jackets for Jobs // Watches, walking shoes, tote bags, umbrellas, pens, day planners, hand lotions, breath mints, hygiene products, postage stamps, and gift certificates (bookstores, Sam’s Club).

25. Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit // Volunteering opportunities in the Women’s Department, Young Adult Division, or in Shalom Detroit are available. Also, monetary donations are greatly appreciated and always needed.

26. Jewish Vocational Services // Financial donations are always appreciated. Volunteering opportunities in the Adult Day Program are also available.

27. Make-a-Wish Foundation of Michigan // Gift cards, dress-up accessories, books, disposable cameras, canvas tote bags, handheld video games, sticker and activity books, airline miles, paper, card stock, balloons, address/shipping labels, and postage stamps.

28. Michigan Humane Society // Batteries, blankets, and towels, digital cameras, hand sanitizer, print cartridges, lint rollers, paper, rawhide chews, Velva bones, dog chew toys, dog food, baby food, disinfectant wipes, newspaper, and office supplies.

29. Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit // Volunteers and financial donations are appreciated.

30. Penrickton Center for Blind Children // Grocery-store certificates, canned fruit, instant breakfasts, hot cereals, laundry detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, tissues, garbage bags, paper towels, paper, field-trip gift certificates.

31. Pro-Literacy Detroit // Volunteers and financial donations are appreciated.

32. The Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park // Financial donations are always needed and appreciated. There are also volunteering opportunities at the drop-in center, the warehouse, and at special events.

33. Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division // Volunteering opportunities as a bell-ringer, at a food pantry, or driving a truck, among others are available. Monetary donations are also welcome.

34. Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Detroit // Clothing, baskets, books, carpets, dishes/cookware, electronics/TV sets, heaters/fans, housewares, linens/bedding, media, pictures/wall hangings, seasonal decorations, small appliances, sports equipment, wheelchairs, and furniture.

35. South Oakland Shelter (Royal Oak) Interdenominational // Backpacks, towels, toiletries, men’s and women’s clothing, bathroom paper and towel supplies, bus passes, disposable diapers, and paper towels.

36. St. Patrick Senior Center, Inc. // Arts-and-crafts supplies, senior exercise or other instructional videos, rolls of plastic, produce/bread bags. and ties, holiday decorations, Bingo prizes, hairdressing supplies (disinfectant comb container, apron, neck protector cloths, hand blow dryer, curling iron, scissors, rollers, clippers, and brushes), first-aid kits/supplies, straight single canes (not four legged), shower seats/toilet-seat risers, adult-hygiene products, canned supplements (Ensure).

37. St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center // Financial donations, markers, crayons, non-violent and child-appropriate hand-held games, gift cards (Meijer, Target, Borders, Teacher’s Store, Kmart), pocket folders, copy paper, heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Volunteering opportunities in tutoring, child care, and construction and building maintenance are available.

38. Vista Maria // Monetary donations are welcome. Volunteering opportunities in leadership, mentoring, tutoring, and other organizational need areas are available.

39. Yad Ezra Food Bank // Financial donations are needed and are always welcome.

40. YouthVille Detroit // Financial donations allow YouthVille to operate.

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