2010 Best-Dressed List

Eleven Metro Detroiters who wear it well

Lil Erdeljan


Pale-yellow, strapless silk/satin haute-couture gown from Chado, with under train and signature cutouts.

“Dressing well means exposing the best parts of you. Your clothes should complement your personality while accentuating your assets and camouflaging your flaws. You have to hide what doesn’t need to be seen. That means dressing age-appropriate, but having fun. I like to feel elegant in my clothes, with a little flamboyance, and sometimes a little of the risqué. That’s why I love wearing Chado, Dolce & Gabbana, and Yves St. Laurent.

“I’ve loved clothes since my mother made me wear knee socks and little frou-frou dresses.”

Joseph Saker

Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth Management

Custom-fit pinstripe suit by Isaia. Striped dress shirt with white collar and French cuffs, and tie by Ralph Lauren. Cartier leather belt. Black shoes from To Boot New York.

“Being conscious of what I’m wearing is … something that my mom instilled in us. Before you leave the door, check yourself out, because you’re representing the family. The way you dress and the way you handle yourself is a reflection of who you are. She made sure that every time we left the house that we looked nice — not necessarily fancy, but always nice. That started me down that path and, in later years, it became a passion.”

Juliette Okotie-Eboh

Senior Vice President/Public Affairs, MGM Grand Detroit

“One-arm Bandit” fox-trimmed cashmere cape from Saks. Bustier body suit and sequin-trimmed leggings with over-shoe netting from Wolford. Decade-old, high-waist knit skirt with florets, leather gloves from the Carlisle Collection. Christian Louboutin shoes.

“I enjoy shopping and dressing. But, after a certain age, your taste becomes redundant and stale. To prevent that, I use a personal shopper, stylist, or good salesperson. They know I’m fun and adventurous, but classic [and] select my clothes within those parameters. Using their views, I’m opened to new colors, fabrics, and styles. Everybody should let an expert … dress them from time to time. You might be surprised at how good you look in something you would have never picked.”

Austin Jackson

Detroit Tigers outfielder

Lightweight wool gabardine custom blue-brown plaid sport coat, white-brown plaid shirt, and plain-front brown trousers, all from Astor & Black Custom Clothiers. Brown shoes from Allen Edmonds.

“I like wearing casual clothes and dressing them up, like jeans and blazers. My look is classic, and the fit is very important to me; that’s why I have everything made. Off the rack, I like Penguin Clothing. Anytime I do go shopping, I usually do it when I’m on the road. But how it fits means everything.”

Stephanie K.

Pop/rock recording artist

Nicole Miller sequined dress and Stuart Weitzman leather boots, both from Neiman Marcus. Leather jacket from Express.

“A good dresser wears clothes that reflect his or her personality. People should know what to expect from you before you ever even open your mouth and speak. My style is a mix of girly and sassy, which I like to call ‘rock ’n’ roll chic.’  I make a conscious effort to mix hard pieces with feminine styles. I like to ride the middle between good girl and bad girl — sequins and leather, ruffles and chains [because] I’m sugar and spice.”

Alison Schackmann Orley

Program Coordinator for the Mentoring Program, Jewish Family Service

Cream, silk faille, belted Magaschoni dress from Neiman Marcus. Gold Christian Louboutin shoes (not shown) from Saks.

“My mother [said] you should feel just as comfortable in a basic T-shirt as you do in couture. I was an ugly duckling, [but] when I turned 16, I came into my own [and] felt comfortable wearing beautiful clothes. I realized I wanted to be a certain type of woman. My career is very important to me, [so I] wear clothes that show how serious I am about it. I’m a fan of neutrals and textures. My style is eclectic, and I pull from different resources.

“My style icon is Sally Orley [her husband’s grandmother]. She’s dressed beautifully at all times.”

Renee Godin

Owner, Renee Godin Agency Model Management

Bronze strapless Bob Mackie silk jacquard gown with Lurex threads, from the 1993 New York Auto Show premiering the Lincoln Mark VIII. Bill Blass rhinestone cuffs. (Hair, makeup by Jon Lieckfelt.)

“I love old-Hollywood glamour. Even when I go to the grocery store, I try to exude some kind of glamour. I’m an old-fashioned girl that way. I love anything with a leopard print, a little shimmer, a little shine. I totally wear sequins during the day. It’s a cliché, but you only get one chance to make a first impression. Even before I could afford it, I have always made sure my look is pulled together, polished, and perfectly fitted.”

Jamar Thrower

Owner of McDonald’s franchises

Custom gray iridescent silk-cashmere suit with open-welt seams from Cicchini Custom Clothiers, Louis Vuitton red tie, pocket square, tie clip, and double-strap shoes. (Styled by Tarance Deas.)

“My look is always clean with a little bit of pop. I learned to appreciate fashion from my mother and my sister, who both love to dress. It’s best to stick to basics like black, blue, brown, and gray suits, then add pop with unique shirts, ties, and accessories. Then you top it off, if you can, with a heavy dose of swag.”


International contemporary-soul recording artist

Black Versace suit, Gucci black-leather shoes and belt, textured black tie, custom-made white shirt.

“I like to switch up my style. A lot of my direction is taken from the type of music I’m into or performing at the time. Sometimes, that can be a nice T-shirt hookup, or it could be what I call my after-work look with a sport coat and loosened tie. I don’t like anything gaudy, and I like to keep it timeless. I try to wear things that I won’t see a picture of myself in [in] 10 years and be embarrassed.”

Donna Yost

Former high-tech dental-equipment consultant, philanthropist, and wife of Art Van CEO Kim Yost

Royal Underground leather, lace, and fur jacket from Neiman Marcus, plum-colored Gucci dress, and Gucci black-suede and patent-leather over-the-knee boots.

“[My fashion base is] very classic. That’s why I love Gucci; it’s stylish and simple. Then I can add a flash of what’s really new and cutting edge. I also love Chanel. A great Chanel jacket will stand the test of time, and you can wear it with jeans or a formal skirt. The best thing you can do is find a line [designer/clothing manufacturer] that suits you best. A good fit is essential, and if you can’t put things together well, use a reputable store that offers personal-shopping.”

Ben Sharkey

Detroit’s crooner

Textured shawl-collar cardigan, sweater vest, bow tie, and trousers all from Dolce Moda.

“The way I dress is often based on music. If I’m in a jazzy kind of mood, I go for the old-school look, like bow ties or skinny ties. I’m all about the palette, but I usually wear neutrals.

“I carefully plan everything I wear; I’ve been doing that since fourth grade. My guideline is that your outfit should have just one star, like a show. Everything else should be supporting cast. Too many stars creates chaos.”