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Chiropractic Care Offers Alternatives to Meds

Clinically effective, safe, and cost-effective — that’s what the research continues to show when it comes to chiropractic care, according to many peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association, Spine, and the British Medical Journal.

The American Chiropractic Association notes that chiropractic care has increasingly been proven to be a more natural, drug-free approach for decreasing low back and neck pain, and for reducing headaches. Medication can mask symptoms and reduce pain, but it doesn’t address the primary cause, which may involve muscles, nerves, joints, and ligaments.

It’s estimated that more than 27 million Americans (adults and children) are treated annually by a chiropractor. The reasons are pretty easy to understand. Chiropractors provide patient-centered care and take time to discuss and get to the root of the problem. For many people, the underlying cause of their discomfort and symptoms can be traced to the spine — which, if misaligned, can cause pain in nearly every organ or area in the body.

Before agreeing to surgery or other invasive treatment, you may want to consider making an appointment with a chiropractor. Care provided by a chiropractor can often outperform many traditional treatments. A chiropractor will also emphasize the prevention and management of pain, and can often reduce or avoid the need for riskier treatments. Of course, if other treatment or diagnostic evaluation is needed, a chiropractor will refer patients to the appropriate health care provider. Often, a condition can benefit from both chiropractic care and traditional medical treatment.

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