Top Dentists 2014



What if you were granted a fresh start today — a chance to turn your back on your tedious life and, instead, follow your heart to a new adventure? Wouldn’t you start the day with a smile?

A gorgeous smile says you’re confident and ready to meet adventure head-on. It can open the door to a promising career, mend fences, even tease out a conversation that leads you to a playful romance!

At Hour Detroit, we know our readers are ready to seize the day.

To put more healthy and happy smiles on our city streets, we’ve enlisted PRS, a professional marketing company, to find the top dental professionals in southeast Michigan. Together we polled general and family dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, and other specialists, asking them, Who makes your families’ smiles shine? On the following pages, you’ll see the results, listed by specialty. These are southeast Michigan’s Top Dentists as chosen by their peers, vetted for the legitimacy of their licenses as well as their standing with the Michigan State Dental Board. While there are outstanding professionals who aren’t listed here, we hope you’ll give these dentists special consideration. Who knows? A fresh start with one of these dentists could produce a life-changing smile that alters the course of your life forever!

If you haven’t visited a dentist in some time, know that things have changed. Dentists still recommend that you have professional cleanings twice a year and most continue to give you a new toothbrush as you leave their office so that you can continue to care for your teeth at home), but modern-day restoration can brighten your smile and give you confidence that goes far beyond what braces offer. Techniques such as bonding and professional whitening make teeth prettier, and implants and painless root canals keep teeth in good working order. No one needs to be embarrassed by their smile in 2014.

What’s holding you back? Are you ready for a smile that leads to your fresh start?

What if … your adventure begins just by turning the page?